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[Info] SHINee 2012 Official Diary.

Nice design cover, easy-to-use diaries for 2012. SHINee 2012 Official Diary Released for those who wishing to buy this diary will get a set of postcards from SHINee (15P)

Size:  120*180*20 mm
Page: 264 Pages
Materials: Paper, etc.
Binding: Paperback Binding
Package: Plastic Wrap
From : South Korea

It will released on 9th December, 2011

Credit: WeAreShining

[Fancam] 111125 Jonghyun Focus - Quasimodo @ SHINee World Concert in Osaka.

[Me2day] 111130 Key's Me2day Update (Eng Trans)

[Original Message] [Key] 라스베가스에서 즐거운시간! ‘-’
[English Translation] [Key] A good Time in Las Vegas ‘-’

Source: SHINee’s Me2day
Translation By: Shinta @ WeAreShining

[Info] SHINee and SNSD will perform on Music Bank which will be held in Paris in February 2012.

*Click to enlarge the image*
Source: SHINee's Facebook
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[News] SHINee in British Newspaper “The Independent”.

An influential British daily newspaper “The INDEPENDENT” recently covered SHINee’s performance at the London Korean Film Festival Opening Gala Concert.

Released on November 26th, the newspaper ran the article entitled, “K-pop craze: The K Factor”, which mainly focused on SHINee’s solo concert that took place on November 3 at Odeon West End Theater with member interviews.

The article stated, “The loudest screaming I’ve ever heard isn’t at a pop concert at the O2, or the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury, or the Birmingham NEC – it’s ringing up and down the aisles of a cinema in central London”, adding that the cause of the screaming was, “a band you’ve probably never even heard of: SHINee, five pretty young men from Korea.”

Showing high interest, the article continued, “No wonder Odeon reported that the demand for tickets crashed their website just one minute after they went on sale – and it remained down for five hours.”

The newspaper also mentioned SM Entertainment and stated, “Companies such as S.M.Entertainment – who signed SHINee and other hugely popular groups such as Super Junior and Girls’ Generation – develop the talent from a young age, grooming their singing, dancing…… Most people started from high-school ages; Taemin actually started from elementary [primary] school age.”

Besides info on the actual concert, the article reported that British fans have high interest in Korean artists and focus on the angle that K-Pop has come suprisingly bigger than they thought.

Meanwhile, SHINee will be releasing their first album “THE FIRST” in Japan on December 7th. 

Source: SM TOWN
Written by: jhezwafu

[Info] Vote for SHINee on SBS MTV.

SHINee has been voted in one of the category, which is under the 'Global Star'!! 

To vote for them, go to

Step 1 : Click on the 2nd tab that says “ Vote 라이브” (Vote Live)

Step 2 : Scroll down to the second section that says vote for “Global Star

Step 3 : Vote for SHINee!

Step 4 : Receive a confirmation notice that says
“투표가 완료되었습니다” (Voting is successful!)

Source: Soundtracklove @ Soompi
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[Info] SHINee's Current Ranking on Imusic Festival.

SHINee is at #3!!
There’s 48hours more (2 days) before the voting ends!

Picture: JjongFacts
Source: soundtracklove @ Soompi
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[Picture] SHINee on Backstage Pass Japanese Magazine (HQ) (Scans)

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[Picture] 111128 SHINee on ‘More’ Japanese Magazine (HQ) (Scans)

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

[News] SHINee to be 1 of the special guest performer on “Better Broadcasting Stories” on 1st December.

Early next month, cable TV will be launching a brand new channel called the “Joint Organization Channel“, which will premiere two brand new music channels for K-pop lovers to enjoy.

There will be four sub-channels that make up the Joint Organization Channel, Channel A, TV Chosun, JTBC, and MBN. The primary purpose of the new Joint Organization Channel is to bring a wide variety of TV program genres into one all-encompassing station.  The new channel will feature variety and music shows, dramas, sports and news.
The main difference between this new cable channel and the free broadcasting stations is that programs will be constantly run 24 hours a day, whereas free broadcasting stations only run for 19 hours.
On Saturday, December 3rd at 10.30 PM KST, sub-channel Channel A will be launching their first global music chart show called ‘K-POPCON‘.  Hosted by actor Lee Tae Sung, K-POPCON will provide weekly ‘top 100′ ranks of the hottest K-pop tracks.
The program will broadcast a mini-concert of the top three K-pop songs.  The show will also provide information on K-pop songs placed 6th to 20th on the ‘K-Pop Board 100‘.
In addition, K-POPCON will reveal a weekly ‘Global Chart‘ which ranks popular K-pop songs from a global perspective based on the top viewed music videos on YouTube.  There will also be a ‘Global Pickup’ corner, that will reveal video footage of K-pop artists promoting overseas.
Sub-channel MBN will also broadcast a new music program called “Show! K-Music” every Saturday at 7 PM KST. This show is expected to have a similar format to the already existing music programs on public broadcasting stations. The sub-channel station managed to avoid any clashes with the live broadcasting of MBC‘s “Show! Music Core” by pre-recording the entire program beforehand and broadcasting their show three hours after MBC.
To commemorate its official launch, the ‘Joint Organization Channel”‘ will be holding a live launch show,“Better Broadcasting Stories“, on December 1st. Idol groups including Miss A, the Wonder Girls,SNSD, and SHINee will be special guest performers on the show.  Miss A and the Wonder Girls are scheduled to perform a special joint stage.
Are you looking forward to these two new K-pop shows?
Source: Donga News via Naver, TV Report via Naver
Credit: Allkpop
Via: ForeverShiningSHINee.

[Video] 111129 SHINee Message on MyDaily 7th Anniversary Celebration.

Monday, November 28, 2011

[Fancam] 111124 SHINee Ending @ SHINee World Concert in Osaka.

[Picture] 111128 Onew, Key and Taemin @ Barcelona on KakaoSMTown's Update.

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[News] SM Entertainment and Channel A to produce new idol drama, “K-Pop Survival”.

It was recently reported that SM Entertainment will be working with Channel A (of the upcoming “Joint Organization Channel”) to produce a brand new idol drama called ‘K-Pop Survival‘.

‘K-Pop Survival’ will unravel a story about the progress of a normal student who, in the hopes of becoming an idol star, auditions for and ultimately wins a tough survival singing contest. They eventually go on to make their official debut both nationally and internationally as a new K-Pop star.

During an official press conference, representatives of Channel A stated, “We are no longer in a generation where a drama is judged purely by its ratings. We need to start making dramas that will succeed even when it gets exported overseas.”

They continued, “We’re currently in talks with SM Entertainment to produce ‘K-Pop Survival’.”

The drama is set to take the Wednesday-Thursday slot after the completion of “Color of Women“, which is set to air in December.

Source: Sports Donga
Credit: Allkpop

[Fancam] 111125 Jonghyun Focus - Up & Down @ SHINee World Concert in Osaka.

[Fancam] 111124 Jonghyun Focus - Obsession @ SHINee World Concert in Osaka.

[Fancam] 111124 Jonghyun Solo - 僕は君に戀をする @ SHINee World Concert in Osaka

Sunday, November 27, 2011

[News] SHINee ‘Children of the sun’ make sensation by enter in best-selling Book chart

1. Steve Jobs (wilteo ahyijakseun, Minumsa)
2. Shut up and Politics (gimeojun, pureunsup)
3. Bakgyeongcheol rural physicians self-Revolution (bakgyeongcheol · Leaders Facebook)
4. Youth do is hurt (gimnando, ssaemaenpakeoseu)
5. Crucible (gongjiyoung, Changbi)
6. A deep-rooted trees (yijeongmyeong, Million House)
7. Heuksan (Hoon, Hakgojae)
8. Nanseolheon (choemunhui, fertility bookstores).
9. Wandeukyi (gimryeoryeong, Changbi)
10. Moderation of human taste (gimyongok, logs)
11. Mom Teaching (beopryun, sigh.)
12. Japmunjip by Haruki Murakami (Haruki Murakami, bichae)
13. The Art of War read to forty (gangsanggu, Flow Publishing)
14. Reading became a genius hongdaeri (yijiseong jeonghoeil, fertility Books)
15. Dayieoteo 2: Ch exercise adjustment period (neonbi caramel and Central Books)
16. Children of the sun (Onew Key Minho, Woongjin Living House)
17. Crusader Story 2 (Shionomisaki Nanami, literature, neighborhood)
18. Ride jeongbongju (jeongbongju, the king’s den).
19. Moment (Douglas Kennedy, Bright World)
20. Do not live in this world and eternal happiness of the country went on purpose (woomyeong, chamchulpansa)
Source: Shakizi via Newsis
Credit: SHINeeTown

[Picture] SHINee on Arena 37℃ Asian Place Magazine (HQ) (Scans)

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[Picture] SHINee on Sky TV Guide 2011 December Issue. (HQ) (Scans)

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[Video] Key wants to appear in "We Got Married" on 111126 We Got Married Preview.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

[News] SHINee wraps up a successful concert in Japan

Idol group SHINee has wrapped up a very successful pair of concerts at Japan’s Osaka Castle Hall.

On November 26th, Sankei Sports reported that over 18,000 fans showed up to enjoy the boys’ conerts on the 24th and 25th. They performed approximately 30 songs, including their Oricon chart-toppers, “Juliette“, “Replay“, and “Lucifer“.

While fans remarked that it was certainly like a dream come true to see their favorite idols live, one of the highlights was when maknae Taemin stepped out on stage dressed like a girl.

Having secured success with their concerts, the boys are concentrating on the release of their 1st Japanese album on December 17th.

Source: Star News
Credit: Allkpop

[Me2day] 111126 Minho's Me2day Update (Eng Trans)

[Original Message] [민호] 드디어 짧고도 길었던 콘서트가 끝났어요… 정말 잊지 못할 추억… 여러분 모두 정말 고맙고 또 고마워요^^ 우리 또 좋은 추억 만들어요~~
[English Translation] [Minho] Finally, the short but long concert has ended… It’s an unforgettable experience… Everyone, thank you and thank you again^^. Let’s make another meaningful memory again~~

Source: SHINee's Me2day
Translation By: Allkpop
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Friday, November 25, 2011

[Video] Onew, Key & Taemin of SHINee in Barcelona - Taemin Ver. Book Trailer

[Official Photo] SHINee 'The First' Photo Preview. (HQ)

Source: SHINee's Official Site (Japanese)
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[Video] Pops in Seoul - Best 5! The idol stars who are highly sought after for duet.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

[News] SM Entertainment to reach ₩1 trillion ($868.7 million) in market value

SM Entertainment is fast approaching the 1 trillion Korean Won ($868.7 million USD) mark in market value.
The closing stock price on November 22nd came out to be 60,100 Won (~ $52.21) per share; the highest value for the agency yet. If the value of SM Entertainment is calculated from this price, the label would be worth 995.9 billion Won ($865.2 million).
If the stock value rises by 250 Won ($0.22) to bring the price per share up to 60,350 Won ($52.43), SM will reach a value of 1 trillion Won.
With the value of music related stocks skyrocketing these days, SM is expected to go beyond the 1 trillion Won mark.
SM Entertainment has experienced a tremendous surge in market value this year. Their stock price increased by 220% in this year alone. In the beginning of August, they recorded a price around 20,000 Won (~ $17.37) per share. By the end of August, the price had jumped to around 30,000 (~ $26.06) Won per share. September and October recorded 40,000 (~ $34.75) and 50,000 Won (~ $43.44) per share, respectively, and on November 22nd, they reached a new record price of 60,100 Won per share.
Source + Photo: Newsen
Credit: Allkpop

[Video] Onew, Key & Taemin of SHINee in Barcelona - Key Ver. Book Trailer

[News] SM Entertainment artists will not be taking part in ‘Dream High 2′.

Fans of ‘Dream High‘ felt disappointed by the announcement made KBS today, who revealed that SM Entertainment has no plans to take part in the drama’s sequel.

Although the company had agreed to team up with KeyEast Entertainment and JYP Entertainment for ‘Dream High 2‘, they bowed out at the casting stage due to overwhelming overseas schedules for all of their artists, including Super Junior, SNSD, TVXQ, SHINee, and f(x).

“We focused on casting with the plan that SM Entertainment artists would take part in Season 2 based on Season 1′s success, but schedules were so tight that the plan eventually amounted to nothing,” said a representative for KBS. “It’s a shame, but there’s nothing we can do about it.”

‘Dream High 2′ is scheduled to air its first episode on January 30th, and has so far confirmed like 2AM‘s Jinwoon, SISTAR‘s Hyorin, actress Kang Sora, and rookie Ailee.

Source: Sports Seoul via Nate
Credit: Allkpop

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

[Fancam] 111120 Jonghyun @ K-Friends 2011 Taipei Firework Concert.

[Me2day] 111123 Key's Me2day Update (Eng Trans)

[Original Message] [Key] 오사카가는비행기안에서!!콘서트 잘 하고 오겠습니다!’-’
[English Translation] [Key] on the plane to Osaka!! We will do well at the concert! ‘-’

Source: SHINee’s Me2day
Translation By: Shinta @ WeAreShining

[Video] 111121 Mnet K-holic - SHINee in London + Maypole

[Video] 111123 Taemin's Star Call (Eng Subs)

[Video] Onew, Key & Taemin of SHINee in Barcelona - Onew Ver. Book Trailer

[News] MBLAQ’s Seungho accidentally gets into SHINee’s van

On November 20th, k-pop fans in Taiwan got to see SHINeeSISTAR, MBLAQ, and ZE:A perform live at the ‘K-Friends 2011 Taipei Fireworks Concert‘ held at the Banqiao Gymnasium in Taipei. On top of the thrill of watching these top idols sing and dance right before their eyes, some lucky attendees who followed the artists afterwards caught a hilarious mishap that occurred between a few members of MBLAQ and SHINee.
Apparently, during MBLAQ’s departure from the venue, the members waited on the curbside for their transportation to arrive. As a van pulled up, a staff member and leader Seungho pulled open the door. The poor singer made a move to get into the van… only to be greeted by blank stares from SHINee’sJonghyun and Key, who were sitting inside. Oh, the awkward.
Watch a brief fancam catching the split second mishap below!
Check out the JongKey duo’s priceless reactions:

Credit: Allkpop

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

[Picture] 111122 SHINee on SODA Japanese Entertainment Magazine (HQ) (Scans)

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