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[Video] 290813 SHINee - Interview + Boys Meet U @ NHK ‘Music Japan’.

[Twitter] 290813 Jonghyun's Twitter Update (Eng Trans)

[TRANS] Jonghyun twitter update @ 7.16pmkst 130829 - 
My lips came out so much keke
Credit: realjonghyun90
translation credit : Forever_SHINee [5]
[Original Message] 내입술 한접시 나오게따ㅋㅋ
[English Translation] You could fill up a plate with my lips keke

Source: @realjonghyun90
Translation By: ForeverShiningSHINee

[Video] 270813 SHINee - Talk + Lucifer + Dream Girl + Beautiful @ Etude Pink Play Party in SG

[Video] 270813 SHINee @ ‘Etude Pink Play Party in SG’ Press Conference.

[Official Photo] 270813 SHINee @ ‘Etude Pink Play Party in SG’ Press Conference.

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[Video] 240813 SHINee - ‘Boys Meet U’ @ Japan NTV Music Dragon.

[Photo] 240813 Tong Hong's Twitter Updates with SHINee.

[Trans] Tony hong twitter update - #SHINee 130824 :
The SHINee members came to support Minho during the Splash recording
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Translation Credit: Shiningtweets
The SHINee members came to support Minho during the Splash recording

Source: Tonyhong1004
Translation By: @shiningtweets

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[Fan Account] 220813 SHINee - ‘The Misconceptions Of Us’ 1st Fansign @ Yeongdeungpo Times Square.

#1 - Ahaha Taemin jumped on the stage at the beginning and Onew and Key were like ‘get down’ and Taemin was like ‘nao we have to intro ourself’

#2 - Then the manager was like: nao Taemin, get down and Taemin jumped down and gave the staff a heart attack cause he was so reckless bout it

#3 - JongHo were chatting and Key was alone on the end so he started singing to himself. My gut instinct was that it was Bonnie and Clyde~!

#4 - Told Onew I’ve been watching his sitcom. He smiled and asked if I could understand. I said yes and he grinned and looked deep into my eyes..

#5 - …Onew: you seem to speak Korean really well :☆twinkle twinkle☆:: Min: (cant breath)

#6 - Asked Taemin if his hand hurt yet and he looked up at me and my soul trembled. His eyes were more red than white. Taemin still has the most beautiful smile even when he needs a caffein drip.

#7 - I..lied to Jonghyun. I told him he was the most popular amongst foreign fans and he was like: Really ☆.☆ He got really excited…sorry Jjong

#8 - And Minho…sweet, precious Minho. He’s easily the most sincere. I gave him my album and he was like: O.O Min~♥ ( not named after you)

#9 - And then I blabbed my life story and told Minho his drama was the first I ever watched without subs. Minho: really? Wow thank you so much ♥♥

#10 - Then he said thank you for coming and come again…then repeated in English: See u laterrrrr. It was…simultaneously sweet and sleazy o.O

#11 - Last but not least. Kim Kibum. I…fucked up. I was Koreaning so hard at the others that I started Koreaning at Key.

#12 - I gave him a book about Grilled Cheese and cheese recipes and was like: ha..he.gaaaaah YOU LIKE CHEESE! Key:… yeeeeah o.O Min: AND ENGLISH

#13 - Key:Yes…I like English… Min: so here’s a book…about cheese…and english…and then he smiled at me and heaven shined out of his eyes.

#14 - He said thank you so sincerely, with such a beautiful American-Korean accent even though I gave him a book about cheese and a pin with a cat

#15 - Jonghyun bumped into Key when they were stepping down. He ran his hand down Keys arm and groped for his hand, but Key just stepped away aha.

Credit: locketmin0923

#1 - they cancelled the greeting bc shinee arrived late, but when they entered taemin got on the stage and the others were all “wat r u doin” LOL

#2 - taemin was like..wat…and then tried to play it off by laughing at himself and waving at everyone LMAO DAMN CUTE

#3 - you all saw the lollipop…..but did you know that it was from a little boy!? a little first/second grade boy gave them lollipops! sooo cute ; jonghyun was molesting that lollipop tbh he was rubbing it on his lips and stuff gdi jonghyun ur so unnECESSARY JAHSJSKSKDKJA

#4 - someone gave minho a fake light-up stethoscope and he turned and used it on jonghyuns chest omfG *fans self*

#5 - my name was written on the nametag in both english and korean, and only 2 members wrote it in english. wanna guess who? XDD good guesses! minho and key wrote my name in english without being prompted ^^ good man, minho

#6 - i didnt know what to say to onew so i was like “your hat is cool” and he was like “..huh?” “hat. your hat. it’s cool.” “o…thanks!” LOL i told onew to eat a lot and always be happy :) it was rly awkward but he thanked me nicely

#7 - i went up to taemin like “YOU CHANGED YOUR HAIR” and he laughed ; i asked taemin “what is your favorite hair color?” and he froze and then went “i just…like them all :-)” WHAT A CHEAP ANSWER LEE TAEMIN

#8 - i told jonghyun he did well writing the lyrics and he was like “what?” and i was like “lyrics..” and he was like “oh, thanks :)”

#9 - i asked jonghyun to draw me a puppy…and he looked up at me smiling WITH HIS DAMN PUPPY EYES and goes “..a puppy?” and im just “……yes” JONGHYUN…DREW ME A PUPPY

#10 - jonghyun is a terrible artist; jonghyun drew a circle…then another circle…then another circle..and just kinda snorted and finished it and was like “lol sorry” LMFAO

Credit: kimkeyy

Fan: I’m getting married
Jonghyun: Ah~ Really? You’re getting married to a good man right?
Fan: Yes, Of Course
Jonghyun: That’s good.

Fan: I’m getting married
Key: Really?
Fan: Come to my wedding and eat, only to eat
Fan: I will still continue to support all of you
Key: Of course you must~ the next time, bring your children with you too

#2 - (It’s really noisy at the fansign venue, a fan shouted)
Fan: If it is not Onew, I will definitely not get into a relationship or get married
Onew(started laughing while signing):  What if you are not able to make it in your whole life?
Fan: I was worrying about this…
Onew: Fighting~

#3 -
Fan: Can I become a Lady Ghost, paying you rent and stay with you? Onew: You’re not at the age to be a ghost yet

#4 -
Fan actually wanted to tell Onew that he is her mother’s son-in-law! But because she was too nervous, she said it as ‘Onew is her son-in-law’; Onew: en? (nod nod) aiiyo~Mother-in-Law ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

#5 -
Fan: Kimbum~will you be so damn SEXY in the musical? Key(BIG LAUGH): BUT~I don’t know~maybe?? How~ seriously’ㅂ’

#6 -
Fan: Minho ah ~ Is diving scary?
Minho: Scary… very scary.

Source: 小智MAX
English Translations: ForeverShiningSHINee

#1 - I asked Onew, SHINee will come to Taiwan again on the 30th, is there anything that he’s looking forward to? Onew replied; he wanted to go there quickly TTTTTT and he gave a warm smile TTTTT

#2 - Fan gave Taemin a box of Pineapple cake hoping that he eats it well; He took a look at the box and gave a wide smile. Fan also told Taemin, recently there’s alot of schedules, and show recordings, it has been really hard on them; Taemin just gave a bitter smile T-T

#3 - Fan asked the same question for Onew & Minho (regarding 30th heading to Taiwan); Minho replied saying he is also looking forward to meet everyone, he miss everyone. Fan also told Minho to take care, be careful not to get hurt when he’s recording MBC Splash! Show, he thanked her. After signing, he continued to say THANKS in chinese.

Source: 不離不棄金兄弟
English Translations: ForeverShiningSHINee

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[Info] SHINee to participate in A-Nation Stadium Festival on September, 1 + Details of Official Goods.

SHINee to participate in A-Nation Stadium Festival on September, 1 + Details of Official Goods

SHINee will be participating in the “A-Nation Stadium Festival powered by Weider in Jelly”!

A-Nation is an annual series of summer concerts that are held in various cities in Japan. Organized by Avex Group since its inauguration in 2002, this series features the most successful artists in Japan. Following in the footsteps of their seniors, BoA and TVXQ, SHINee will have the grand honor of  joining the event for the first time this year with other world class Japanese artists, including Kumi Koda, Ayumi Hamasaki and AAA.

Date: 1st September, 2013 (Sun)
Time: 15:30 (doors open at 13:30)
Venue: Ajinomoto Stadium, Tokyo

Ticketing Details:
General Seating: 9,800 JPY (tax included)
Compulsory Seating: 9,800 JPY (tax included)
※ Illuminated uchiwa (round plastic fan) will be included
※ Reserved seating
※ You must remain seated during the concert if you are in the “Compulsory Seating” area
※ Admission is free for children below 3 years of age.

Advanced reservation period: July 5th (Fri) 18:00 JST to July 15th (Mon) 23:59 JST

For more information on reservations, please refer to the link below:

A-Nation official site:

Translated by: red @

[Info] SHINee to perform for ICN Sky Festival~ MBC Music Core Live on September 14.

SHINee to perform for ICN Sky Festival~ MBC Music Core Live on September 14

ATTN: K-Pop Lovers and passengers traveling to/through ICN! Incheon International Airport (ICN) will be hosting ICN Sky Festival on September 13 ~ 14th.

Got a layover in ICN? Stick around on Saturday, Sept. 14th until 7:30PM, when MBC will be filming “Show! Music Core!” Live!

Special Guests: Big Bang, Girls’ Generation, KARA, Super Junior, 2NE1, Sistar, SHINee, Girls Day, INFINITE, B.A.P, I.U and more!

Source: Asiana Airline Facebook
Credit: ForeverShiningSHINee

[News] SHINee’s New Japan Single, ‘Boys Meet U’ goes on 2nd spot on Japan Oricon Chart after release on August 21.

K-pop boy band SHINee has made a strong debut on Oricon’s chart with their new single.

SHINee nabbed the No. 2 spot on Oricon’s daily singles chart with their eighth Japan single “Boys Meet U,” as soon as it was released on Wednesday, the chart showed the following day.

The full version of the music video to “Boys Meet U” was also released on the same day as the album, showing the five members of SHINee having fun at the seaside.

The group’s second Japan studio album, also dubbed “Boys Meet U,” had debuted at second place as well immediately after its release late June.

SHINee has hit Saitama, Osaka, Niigata, Hokkaido and Kobe with their on-going live tour “JAPAN ARENA TOUR SHINee WORLD 2013~ Boys Meet U~,” and are now set to depart for Hiroshima’s Green Arena on September 11.

Reporter. Lee Hye Ji
Editor. Jessica Kim
Courtesy of Avex
Credit: 10Asia News

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

[News] SHINee’s Minho has donned a white doctor’s gown and showed off his charm for upcoming medical drama - ‘Medical Top Team’.

K-pop group SHINee’s Minho has donned a white doctor’s gown and showed off his beauty for upcoming medical drama.

Minho unveiled his first filming session of new MBC series, tentatively titled “Medical Top Team,” in still images released through the drama’s promoter Y Tree Media Tuesday.

The idol star arrived early at the filming location of Seoul’s Severance Hospital, showing his enthusiasm for the role and the drama by approaching to his senior actors first and asking them for advice.

“I excitedly finished my first filming. I feel sorry that I didn’t show my best from my nervousness, but I’ll make further effort to learn more from now on,” the 21-year-old actor was quoted as saying.

In the star-studded medical drama co-starring Kwone Sang-woo, Ju Ji-hoon, Jung Rye-won and Oh Yeon-seo, Minho takes on good-natured thoracic surgery specialist Kim Seong-woo, who plays a pivotal role among the resident doctors who will go through a series of trouble in their work and love lives.

Directed by Kim Do-hoon of hit romance epic “Moon Embracing the Sun,” the new series will premiere on October 2 as the follow-up of Lee Joon-gi’s “Two Weeks.”
Reporter. Lee Hye Ji
Credit: 10asia News

[Video] 130813 SHINee - ‘United States of Odaiba 2013’ Mezamashi Live @ Japan Mezamashi News

[Video] 310713 ’Who is the real Daddy of Comme Des?' @ MBC Weekly Idol

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[Video] 140813 SHINee’s ‘Boys Meet U’ Guerilla Live + Experiencing Osaka @ Japan News ‘Ohayo Asahi Desu’.

[Video] 140813 SHINee @ Japan TV ‘Sukkiri’

[Video] 140813 SHINee Festival Tour 2013’ in Taipei @ ‘Wan Quan Yu Le’ Entertainment News

[News] SHINee holds Successful Surprise Performances for their New Upcoming ‘Boys Meet U’ Single Promotion in Japan.

SHINee held a series of successful surprise concerts to celebrate the upcoming release of its new Japanese single.

On August 14, such local media outlets as Sankei Sports reported that “Korea′s five-member idol group SHINee held surprise concerts in three locations - Tokyo′s Yomiuri Land, the Akasaka Event Hall and Shinjuku Plaza - on August 13.”
The concerts were the group′s first surprise concerts in a year and eight months, as it previously planned to hold such a concert in Sibuya in December 2011. The concert had been cancelled at the time for safety reasons because too many fans had crowded the venue.

“We were looking forward to this concert because we had failed to hold one before. It was fun to meet so many people,” the members said.

In Yomiuri Land, the group got to perform by a pool, and commented, “We want to jump in the pool too” and “It feels neat to be singing at a pool. We hope you feel refreshed with our new song too.”

8,000 people were there to listen to SHINee sing Boys Meet U, the song that will be released on August 21.

Boys Meet U is SHINee′s eighth Japanese single album. The group has been touring arenas in the country since late June, and next will perform in Kobe from August 17-18.

Photo credit: SHINee′s official Japanese webpage
Source: MWave EnewsWorld

[Video] Henry ft. Kyuhyun & Taemin - ‘Trap’ (Chinese Version) MV

[Photo] 120813 SHINee @ Mezamashi Live Backstage of ‘United States of Odaiba 2013’.

[Photo] Precious SHINee - Backstage of ‘United States of Odaiba 2013’ Mezamashi Live 130812 
Source: _JH0408

[News] Lyrics-writing for ‘The Distance Between Us (Selene 6.23)’ by SHINee’s Jonghyun revealed.

SHINee’s third repackage album ‘The Misconceptions of Us’ was highly ranked in major music charts and keyword search charts upon its released on August 8, receiving undivided attention.

Not only was the completeness of the album tracks impressive but also ‘The Distance Bewteen Us (Selene 6.23)’, the title track, and ‘Better off’ drew attention since the songs had been written by Jong-hyun. Attention, please, for those who are wondering about his song-writing story.

STARCAST releases the notes that Jong-hyun made while working on the lyrics of ‘The Distance Bewteen Us (Selene 6.23)’, the title track of SHINee’s third repackage album ‘The Misconceptions of Us’.
This is the picture of notes that Jong-hyun made for himself to write the lyrics of ‘The Distance Bewteen Us (Selene 6.23)’, the title track of‘The Misconceptions of Us’. You can see the marks of his struggle, the process of lyrics-writing, and funny scribbles on the paper. Now, let us take a closer look at Jong-hyun’s lyrics notes based on three points.
FOCUS POINT 1: Hits to solve the mystery of the name of the title track.
The Korean version of the song title ‘The Distance between Us’ has a clear meaning, but you may not be sure about ’Selene 6.23’. A closer look at Jong-hyun’s notes will allow you to find a very interesting fact.

- Selene
Please look at the notes on the right bottom of the first page. You can see the word ‘Selene’ that Jong-hyun emphasized with stars and underlines. Right below the line he wrote, “Greek myth. The goddess of the first moon.” According to a dictionary, Selene is the name of the goddess of the moon from Greek Mythology and it means the moon in Greek. ‘The Distance Bewteen Us (Selene 6.23)’ sings about a one-sided love. The song presumably compared the subject of the one-sided love to the moon (Selene), implying a double meaning.

The notes demonstrate how deeply Jong-hyun thought about the song title. He considered ‘Artemis’, but he chose ‘Selene’ after all since he did not want the song to give an impression of singing about a god. He considered ‘Luna’ as an option, but he boldly gave it up since it is the name of f(x)’s member Luna (Refer to the third page of his lyrics notes).
- 6.23

We know the meaning of ‘Selene’ to some extent now, but what is 6.23? It seems to be a date or a time. If you are wondering, please look at the second page of his lyrics notes. Can you see the words Super moon (2013.6.23) next to Ver. 1 on the left-upper part of the page? June 23, 2013, was the annual day when the Super moon was observed with the Moon’s closes encounter with Earth for 2013. The lyrics of ‘The Distance Bewteen Us (Selene 6.23)‘ compares a one-sided love to the moon that looks close to us but actually is far away. When you hear the song again after you realize the hidden meaning of the lyrics, you will be able to find the song totally new.

FOCUS POINT 2: Words that were almost included in the song.

Jong-hyun’s lyrics notes contain words that were almost included in the song. Let us look for the words that were not picked for‘’The Distance Bewteen Us (Selene 6.23)’ but are worth having a look.

‘My tears surge like waves.’ Pass as it is too childish.
‘Even if I reach my hand to you’. Pass as it is too direct.

‘I end up looking for you whenever I am lost. I say hello and talk alone.’ Isn’t it good in its own way? Jong-hyun, however, excluded the sentence from the lyrics for ‘The Distance Bewteen Us (Selene 6.23)’ by saying, “It sounds like the song Snail.”

We can feel how much Jong-hyun tried to come up with better words for the lyrics by relentlessly thinking about them.
FOCUS POINT 3: The title ‘The Distance Between Us (Selene 6.23)’ is finally determined after long and hard thinking. Plus, Jong-hyun’s detailed notes.

You can see the marks of Jong-hyun’s struggle to determine the right name of the song on the third page of his lyrics notes.

He already set the Korean title as ‘The Distance between Us’. He was agonizing over which one to choose between ‘Super moon 6.23’ and ‘Selene 6.23’. Finally, he selected ‘Selene 6.23’ as a subtitle based on the reason that the inclusion of the word ‘moon’ removes the double meaning.

Let us have a look at Jong-hyun’s detailed notes.
He briefly wrote, “I’m hungry,” while working on the first verse of the song. He expressed his physical hunger even by drawing an underline as well as his hunger for music. We hope that he does not skip a meal however busy he is. In addition, on the third page, Jong-hyun left a cute drawing of the moon, showing his lyrics-writing style where he comes up with words like drawing a picture.

So far we have looked at how the lyrics of ‘The Distance between Us (Selene 6.23)’ were born through Jong-hyun’s lyrics notes. The three pages allowed us to look at how Jong-hyun wrote the lyrics by taking various approaches to the object ‘moon’ and related emotions, and to glance at the carefulness of Jong-hyun who never lets down his guard on picking a single word.

Now that we have gone through the process of the birth of the lyrics, let us listen to ‘The Distance Bewteen Us (Selene 6.23)’ once again for a review. A new and more inspirational listening may be possible.

This is the end for the report on Jong-hyun’s lyrics notes.

Source: Naver News
Lyrics Notes and Photograph: Jong-hyun, SM Entertainment

Once Again,

Thank you Kim Jong hyun for such beautiful lyrics and song title. Thank you SHINee for singing it so beautifully. - SHINee World.

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[News] SHINee's Jonghyun puts to rest rumors of him enjoying a movie date with Nine Muses' Kyung Li.

SHINee's Jonghyun quickly put his rumors to rest before they could spin out of control.

On August 11th, Jonghyun tweeted, "My stories are appearing a lot on community sites. If I tell you just the facts, I went to the movies with my friends, and they're just my friends not celebrities. I hope no one gets hurt by this. I found out because my friend sent me a picture~ I'm happy that there's many people around me who care for me like this. It's late, go to sleep~~ There must be a lot of people who are taking breaths of relief, I'm sorry. Even though it's not something I should be sorry about, I'm sorry."

On August 10th, some pictures were shared online claiming that Jonghyun had went on a movie date with Nine Muses' Kyung Li. After viewing the post, many started suggesting that the two idols were in a relationship, and Jonghyun had acted quickly to put the ridiculous rumors to rest.

What do you think, dating or "just friends"?

Credit: Allkpop

[Twitter] 110813 Jonghyun's Twitter Updates (Eng Trans)

[English Translation] There are a lot of stories about me on community sites. If I tell you a fact, I went to watch a movie with friends. Those people are just my friends, and not celebrities. I hope people don’t get hurt from this.

[English Translation] I only knew because my friend sent me a photo~ I’m happy because so many people are worried about me. It’s late, so everyone, go to sleep~~ A lot of people are probably relieved, so I’m sorry. It’s not something I should be worry for, but I’m sorry anyway

Source: @realjonghyun90
Image: @ForeverShiningSHINee
English Translations: @shiningtweets

[News] Na Eun finds out that Taemin lied about never having dated before.

A Pink's Na Eun was in for both a good and bad surprise as she was surprised with EXO's special event orchestrated by Taemin. SHINee's Taemin's also confessed that he had dated before, contrary to his previous statement.

On the latest episode of 'We Got Married', A Pink monitored the Na Eun-Taemin couple footage backstage when the members came upon Taemin's confession that he has dated before. Na Eun didn't look too happy and shared, "I knew it."

During their interviews, Na Eun shared, "I knew it. He lied. He's a liar. He didn't even do anything for me on 22 Day. I will have to meet him and find out the truth." Meanwhile, Taemin, who threw a surprise event for Na Eun with EXO, shared, "Next time we meet, I think Na Eun will be really happy to see me", unaware of the potential wrath of Na Eun he might be greeted with instead.

Credit: Allkpop

[News] A Pink's Namjoo & Eunji appear as special MCs on 'We Got Married' + Namjoo's jealous of Eunji's recent date with Key?

A Pink's Namjoo and Eunji appeared as special MCs on the latest broadcast of 'We Got Married.'

As soon as Eunji came on the show, MC Park Mi Sun commented, "So you ended up going on a date with SHINee's Key." Eunji shyly replied, "I did. Good things happened thanks to Na Eun."

Fellow member Namjoo also said, "I envy Na Eun, but I really envied Eunji" expressing her jealousy over Eunji's special date.

Earlier this week, Key fulfilled his wish to meet with Eunji by going on a double date with Taemin and Na Eun couple.

Credit: Allkpop

[News] Taemin prepares a special 'EXO' surprise for Na-Eun and A Pink on 'We Got Married'.

Taemin prepared a special surprise for Na-Eun and the rest of A Pink on the August 10 installment of MBC's 'We Got Married'.

The SHINee member wanted a way to congratulate A Pink, and especially Na-Eun, on their return to the music scene with "NoNoNo". Because SHINee was overseas promoting in Japan, Taemin recruited the help of his SM labelmates and hoobaes EXO.

EXO suddenly arrived in A Pink's waiting room at a music show, and not only did the boys perform a special version of their song "Wolf", they even barbecued Korean meat and prepared Ssam for the girls. Taemin made sure to request the BBQ as Na-Eun is a huge fan. One of the members wore a Taemin mask and also handed off a rosary bracelet to Na-Eun, who previously mentioned to Taemin that she had lost hers.

When the couple talked on the phone later, they made sure to tell each other they missed the other, but what really caught the attention of Taemin is the fact that Na-Eun said, "I love you."

Credit: Allkpop

[Lyrics] SHINee - 버리고 가 (Better Off) (Korean, Romanization & English Translation)

SHINee - 버리고 가 (Better Off) 

Lyrics by: Kim Jonghyun
Composed by Bardur Haberg & Jenson David Aubrey Vaughan
Arranged by Hongseok

*The Korean title “버리고 가” translates into “Leave Me And Go”.
*Parts were tagged by ear and may or may not be accurate.

Korean Lyrics

버리고 가

[종현] 무심히 창 밖만 바라봐 오늘은 no
나른하고 가슴이 먹먹해 널 볼 수 없어
차갑게 식어버린 찻잔만 만지작거리고 있어 baby

[KEY] 환상을 쫓는 어린 아이처럼 널 yeah
사랑해서 행복하다 말했었는데
[온유] 훌쩍 커버린 내 맘엔
네가 계속 멀어져 점점 힘들어

[ALL] 버리고 가 버리고 가
[태민] 우리 추억 모두 접어서
[ALL] 버리고 가 버리고 가
[KEY] 네 눈물 흠뻑 묻혀
[ALL] 버리고 가 버리고 가
[온유] 지치고 지친 사랑
[종현] 서로 편히 쉴 수 있게
[민호] 버리고 가 버리고 가

[KEY] 바보같이 항상 넌 나만 바라보면서 no
[태민] 또 난 너만 바라봐서 앞을 못 봤어
[온유] 우리 눈 앞은 막다른 길 인데
[종현] 돌릴 수 없는 걸 이제 알았어

[ALL] 버리고 가 버리고 가
[민호] 우리 추억 모두 접어서
[ALL] 버리고 가 버리고 가
[태민] 네 눈물 흠뻑 묻혀
[ALL] 버리고 가 버리고 가
[KEY] 지치고 지친 사랑
[온유] 서로 편히 쉴 수 있게
[태민] 버리고 가

[민호] 몇 날 며칠 동안 난 난 난 네 사진에
[종현] 너는 내 선물들에 눈물 쏟겠지
[온유] 끝나버린 사랑에 뭐가 남겠어
추억만은 남도록

[ALL] 버리고 가 버리고 가
[종현] 이제 네가 먼저 돌아서
[ALL] 버리고 가 버리고 가
[온유] 이 못된 사랑 버려
[ALL] 버리고 가 버리고 가
[KEY] 언젠가는 추억에
[태민] 살며시 웃을 수 있길

[민호] 기나긴 시간은 왜 날 잡아주지 않을까
걱정뿐인 미랠 준비하며 기다리지만
인생이란 수첩 속에 너의 이름 남겨
추억 하나 새기면서 길고도 긴 페이지를 넘겨
사랑한단 말은 멀리 두고 한숨 섞인 채로
슬픔 감추면서 한 번 생각할게
기억 속에 묻어둘게 서로 편히 쉴 수 있게
([ALL] 버리고 가 버리고 가 (x3)
[KEY] 지치고 지친 사랑
[온유] 서로 편히 쉴 수 있게)

[종현] 버리고 가 버리고 가


Beorigo Ga

[JH] Mushimhee chang bakmahn barabwa oneureun no
Nareunhago gaseumi meokmeokhae neol bol su eopseo
Chagapgae shigeobeorin chahtjahnmahn mahnjijakgeorigo isseo baby

[KEY] Hwansangeul jjotneun eorin aicheoreom neol yeah
Saranghaeseo haengbokhada malhaesseotneunde
[ON] Hhooljjeok keobeorin nae mahmaen
Nega gyesok meoreojyeo jeomjeom himdeureo

[ALL] Beorigo ga beorigo ga
[TM] Uri chueok modu jeobeoseo
[ALL] Beorigo ga beorigo ga
[KEY] Ne noonmul heumbbeok moochyeo
[ALL] Beorigo ga beorigo ga
[ON] Jichigo jichin saram
[JH] Seoro pyeonhee shwil su itgae
[MH] Beorigo ga beorigo ga

[KEY] Babogatchi hangsang neon namahn barabomyeonseo no
[TM] Ddo nahn neomahn barabwaseo apeul moht bwasseo
[ON] Uri noon apeun makdareun gil inde
[JH] Dollil su eopneun geol ejae arasseo

[ALL] Beorigo ga beorigo ga
[MH] Uri chueok modu jeobeoseo
[ALL] Beorigo ga beorigo ga
[TM] Ne noonmul heumbbeok moochyeo
[ALL] Beorigo ga beorigo ga
[KEY] Jichigo jichin saram
[ON] Seoro pyeonhee shwil su itgae
[TM] Beorigo ga beorigo ga

[MH] Myeot nal myeochil dongan nan nan nan ne sajinae
[JH] Neoneun nae seonmooldeurae noonmul ssotgaetji
[ON] Kkeutnabeorin sarangae mweoga namgaesseo
Chueokmahneun namdorok

[ALL] Beorigo ga beorigo ga
[JH] Ejae nega meonjeo doraseo
[ALL] Beorigo ga beorigo ga
[ON] Ee mohtdwaen sarang beoryeo
[ALL] Beorigo ga beorigo ga
[KEY] Eonjenganeun chueogae
[TM] Salmyeoshi ooseul su itgil

[MH] Ginagin shiganeun wae nal jabajuji anneulkka
Geokjungppoonin mirael junbihamyeo gidarijimahn
Insaengiran sucheop sogae neo-ae ireum namgyeo
Chueok hana sargimyeonseo gilgodo gin page reul neomgyeo
Saranghandan mareun meolli dugo hansoom seokkin chaero
Seulpeum gamchumyeonseo han beon saenggakhalgae
Gieok sogae moochyeodulgae seoro pyeonhee shwil su itgae
([ALL] Beorigo ga beorigo ga (x3)
[KEY] Jichigo jichin saram
[ON] Seoro pyeonhee shwil su itgae)

[JH] Beorigo ga beorigo ga

English Translation

[JH] I stare out the window absentmindedly, no
Today, I feel weary and suffocated, I can’t see you
I’m just fiddling with a teacup gone cold, baby

[KEY] Like a young child chasing a fantasy, yeah
I told you I’m happy because I love you
[ON] But in my heart that has grown quickly
You keep getting further, it’s getting harder

[ALL] Leave me and go, leave me and go
[TM] Forget all of our memories
[ALL] Leave me and go, leave me and go
[KEY] Drenched with your tears
[ALL] Leave me and go, leave me and go
[ON] A tiring, tiring love
[JH] So we can both rest in peace
[MH] Leave me and go, leave me and go

[KEY] You always only looked at me like a fool, no
[TM] And I only looked at you, so I couldn’t see ahead
[ON] We’ve come to a dead end before our eyes
[JH] We realize now that we can’t change it back

[ALL] Leave me and go, leave me and go
[MH] Forget all of our memories
[ALL] Leave me and go, leave me and go
[TM] Drenched with your tears
[ALL] Leave me and go, leave me and go
[KEY] A tiring, tiring love
[ON] So we can both rest in peace
[TM] Leave me and go

[MH] For several days, I I I cried on your photo
[JH] You’ll probably do the same on my presents
[ON] What will remain from a love that’s over?
We can hope at least memories remain

[ALL] Leave me and go, leave me and go
[JH] Now you turn away first
[ALL] Leave me and go, leave me and go
[ON] Throw away this horrible love
[ALL] Leave me and go, leave me and go
[KEY] So that one day with these memories
[TM] We’ll be able to smile gently

[MH] Why won’t the long-winded time grab onto me?
I prepare for a future with nothing but worries and wait
But I leave your name in the notebook called life
I engrave a memory and flip over a lengthy page
I put the words I love you far away, mixed with a sigh
I’ll think about it once as I hide my sadness
I’ll bury it in my memories so we can both rest in peace

([ALL] Leave me and go, leave me and go (x3)
[KEY] A tiring, tiring love
[ON] So we can both rest in peace)

[JH] Leave me and go, leave me and go

Credit: kimchi hana @

[News] SHINee tops music charts with 'Selene 6.23'.

SHINee has topped the music charts with their new song "Selene 6.23".

The song has snagged #1 on multiple charts, and the accompanying "Better Off" has also placed high on the charts. Member Jonghyun wrote the lyrics to "Selene 6.23" himself.

The new album is a combined repackaged album as it contains both chapters as well as two new songs - "Selene 6.23" (Korean title is 'The Distance Between Us'), and "Better Off".

"Selene 6.23" features an orchestral narration as well as piano melody making for an emotional ballad, while "Better Off" will be a medium-tempo pop ballad that expresses the sadness associated with goodbyes.

Source: Osen via Naver
Credit: Allkpop

Friday, August 9, 2013

[Lyrics] SHINee - 너와 나의 거리 (Selene 6.23) (Korean, Romanization & English Translation)

너와 나의 거리 (Selene 6.23)

Lyrics by: Kim Jonghyun
Composed & Arranged by Yiruma, 2Face, Kim Taesung

*The Korean title “너와 나의 거리” translates into “The Distance Between You And Me”.
*Parts were tagged by ear and may or may not be fully accurate.

Korean Lyrics

[온유] 눈을 맞춰줘
멀리서 너를 보며 혼잣말로 속삭여
그저 한번 웃어줘
네 얼굴만 봐도 난 견딜 수 있어

[KEY] 혹시 삶의 끝에 네가 서있다면
조금 더 가까워 질 수 있다면
[민호] 난 모든 걸 다 버린 채로
너에게 달려갈 텐데

[종현] 손을 더 뻗어도
온 힘을 다해 뻗어도 넌 닿지 않아
가까워진 듯 해 설렌 맘에 불러봐도
대답 없어 넌 절대로 닿을 수 없나 봐

[태민] 하루가 달리 ([종현] 하루가)
변하는 네 모습은 포근히 밝게 빛나
본적 없는 뒷모습 ([종현] 너의 뒷모습)
호기심마저도 내 욕심일까

[민호] 언제부터 너와 함께 해 왔을까
눈을 뜨고 숨을 쉰 순간부터 ([온유] Oh baby)
[KEY] 매일 밤을 함께 했는데 ([종현] 함께 했는데)
다가갈 수 없어

[태민] 손을 더 뻗어도 ([온유] 내 손을 잡아줘)
온 힘을 다해 뻗어도 ([온유] 뻗어도)
[태민/온유] 넌 닿지 않아
[KEY] 가까워진 듯 해 설렌 맘에 불러봐도
대답 없어 넌 ([온유] Missing you)
절대로 닿을 수 없나 봐

[온유] 바보 같은 소리라고 날 놀려도
돌릴 수 없어 이 맘은

[ALL] 소리쳐도 ([종현] 소리쳐 불러봐도)
분한 맘에 화 내봐도 소용없어
너에게 난 그저 수많은 사람 중 하나
스쳐가잖아 ([온유] 스쳐가잖아)
[종현] 네겐 특별하지 않아

[ALL] 손을 뻗어도 온 힘을 다해 뻗어도
([종현] 네게 닿지 않아 baby) [태민] 닿지 않아
[온유] 가까워 진 듯 해 ([KEY] 소리쳐 불러봐도)
설렌 맘에 불러봐도 ([KEY] 너를 더 불러봐도)
대답 없어 넌 절대로 닿을 수 없나 봐

[종현] 절대로 닿을 수 없나 봐


[ON] Nooneul machweojweo
Meolliseo neoreul bomyeo honjamallo soksagyeo
Geujyeo hanbeon ooseojweo
Ne eolgoolmahn bwado nahn gyeondil su isseo

[KEY] Hokshi salmae kkeutae nega seoitdamyeon
Jogeum deo gakkaweo jil su itdamyeon
[MH] Nahn modeun geol da beorin chaero
Neoaegae dalryeogal tende

[JH] Sohneul deo ppeodeodo
On himeul dahae ppeodeodo neon dahtji ana
Gakkaweojin deut hae seollen mahmae boolleobwado
Daedap eopseo neon jeoldaero daeul su eopna bwa

[TM] Haruga dalli ([JH] Haruga)
Byeonhaneun ne moseubeun pogeunhee balgae bitna
Bonjeok eopneun dwimoseup ([JH] Neoae dwimoseup)
Hogishimmajeodo nae yokshimilkka

[MH] Eonjebuteo neowa hamkkae hae wasseulkka
Nooneul ddeugo soomeul shwin soonganbuteo ([ON] Oh baby)
[KEY] Maeil bahmeul hamkkae haetneunde ([JH] Hamkkae haetneunde)
Dagagal su eopseo

[TM] Sohneul deo ppeodeodo ([ON] Nae sohneul jabajweo)
On himeul dahae ppeodeodo ([ON] Ppeodeodo)
[TM/ON] Neon dahtji ana
[KEY] Gakkaweojin deut hae seollen mahmae boolleobwado
Daedap eopseo neon ([ON] Missing you)
Jeoldaero daeul su eopna bwa

[ON] Babo gateun sorirago nal nolryeodo
Dollil su eopseo ee mahmeun

[ALL] Sorichyeodo ([JH] Sorichyeo boolleobwado)
Boonhan mahmae hwa naebwado soyongeopseo
Neoaegae nahn geujeo sumahneun saram joong hana
Seuchyeogajana ([ON] Sorichyeo boolleobwado)
[JH] Negaen teukbyeolhaji ana

[ALL] Sohneul deo ppeodeod, on himeul dahae ppeodeodo
([JH] Negae dahtji ana) [TM] Dahtji ana
[ON] Gakkaweojin deut hae ([KEY] Sorichyeo boolleobwado)
Seollen mahmae boolleobwado ([KEY] Neoreul deo boolleobwado)
Daedap eopseo neon jeoldaero daeul su eopna bwa

[JH] Jeoldaero daeul su eopna bwa

English Translation

[ON] Please look at my eyes
I look at you from afar and whisper to myself
Please smile even once
I can endure if I just look at your face

[KEY] If at the end of my life, you’re standing there
If I can grow a little closer to you
[MH] I would throw everything away
And I would run to you

[JH] If I stretch out my hand
If I stretch out with all my strength, I still can’t reach you
It feels like we’re closer, so I call for you in excitement
But there’s no answer, I don’t think I’ll ever reach you

[TM] Different every day ([JH] Every day)
Your changing image shines brightly and warmly
I’ve never seen you from behind ([JH] Behind)
Is being curious my selfishness too?

[MH] How long have I been with you?
Since the moment I opened my eyes and breathed ([ON] Oh baby)
[KEY] We were together every night ([JH] We were together)
But I can’t approach you

[TM] If stretch out my hand ([ON] Please grab my hand)
If stretch out with all my strength ([ON] Stretch out)
[TM/ON] I still can’t reach you
[KEY] It feels like we’re closer, so I call for you in excitement
But there’s no answer ([ON] Missing you)
I don’t think I’ll ever reach you

[ON] Even if you make fun of me, saying it’s stupid
You can’t change these feelings

[ALL] If I scream ([JH] If I scream for you)
If I lash out from anger, it’s useless
To you, I’m just one person out of many
I pass you by ([ON] I pass you by)
[JH] I’m not special to you

[ALL] If stretch out my hand, if stretch out with all my strength
([JH] I still can’t reach you, baby) [TM] I still can’t reach you
[ON] It feels like we’re closer ([KEY] If I scream for you))
So I call for you in excitement ([KEY] If I call for you more)
But there’s no answer, I don’t think I’ll ever reach you

[JH] I don’t think I’ll ever reach you

Credit: kimchi hana @

[Info] SHINee Releases “The Misconceptions of Us” Repackage Album

Support SHINee by buying the digital song on any of the following sites!





Selene 6.23

Better Off

Source: Sfinee
Audio: BubbleFeetAquaCH1
Credit: FSS

[Twitter] 080813 SMTOWN's Twitter Update - Taemin.

[PHOTO] SMTOWN twitter update- Taemin #SHINee 130808 - 
Listen the new tracks for #SHINee! #너와나의거리(Selene 6.23) #버리고가(Better Off). Available on iTunes soon~ 
Credit: SMTOWNglobal
Listen the new tracks for #SHINee! #너와나의거리(Selene 6.23) #버리고가(Better Off). Available on iTunes soon~

Credit: SMTOWNglobal

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

[Video] 050813 SHINee @ Japan TV program “Performance Z".

[News] SHINee's Key and Jonghyun are hilarous MCs at f(x)'s 'Play! Pink Tape' showcase

Ahead of the release of their latest album, 'Pink Tape', f(x) held a live showcase hosted by SHINee's Key and Jonghyun.

Fans who weren't able to attend 'Play! Pink Tape' are in luck! SM Entertainment recently uploaded the full showcase, with English subtitles.

The interview goes in-depth into the making of each song with commentary from production staff, stylists, and others.


Credit: Allkpop

[News] SHINee's Key and A Pink's Eunji go on a double date with Taemin and Na Eun on 'We Got Married'.

SHINee's Key got exactly what he wished for, a date with A Pink's Eunji!

According to a broadcast insider, Key and Eunji finished filming 'We Got Married' at Wolmido Island, Incheon on the 5th where they went on rides together with Taemin and Na Eun.

A representative revealed, "The four of them enjoyed a double date at Wolmido Island. It was a one-time appearance. They filmed it with the sweet atmosphere of a blind date."

Viewers may remember that Key previously expressed his interest in Eunji, asking Taemin to introduce him to A Pink, on the August 3rd episode.

Fans will get to see their double date when the episode airs on the 24th!

Any guesses as to how it went?

Credit: Allkpop

[News] SHINee's Key is interested in A Pink's Eunji?


SHINee's Key expressed his interest in A Pink's Eunji!

On the latest episode of 'We Got Married', Taemin asked Key to test out the prank toys that he bought as a gift for his wife Na Eun.

Key then jokingly lashed out at Taemin for always using him with no reward in sight. Key responded, "Am I a toy? I do everything. Bring someone over from A Pink. Eunji or whoever so I can get involved with them. You always make me look at presents and visit others' houses", leaving Taemin feel apologetic towards him.

Do you think Eunji & Key would make a cute couple?

Check out the fun clip below:

Credit: Allkpop

[News] Key says 'It seems like a porno' as Taemin records a special message for Na-Eun on 'We Got Married'.

SHINee's Taemin recorded a special message for A Pink's Na-Eun during their time apart.

The latest 'We Got Married' followed Taemin while SHINee were promoting in Japan, and he missed Na-Eun so much that Key helped him out with a message for her.

At first, when Key looked at the picture of Taemin on his phone, he looked around at the setting of their room with a bed in the background and said, "It seems like a porno" which made Taemin laugh. However, after the awkward moment Taemin got to record his message.

Taemin stated, "Hello Naeun. You're busy now with your promotions right? Even from far away, I'm supporting you and I hope everything you do goes well. I miss you a lot. I want to hurry up and leave for Korea. When I get to Korea, let's eat a lot of yummy foods together." He added, "I'm always cheering you on," mentioning A Pink's promotions with "No No No".

Do you miss them together already?

Credit: Allkpop

Saturday, August 3, 2013

[News] Relive ‘SHINee’s Wonderful Day’ through vacation package, ‘SHINee SURPRISE VACATION’.

For 13 special weeks in the early half of 2013, MBC Music treated fans and viewers to ‘SHINee’s Wonderful Day’, where the five memberswere whisked off to different countries to enjoy a special end-of-year vacation. The real documentary-variety program not only captured the members’ cute antics, but the beautiful scenery in each country as well.

We bring exciting news to all who would like to relive SHINee’s travels! You’ll be able to experience their vacations for yourself through SM C&C’s own travel agency, called ‘SM C&C’s Tour Express’!

SM Entertainment revealed, "The tour package has the same exact routes of the SHINee members as they traveled through Switzerland, Thailand, England, and Japan. Other than the travel note which contains beautiful scenery and the member’s daily activities, we also bring you SM C&C’s new vacation tour package so it’ll interest not only the fans but also travel maniacs."

Shawols and tourists can now experience SHINee’s 4-day trip around the world as shown in their reality show. This is definitely something that’s not to be missed!

Travel route fees:
Onew’s: ₩1,349,000
Jonghyun’s: ₩1,099,000
Key’s: ₩1,590,000
Minho’s: ₩1,950,000
Taemin’s: ₩2,290,000

More detailed information may be found at SM C&C’s tour express’s homepage and SMTOWN’s travel homepage!

Source: SMTown Travel
Written by: J.Kimkeysemily & debsayys @

Friday, August 2, 2013

[News] Jonghyun’s two own compositions will be unveiled in SHINee’s repackaged album ‘The misconception of us’ on Aug, 8.

SHINee will drop their third studio album next week, their agency said on Thursday.

SM Entertainment said through a press release that the group will release their studio album “The misconception of us” next Thursday.

Their new album will bind together the previous chapters of their third album “Chapter 1 ‘Dream Girl-The misconceptions of you’” and “Chapter 2 ‘Why So Serious?-The misconceptions of me’,” and add two tunes “Selene 6.23″ and “Better Off,” the agency added.

As the two previous albums were of different colors, the studio album will consist of different emotions that will closely link the group and their fans.

The members participated in designing the album’s cover and SHINee member Jonghyun contributed lyrics to “Selene 6.23″ and “Better Off.”

While their new ballad tune “Selene 6.23,” featuring pianist Yiruma, will deliver the harmony of an orchestra and piano, the medium-tempo ballad tune “Better Off” will depict on a sad parting.

Meanwhile, SHINee is currently on their Japan tour titled “SHINee JAPAN ARENA TOUR SHINee WORLD 2013~Boys Meet U.”

The boys will hold their next concert in Hokkaido on August 3, Kobe on August 17 to 18, Hiroshima on September 11, Fukuoka on November 25 and finally Nagoya on December 10 and 11.

They will then hold a special event celebrating the release of their new album in five cities including Fukuoka on October 8, Osaka on October 9, Nagoya on October 11, Tokyo on October 14 and Sapporo on October 21.

Reporter. Lee Eun Ah
Editor. Jessica Kim
Source: 10asia News

[Video] 310713 SHINee @ Japan MUSIC ON! TV - ‘Monthly Icon’.

[Info] SHINee to perform at the SMTOWN Live World Tour III in Tokyo Special Edition 2013 this October.

Good news, Shawols! Contemporary boyband SHINee along with other SM label mates, is set to perform at "SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR III in TOKYO SPECIAL EDITION 2013"
After almost 15 months since their last visit, SMTOWN will finally be coming back to Japan! SHINee will be performing alongside label mates in one of the most anticipated K-pop events of the year.

Concert Details:
■ Date: 26th October (Sat), 27th October (Sun)

■ Venue: Tokyo Dome, Japan

■ Time:
・26th October - 17:00 JST (doors open at 15:00)
・27th October - 15:00 JST (doors open at 13:00)

■ Line-up Artists:
BoA, TVXQ, SUPER JUNIOR, Girls Generation, SHINee, f(x), EXO-K, EXO-M and more
※ Subject to change

■ Ticket Details
Tickets will be picked through raffle, please apply within the application period.
For further information on availability and raffle application, go to

Application Period:
August 1 (Thu) 12:00 JST ~ August 18 (Sun) 12:00 JST
(Picked through raffle, it is not first come first serve)

■ Ticket Prices:

※ 12,800 JPY per ticket (tax included)
※ Light stick to be presented to those who attend
■ Settling fee: 450 JPY per ticket (tax included)
■ You may apply up to 2 tickets for each application

Written by: J.Kimkeysemily @

[News] f(x) Victoria Wants to Invite SHINee Key on her KBS ‘Glitter’ Program.

f(x) Victoria stated at the KBS "Glitter" press conference that she wanted to invite SHINee Key as a guest.

She stated that Key had much interest in fashion and would be a good guest on the show.

This show is for woman in their 20s and 30s and to help them feel beautiful and gain the hearts of men. Victoria also stated that her biggest insecurity is her legs. After doing 10 years of dance, she now has very muscular legs.

This show will begin on August 2 through KBS W.

Source: KpopStarz News
Shared By: ForeverShiningSHINee
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