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[Fancam] 110728 Jonghyun - Replay (Acoustic Ver.) @ Reception

[Audio] SHINee - Juliette. (Japanese Ver.)

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[Me2day] 110730 Key's Me2day Update. (Eng Trans)

[Key] :-)

[Original Message]
[Key] 한국돌아갈땐 써니호타고가기로 루피랑 합의봤으니 시간이조금걸릴수도있을것같습니다:-)

[English Translation] [Key] I’ve made an agreement w/luffy to sail back to Korea on sunny but seem like it might take a little more time - Keyeommalogy

Source: SHINee's Me2day
Credit: justSHAWOLS

[News] Korean Idols Dominate German Music Chart for 2 Weeks in a Row

Korean idol groups have dominated German music channel Viva TV’s hot music chart for two weeks in a row.

SHINee’s Hello and TVXQ’s Why were placed 1st and 2nd on the 30th Weekly VIVA Clip Chart published on 28 July. 2NE1′s I Am the Best was 8th, and SNSD’s Hoot 10th, to be followed by B2st’s Fiction (19th), Big Bang’s Tonight (40th), 2PM’s Hands Up (46th), and B2st Breath (90th).

Viva TV is as influential in Germany as MTV in the U.S. The Clip Chart ranks most-watched music videos based on the viewer counts and online mp3 download counts for the past week.

Credit: Jujugal.

[Video] SHINee Debut Reception in Tokyo on Mezamashi TV.

[Fancam] 110727 Insensible Jonghyun @ Reception. (Eng Trans)

MC: Today's live ends here.
Jonghyun: (delightful) Yeah, it ended!! Sorry (sorry for saying it to delightfully)
Key: Jonghyun is being a bit insensible
Jonghyun: It's okay (video starts/ audience shout it's okay) (looks at Key)
Jonghyun: Oh ok I was abit (insensible)

[Fancam] 110727 Jonghyun & Key's Gag @ Reception. (Eng Subs)

[Fancam] 110727 Onew speaks Japanese @ Reception

[Picture] SHINee on 'Haru Hana' Jap Magazine. (HQ) (Scan)

Credit: As Tagged.

[Fancam] 110727 Key - Hello @ Reception. (Full)

[Fancam] 110727 Taemin - Hello @ Reception. (Full)

[Fancam] 110728 Jonghyun - Replay (Acoustic Ver.) @ Reception. (Full)

[Interview] Key’s Interview on ‘Ray’ Japanese Magazine.

In this serial appearance we have KEY who is good at singing, dancing and rap! His hairstyle and fashion is very individualistic and it seems like he is studying Japanese very well!

Almighty Talent Owner; KEY Data:
1. Blood type : B
2. Like and Dislike foods : I don’t have particular but I really dislike carrot.
3. Favorite Animal : I like all animals except a dog and a cat.
4. Type of girls you like : Stylish and frank girls.
5. Normal fashion style : Everyday is different but i dislike common fashion style.
6. Your first love : I think my first love is when I was in elementary grade. I’m still a friend with her.

Q1. What is the reason for starting this career?
A: Ever since I was young my dream was to become a singer. when I took for an audition as a chance I was scouted and prepared for debut.

Q2. What is the reason why you have interest in music?
A: I love to dance and sing when I was young so I think I naturally like it. I don’t have particular genre to choose but to listen to different genres. I put effort into checking new music.

Q3. What is your character in SHINee?
A: SHINee’s source of energy (laughs). Since I was a student, I love my friends so I’m a cheerful person.

Q4. What do you do during holidays?
A: Practicing singing, exercising, the day ends when I spent on my hobbies (laughs). My hobby is to draw.

Q5. What are you into nowadays?
A: Japanese, Exercise, Practicing singing. I learn Japanese by watching dramas, animes and music variety shows

Q6. Please tell us your failure story!
A: During interview they speak kansai-ben ( Japanese dialect in Kansai region). The reason why is because I like and watch “doumoto kyoudai” (a popular Japanese variety show). In that program I thought they are talking kansai- ben as a standard japanese (laughs)

Q7. Your impression about Japanese girls?
A. Kawaii (Cute). When I look at our Japanese fans who supports us, I think a lot of them match and have individualistic styles.

Q8. What is your favorite Japanese?
A. umai (delicious). The sound is funny yet there is another 2 meaning to it ”おいしい” (delicious) and “上手” (good).

Q9. What do you want to do when you have 1 week holidays?
A. I will definitely want to travel! If i want to rest well I want anywhere, and also I want to eat delicious foods (laughs)

Q10. A type of a man you want to be after 10 years?
A. I want to be a smart and a wise man. I want to make good use of my personality and ought to keep a promise.

Source : keycifer0923
English Trans : keycifer0923
Source Finder : nikitz
Credit : SFI

[Picture] SHINee on 'Ray' Japanese Magazine. (HQ) (Scan)

Credit: As Tagged

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[Info] SHINee To Appear in Shanghai Dream Concert

[Cr as tagged; Source: DC Shinee Gallery]

2011 Shanghai Dream Concert
- Date: Wednesday, Oct 5, 2011
- Place: Shangahi 80 Thousands Gymnasium
- Guests (total 10 teams): Super Junior M, SHINee, 4minute, Brown Eyed Girls, MBlaq, U-Kiss, Park Jay, Z:EA, F.CUZ, Teen Top.

[Video] SHINee - Juliette (Japanese Ver.) (Teaser)

[Picture] SHINee in Juliette Teaser.

Credit: Jujugal.

[Picture] SHINee with YTV ten’s Shimizu Ken

YTV ‘kansai info net ten’ interviewed SHINee. The announcer posted a photo of SHINee with him on his blog. The interview will be aired on 2 Aug (Tue).

Credit: Jujugal.

[Lyrics] SHINee - Juliette (Japanese Ver.) (Japanese + English Translation)


Yeah, song for my Juliet uh
素顔に着替えて キスをしよう
自分勝手なreason 脱ぎ捨ててよ
子猫のようにちょっと 気まぐれな目
届きそうで 届かない moon light

Hey girl 君のperfumeを追いかけて
そう じらされて
僕にだって チャンスくらいあるだろ

Juliet この恋心を
Juliet 君に捧げよう
Juliet 甘く香る声で

半端な衝動 ふわふわ 惑わせるようなLips キラりと I’m Romeo!
ここから騎士道 すべてをかけたら 運なら今夜
心に刺さるように 狙ったってんの?
視線が交叉したって 見事に気のないふり
でも本能にもっと 素直でいたい
本気になれば 奪ってみせるさ もう戻れない

Hey girl やめようよ
もう 駆け引きは
そう 僕だったら
君にだって 後悔させないさ

Juliet この恋心を
Juliet 君に捧げよう
Juliet 甘く香る声で

愛し合うために 僕たちは出会った
高まってく感情 間違いじゃないよ
君だってきっとそうだって I gonna get you love
My heart! Yeah baby Juliet

Juliet この恋心を(すべて捧げよう)
Juliet (I wanna be with you my girl)君に捧げよう
Juliet 甘く香る声で 囁いてセレナーデ

Let me go 最高に輝くmoon light

[English Translation]

[Key] Yeah, song for my Juliette uh

[Taemin] Let’s change into natural face and give some a kiss
[Onew] Put off your selfish reason
[Key] Your fickle eyes like a kitty cat
[Jonghyun] Tantalizingly out of reach moon light.

[Taemin] Hey girl I chase your perfume more
So tantalizing
[Jonghyun] Don’t I have a chance?

[All] Juliette Ho~ This amorous attention ([Jonghyun] So I got you)
Juliette Ho~ I’ll dedicate to you it
Juliette Ho~ With a sweetly scented voice
Whisper to me a serenade

[Minho] Half-hearted impulse
Your fluffy lips confuse me and twinkle
[Key] I’m Romeo!
[Minho] Chivalry from here
Take all my chances
With a little luck tonight

[Onew] Did you aim to turn a knife in my heart?
[Key] Even if you catch my eye, you beautifully play hard to get
[Taemin] But I wanna more true to my instinct
[Jonghyun] When I get serious about you, take up your heart
You can’t back

[Taemin] Hey girl, let’s bury the love game already
[Jonghyun] I don’t make you regret

[All] Juliette Ho~ This amorous attention ([Jonghyun] So I got you)
Juliette Ho~ I’ll dedicate to you it
Juliette Ho~ With a sweetly scented voice
Whisper to me a serenade

[Taemin] We met to love each other
[Onew] It’s not wrong, the growing feeling
[Key] You may think so too, I’m gonna get you love
[Jonghyun] Make sure of the feeling by my lip

[Minho] My heart!
[Jonghyun] Yeah baby Juliette!

[All] Juliette Ho~ This amorous attention ([Onew] I dedicate to you all of mine)
Juliette Ho~ ([Jonghyun] I wanna be with you my girl) I’ll dedicate to you it
Juliette Ho~ With a sweetly scented voice
Whisper to me a serenade

[All] Juliette Ho~ This amorous attention ([Jonghyun] Look at me my Juliet!)
Juliette Ho~ ([Minho] If you want me don’t let me down) I’ll dedicate to you it
Juliette Ho~ ([Minho / Key / Taemin] best shining moon light)
With a sweetly scented voice
Whisper to me a serenade

[All] Da Da Da Da Da Da Da
Da Da Da Da Da Da Da
Da Da Da Da Da Da Da
Love serenade
Da Da Da Da Da Da Da
Da Da Da Da Da Da Da
Da Da Da Da Da Da Da
Love serenade

Japanese: u_roughwell
English: Corielle @ Lyricsmode

[Info] SHINee 2nd Single in Japan – Juliette.

· Premium Limited Edition (Type A)
1. Juliette
2. Kiss Kiss Kiss
3. Juliette (Korean version)
4. (Instrumental) Kiss Kiss Kiss

1. Juliette Music Video
2. Juliette Dance Music Video (Type A)
3. Juliette Teaser

※ Luxurious sleeve case digipack, CD + DVD + PHOTO BOOKLET 68P + Badge MP3 player with “JULIETTE”
※ Trading card (random out of total 5 cards)

· Premium Limited Edition (Type B)
1. Juliette
2. Kiss Kiss Kiss
3. Juliette (Korean version)
4. (Instrumental) Kiss Kiss Kiss

1. Juliette Music Video
2. Juliette Dance Music Video (Type B)
3. Juliette Teaser

※ Luxurious sleeve case digipack, CD + DVD + PHOTO BOOKLET 68P
※ Trading card (random out of total 5 cards)

• Standard Edition
1. Juliette
2. Kiss Kiss Kiss

1. Juliette Music Video
2. Juliette Jacket Shooting Sketch
3. Juliette Music Video Making
4. Juliette Teaser

※ PHOTO BOOKLET, CD + DVD + PHOTO BOOKLET 44P + Postcard (1 card only in the first issue)

【Premium Limited Edition】(TypeA)
TOCT-40370 ¥3,800 (tax in)
【Premium Limited Edition】(Type B)
TOCT-40371 ¥2,500(tax in)
【Standard Edition】
TOCT-40372 ¥1,500 (tax in)

The 2nd single will be released in 3 different editions. The Type A premium edition includes the badge mp3 player. It is a must-have item!!!

Credit: Jujugal.

[News] SHINee’s 2nd Japanese Single Juliette To Be Released in August.

SHINee’s second Japanese single Juliette is to be released on 29 August. It is Japanese version of SHINee’s second mini album title song Juliette, which was released in May 2009 and topped all kinds of music charts. As it showcases SHINee’s unique trendy and refined music and performance, it is expected to captivate Japanese music fans.

It is also coupled with Kiss Kiss Kiss, SHINee’s first new Japanese single. Juliette teaser will be made public through EMI Music Japan Youtube channel on 29 July. As ringtones and coloring service will simultaneously start through mobile sites in Japan, the local fans’ interest in SHINee’s new single is expected to increase.

SHINee’s first debut single ‘Replay-you are my everything’, released in June, made the best first week sales record in the category of Korean group debut single and received a gold certificate (for selling more than 100K) from Japan Record Association in the shortest time.

SHINee will start ‘SHINee×NEW SHINY DENIM’ campaign from September as new models for Right-On, a Japanese denim brand.

SHINee have had ‘SHINee Japan Debut Premium Reception’ in five cities, Fukuoka, Tokyo, Kobe, Sapporo, and Nagoya, from 22 July.

Source: Newsen
Credit: Jujugal.

[News] 300K Audience To Attend SHINee’s Debut Event – the Highest Number by Korean Group

Group SHINee had a large scale Japanese debut event.

According to the local press, including Sankei Sports, on 29 July, SHINee had a meeting with local fans at Nakano Sun Plaza in Tokyo on 28 July to celebrate their debut in Japan.

SHINee performed 3 songs, including Replay. They are planning to release their second single Juliette on 29 August.

This debut event will continue until 11 August to have total 30,000 audience. It will make the record for the highest number of audience Korean artists have attracted for an overseas debut event.

Source: Star News
Credit: Jujugal.

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[News] Cyworld stops music download service for all SM Entertainment songs on its site.

Considered as the Korean equivalent of Facebook, Cyworld is almost universally used by Korean netizens. However, the social networking site has become entangled in a controversy with SM Entertainment by suddenly terminating the entertainment giant’s music service on their site.

SM Entertainment sought to put up an “unlimited background music” service, but before it was to be launched, SK Communications – the parent company behind Cyworld – required a full report from SM Entertainment to be submitted by July 20th. However, the entertainment company stated that it would be impossible to complete one before the deadline. “Because we needed to decide a direction, price of the content, and connections with global platforms, we communicated to SK that finishing our review before the opening date was impossible,” said SME in a statement.

“Despite our wishes, SK replied that if we did not open the “unlimited background music” service on time, they would have no choice but to halt all sales of our individual background music,” and added that SK Communications cut off the service without consulting them on the matter. In essence, all Cyworld users will not be able to download SM Entertainment’s songs for use as background music on their personal Cyworld sites until this matter clears up.

On a notice posted to the official SM Entertainment homepage, SM apologized for the trouble. “We sincerely apologize for the unwanted trouble and inconvenience to our fans,” it read.

Source: Star News via Nate
Credit: Allkpop

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[Fancam] 110723 Onew - Replay (Acoustic Ver.) @ Fukuoka. (Full)

[Picture] SHINee on "ViVi" Magazine. (HQ) (Scan)

Credit: As Tagged

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[UFO Reply] 110725 Onew's UFO Replies. (Eng Trans)

[Fan]: “Robocop Jellu’s favorite chicken is? Boor~ chicken!!! Boor~ chicken!!!!!*”
[Onew]: “No, it’s not”

*Robocop jellu(jelly) is the nickname for a part of lucifer’s dance, and boor chicken is a whole fried chicken in cutlet

[Fan]: “Let’s do Maple! Maple is interesting”*
[Onew]: “An, i’m not into it much”

*Maple Story (online game)

[Fan]: “Jjamppong!!!!”*
[Onew]: “First delivery”

*Korean seafood noodle

[Fan]: “Japan’s air is quite different?”
[Onew]: “Look like it’s not five but seven”

Credit: yaoiraburu @ soompi :DD


[Fan] What are you doing today? You aren’t going to Japan, are you??
[Onew] No, I’m not going there. I’m already in Japan.

[Fan] I feel pain from getting a cut on the finger even from a scissor. T.T Be careful with it. T.T!!
[Onew] Paper is worse than that.

Credit: Aprilontokki + Vivz

[UFO Reply] 110725 Jonghyun’s UFO Replies. (Eng Trans)

2011.07.25 02:59

[Fan] Should go to bed by forgetting my troubles.. ᅲ Little Jonghyun time for bed Thank you for comforting me Sweet dreams! ᄒ
[Jonghyun] Eh eh Thank you

2011.07.25 02:47

[Fan] My friends have all been deciding on the paths they are taking recently but I’m still undecided.. ᅲᅲReally depressing and at a lossᅲᅲ
[Jonghyun] ᅲᅲ Make a prudent decision ^^

2011.07.25 02:45

[Fan] Little Jonghyun! What are you doing not going to bed ᄒᄒ
[Jonghyun] Messaging you ᄒ

2011.07.25 02:40

[Fan] Jinki Oppa! Jonghyun little devil! Minho! Little Key! Little Taemin! No matter how busy you are please remember to have your meals ᄒᄒ
[Jonghyun] Eh eh Of course need to eat well

Credit: Eimanjjong


Fan: “I miss you i’m dying!!! If i die will you be responsible…”
Jonghyun: “If it’s like that you must not die…”

Fan: “It’s been so long since (i/we) receive U-town from Jonghyun so we’re sick from worryin worrying…. please give some answer……. Jonghyun-ah….”
Jonghyun: “This is an answer”*
* in a cute manner

Fan: “But [what time is it now?-from father]* got to make this short story in 3 hours then sleep…?in 3 hours…kk..”
Jonghyun: “(then) you should prepare all of it well kk”
* Japanese written in hangul

Fan: “What time is it now?”*
Jonghyun: “It’s SHINee time desu~”*
* all is in Japanese written in hangul

Fan: “SHINee time desu ke ke, Jonghyun’s think Big is rising?”
Jonghyun: “cos i’m the God*”
*of ufo, or something like a funny brag

Fan: “Do you like Patbingsoo, or fruit-bingsoo*?cos i hate red beans, i like fruit-bingsoo better!! i like green-tea shaved ice too!”
Jonghyun: “Milk tea shaved-ice”
* Korean shaved-ice with red bean, while fruit-bingsoo = fruit shaved-ice

Fan: “You still like milk tea? Looks like an old talk about milk tea from magazine ke ke ke”
Jonghyun: “ke ke I only like that”

Fan: “But i’m really shaking from having a conversation with Jonghyun for the 1st time like thisㅠㅠ i’ll sleep in a moment ㅠㅠ”
Jonghyun: “Oh then i got to sleep”

Fan: “Jonghyun is bad.. i want to call you Oppa too ㅠㅠㅠㅠ”
Jonghyun: “he he he Oppa!?!? ke ke”

Fan: “I was curious! What’s the nickname from your dancer hyungs on the past UFO town you must know it right?”
Jonghyun: “Mouselcat???”

Credit: yaoiraburu @ soompi

[Video] 110724 Yunho & Minho Cut @ Kiss & Cry. (HD)

[Video] Onew & Key Thanking Fans @ MTV VMAJ Backstage (Eng Subs)

[Fancam] 110716 Jonghyun Solo - Wrongly Given Love @ SHINee World Concert in Taiwan.

[Audio] 080709 Jonghyun & Fan Singing "Man and Woman" @ Sukira

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[Audio] 110723 JongKey - Let’s Get Married @ Japan Debut Premium Reception – Kobe, Japan

[Official Photo] SHINee in London.

Credit: As Tagged.


Ticket Sales open on 30th July 2011, at 10am across all Sistic Outlets, Hotline and Online**

Official Ticket Sale Launch Event on 30th July, and it starts from 9am to 5pm at *SCAPE**

Shawols heading down to *SCAPE on 30th July will find:
• 5 Sistic Counters dedicated for Shinee World Concert Singapore purchase only
• First 500 tickets purchased at the Sistic Counters at *SCAPE will be given a 10% discount. (Not applicable to Restricted View seats)
• More than 1000 Mosh Pit tickets will be allocated for sale only at the Sistic Counters at *SCAPE.
• FNN will help keep fans in the queue refreshed!
• Flash your Shinee World Ticket at the information counter at *SCAPE to receive a mystery voucher!
• Fans are encouraged to only start queuing from 23:59pm onwards on 29th July when barricades and security measures are in place. Sale of tickets will begin at 9am.

**Limited to 4 tickets per transaction.

Credit: Running Into The Sun FB

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[Me2day] 110723 Key's Me2day Update. (Chinese Trans) (Eng Trans)

[Original Message] [Key] 일본입니다!!! 캬캬 생존신고를 드디어 하게되네요~’-‘

[Chinese Translation] [Key] 在日本!!!咔咔 终于来汇报生存报告咯~’-‘
(PS: Key的意思就是想告诉大家他们平安无事让大家不用担心^^)

[English Translation] [Key] In Japan!!! Finally we are posting something~’-’
(PS: Key’s meaning is to tell everyone that they are safe and sound. And so everyone, do not worry^^)

Korean to Chinese Translation: 【闪耀星球翻译】
Chinese to English Translation: Forever_SHINee

[Info] 2009 Korean Idols Popularity Ranking

93. T-ara Boram
92. After School Bekah
91. 4Minute Gayoon
90. After School Jnng a
89. T-ara Qri
88. T-ara Soyeon
87. 4Minute Jiyoon
86. T-ara Jiyeon
85. 2AM Changmin84. T-ara Hyomin
83. 4Minute Jihyun
82. 4Minute Sohyun
81. T-ara Eunjung
80. After School Uee
79. 2AM Jokwon
78. 2AM Seulong
77. 2AM Jinwoon
76. 2PM Changsung
75. After School Soyoung
74. CSJH Sunday
73. 2NE1 Minji
72. CSJH Linna
71. KARA Jiyoung
70. 2PM Taekyeon
69. 2PM Junsu
68. KARA Hara
67. 2NE1 CL
66. FT Island Seunghyun
65. SHINee Key
64. KARA Nicole
63. KARA Gyuri
62. SHINee Minho
61. 2PM Nikhun
60. 2PM Junho
59. 2NE1 Dara
58. SHINee Onew
57. 2PM Wooyoung
56. 2NE1 Bom
55. SHINee Jonghyun
54. CSJH Stephanie
53. 4Minute Hyuna
52. 2PM Jaebom
51. SNSD Hyoyeon
50. Wonder Girls
49. FT Island Jonghun
48. After School Gahee
47. FT Island Jaejin
46. SNSD Sooyoung
45. Wonder Girls Yeeun
44. SS501 Jungmin
43. Super Junior Shindong
42. SHINee Taemin
41. BIGBANG Taeyang
40. Wonder Girls Sunmi
39. SS501 Jungmin
38. Wonder Girls Sunye
37. FT ISLAND Minhwan
36. Super Junior Yesung
35. SNSD Sunny
34. SS501 KyuJong
33. SNSD Yuri
32. Super Junior Kyuhyun
31. KARA Seungyeon
30. Super Junior Hangeng
29. BIGBANG Daesung
28. SNSD Seohyun
27. Super Junior Ryeowook
26. CSJH Dana
25. Super Junior Siwon
24. Super Junior Kibum
22. FT ISLAND Hongki
21. After School Jooyeon
20. SNSD Jessica
19. BIGBANG Seungri
18. Super Junior Leeteuk
17. Super Junior Kangin
16. Super Junior Sungmin
15. SS501 HyunJoong
14. SS501 Youngsaeng
13. SNSD Tiffany
12. Super Junior Donghae
11. Super Junior Eunhyuk
10. Wonder Girls Sohee
9. Super Junior Heechul
8. SNSD Yoona
7. BIGBANG G-Dragon
6. SNSD Taeyeon
5. TVXQ Changmin
4. TVXQ Yunho
3. TVXQ Jaejoong
2. TVXQ Yoochun
1. TVXQ Junsu

Source: Baidu
Credit: Forever_SHINee


Click to enlarge the image!

Source: SHINee Official Website
Credit: Forever_SHINee.

[Fancam] 110716 Taemin - First Kiss @ SHINee Taiwan Concert.

[Fancam] 110722 Taemin - Replay (Acoustic Version) @ Fukuoka. (Full)

[Fancam] 110717 SHINee @ Taipei Airport

[Video] Pops in Seoul - Best 5!! Trendsetters with a greatest taste in fashion!

[News] Minho and Yunho stages a perfect performance together for Kiss and Cry

TVXQ’s Uknow Yunho becomes a topic for his puppet performance in the third round of “Kiss & Cry”.

Wearing a white mask, Uknow and his partner Claudia staged a performance which was somewhat similar to a puppet performance. The atmosphere hit the climax when Uknow took off his mask and ripped off his coat. Together with Claudia, they displayed their ability of skating through techniques such as steady lifting.

After the performance, Uknow expressed, “I have to fall earlier than my partner in order to protect her when she falls, so I learnt the way to fall”, turning the atmosphere of the filming site to be one filled with warmth. Judge Kim Jang Hoon remarked, “Even though I’m a guy, but after watching Uknow’s performance, I thought it was really handsome.”

Shinee’s Minho made a special appearance as the role who controls the puppet. Judges asked Minho, “you’re also one of the popular idols that is known for being a great athlete, after watching Uknow’s performance, do you have the interest in try ice skating?” Minho replied, “I thought Yunho was really amazing when I saw his performance live, if I were to practise ice skating…”; he deliberately did not finish his words, causing the studio to be filled with laughter.

In addition, a second elimination would be held in this week’s “Kiss & Cry”.

Credit: dkpopnews

Thursday, July 21, 2011

[News] SHINee, Korea’s fashionably fearless pop idols.

Idol group SHINee debuted in 2008, and over the years, they’ve showcased not only their talent, but also their unique fashion sense. Their quirky, yet charming style has been a contributing factor for their massive international success. Here, we’ll chronicle a handful of looks that caught our eye over the past three years.

SHINee first debuted with “Nuna You’re So Pretty (Replay)“, a serenade to older girls with a playful aura. Their debut single focused on their youthful style and a certain boyish charm that won the hearts of girls everywhere! Fresh colors and a bright smile were the only accents these boys needed to stand out from the many other boy band debuts during this period.

Having achieved much success with “Replay”, SHINee came back to the music scene with “Juliette”. We can see that this phase was the epitome of the SHINee trend, as evidenced by skinny jeans in every color, high top sneakers, and stand-out accessories. This inspired many fans, both guys and girls, to imitate SHINee’s style.

Ring Ding Dong” was released only five months after “Juliette”, but the boys went through a complete image transformation that elevated their status from sweet ‘flower boys’ to hard-edged, sexy stars. The contrast between the aggressive rocker fashion of “Ring Ding Dong” and the adorable fashion of “Juliette” proved that SHINee could pull off a variety of styles with seamless ease.

Although the boys may have matured, they never fail to be fashion risk-takers. Pictured above at the Thailand Entertainment Expo in 2009, SHINee showed us some unconventional pieces that most guys would be too afraid to touch!

Their most recent Korean promotion cycle centered around their single “Lucifer”, where they showed us yet another transformation for their music video. Rather than wearing eclectic, color-spattered outfits, the boys continued the mature styling from “Ring Ding Dong”, only with a bit more flash to suit the futuristic concept. The striking hairstyles in particular make this look stand out as one of SHINee’s most memorable.

While the video for ”Lucifer” showed us the boys’ mature style, their wardrobe for their live performances brought them back to their trademark vibrant fashion. Some of these pieces are from Ha Sang Baek’s collection, the designer and mastermind behind the creation of SHINee’s style. Notice as well in the above photo that the boys have switched out their high tops for Doc Marten boots, which really does highlight how even though SHINee continues to wear colorful outfits, they make subtle changes to show that they’re embracing growth.

As much as the boys like to show off their unusual style, they’re still able to look sharp on the red carpet, as seen here at the 2010 Golden Disk Awards. Their red carpet look is sleek and cohesive without being boring or conventional.

Lastly, who can forget SHINee’s airport fashion? While Onew and Minho are sporting casual campus looks, the other three are seen in some eye-catching pieces. Taemin dons thick frames and a loud graphic shirt, while Jonghyun is wearing a low-cut shirt underneath an unstructured blazer. Key is pictured in an animal print jacket, confirming that he is indeed the most fashionably risky of the group.

What I love most about SHINee’s style is that they’re not afraid to be bold. Although some pieces may raise eyebrows, they are never boring and they ultimately prove that these boys can take on a range of styles. On or off stage, they always keep us guessing and wanting more!

Photos: As marked
Credit: Allkpop

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