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[Picture] Korean Pop Night Concert 2010 Poster

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[Picture] Indonesia-Korea Friendship Day Concert Poster

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[Lyrics] SHINee’s Repackaged Album “Hello” (English Translation)

[Jonghyun] With everyone saying different things
Makes it much harder ([Onew] You might not believe me)
[Key] She has higher standards than she seems
[Onew] This kind of thing is uncommon for me
Please believe what I say

[Taemin] Will the day I casually hold her come?
[Onew] I believe everything will turn out the way you think it will

[All] Hello, hello
[Jonghyun] I brought up the courage
[All] Hello, hello
[Key] I want to talk to you for a moment
[All] Hello, hello
[Taemin] I may be rushing a bit
[All] Who knows? We might
[Jonghyun] Oh yeah
It’s not my first time to be honest
I’ve loved and broken up before
[Onew] But it’s hard, please believe these words
[Jonghyun] You are different

[All] Hello, hello
[Minho] I’ll bet my all this time
[All] Hello, hello
[Key] Ooh yeah, baby baby baby girl
[All] Hello, hello
[Jonghyun] I don’t know how you feel right now
[All] Who knows? We might

[All] Hello, hello
Hello, hello
[Onew] Please give me a chance
[All] Hello, hello
[Jonghyun] I don’t know how you feel right now
[All] Who knows? Two of us
[Onew] Might be destiny
([Minho] Hello, the times I spent by your side
Can no more compare to any other happiness
I can’t express myself to you
My heart wants all of you, never let you go
If this is love, I’ll never let it go
Who knows? The two of us)

[All] Hello, hello

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[Me2day] 100930 SHINee's Me2day Update. (Eng Trans)

[SHINee] In order for you all to hear Hello in your ears anytime and anywhere…let’s meet now~!♥

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English translation: live laugh love @ soompi

[Chart] SHINee on Cyworld Real-time.

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[Video] SHINee 'Hello' MV Teaser.

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[Music] SHINee releases full audio of ‘Hello’

‘Hello,’ a modern pop song with a R&B twist, shows the members in a more softer light as the song is bright, cheerful, and is easy to listen to.

Without further ado, check out the songs from their repackaged album below!

Don’t forget to catch SHINee’s comeback performances on various music programs, starting with this week’s Music Bank.

Cr: Allkpop.

[News] “Idol Star Athletics Championship” confirmed to return next year but will SHINee be involved?

MBC’s “Idol Star Athletics Championship” will be back for next year’s Chuseok holiday, but will be changing its theme into “Idol Swimming Championships“.

MBC’s representative revealed on the 28th, “We’ve decided to organize the ‘Idol Special Championships’ next year as well. It’s something we’ve discussed ever since the program was still in its production stage. If viewers didn’t show us so much support, we would’ve just considered it, but thankfully the response was substantial enough for us to decide to broadcast it every year. The show was competing against other dramas, but still managed to create a new viewer base with the teens.”

He went on to state, “We are preparing a special swimming championship for next year.”

Viewers seemed to be highly entertained seeing 130 of their favorite idols running around and enjoying their time with their friends. Seems like UEE got her wish granted for next year!

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[Me2day] 100929 Jonghyun's Me2day Update. (Eng Trans)


Source: SHINee’s me2day
Credit: lala_land @ soompi


Male idol group SHINee’s 2nd repackage album title track “Hello” will be released on the 30th at 10:00AM through Melon, Dosirak, Bugs, Cyworld, and various other music sites.

“Hello,” a trendy R&B pop song featuring a sophisticated pop sound with lyrics expressing the fluttering sensation of love that one feels for his special someone, presents a bright and smooth charm with refreshing vocals which make an impression.

Furthermore, including the 2nd repackage album title track “Hello,” a total of 3 new songs will be included. “One” is a soft R&B ballad which further emphasizes the voices of each individual SHINee member and “Get It” is a hip-hop track, with a heavy drum base composition and a tension-raising arrangement being its distinctions. The lyrics for “Get It” were written by members Minho and Key, with the participation of rapper Ceejay and singer Gilme.

The 2nd repackage album, which will have a total of 16 tracks with the inclusion of 3 new songs in addition to the 13 from the original 2nd album, will be released on October 4th.

Picture: SM Entertainment
Reporter Kim Kyungmin
Source: Mydaily
Original article:
English translation: Live Laugh Love
Cr: ForeverShiningSHINee

[News] BoA private her twitter because of SHINee Fans?

BoA was recently caught up in a controversy with SHINee fans for “spoiling SHINee’s comeback” through her Twitter, causing her to eventually set her Twitter account to private on September 29th.

On the 26th, BoA tweeted, “Inkigayo has come to an end, and Chuseok has come to an end. Next week is our shining SHINee’s comeback! I won’t be lonely in the waiting rooms anymore.”

The problem lies in that SHINee fans were displeased with BoA spoiling the release of SHINee’s repackaged album and comeback date. Various community sites began spreading rumors that SHINee’s comeback date was set earlier than planned due to BoA’s spoiler, causing her to receive many hateful replies from netizens.

On the 28th, BoA attempted to clarify the situation by tweeting, “You know that our company won’t just change SHINee’s comeback date because of my tweet, right? I tweeted it in support of the members, and articles regarding their comeback were released today as well.”

Despite BoA’s clarification, SHINee fans did not stop their attacks, causing BoA to eventually set her account to private.

Netizens expressed their disappointment in the situation by stating, “BoA loves Twitter, did you really have to go as far as to make her close it?” “Are you guys happy now?” and “They’re just supporting each other, why are the fans so angry?”

Source: MyDaily
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[Video] 100924 & 100925 MBC Idol Athletics 2010.

Congrats SM Family! ^^

[News] SHINee reveals track list for repackaged album, ‘Hello’

With the announcement that SHINee is making a comeback with a repackage album coming just a few days ago, the official track list of the album, ‘Hello‘, has finally been revealed!

“Hello” Track List

02. Hello*
03. 하나 (One)*
04. Get It*
05. UP & DOWN
06. Electric Heart
07. A-Yo
08. 욕(慾) (Obsession)
09. 화살 (Quasimodo)
10. 악 (Shout Out)
12. Your Name
13. Life
14. Ready or Not
15. Love Pain
16. 사.계.후 (Love Still Goes On)

This 16-track album is set for release on October 1st, and the idol group’s official comeback performance will be on KBS’s ‘Music Bank‘ on the same day.

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[Notice] Hey Shawols! Vote for SHINee now! ^^

#01 -

#02 -

Hurry and cast your vote, because polls will end 11:59 EST on September 30th! ^^

[News] SHINee to comeback with “Hello” on the October 1st

After their successful promotion of their single “Lucifer,” SHINee was scheduled to take a short break from the music scene to rest and recuperate. Yet as we’ve reported earlier today, SHINee is already gearing up for a comeback! They will be releasing their new re-packaged album, “Hello,” on October 4th.

The title track of their new album is said to be a modern pop song with a concise rhythm and repetitive synth sounds. The smooth vocals and harmony come together as a trendy R&B pop song that expresses the love they feel for a special woman. The lyrics themselves are said to be quite bright.

SHINee will be holding their first comeback stage with “Hello” on October 1st on KBS’s “Music Bank.”

Cr: Allkpop.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

[Twitter] SHINee will make their comeback next week?

BoA tweeted that SHINee will make their comeback next week..

[English Translation] After the holidays and the popular song has been finished..:( Shining SHINee will comeback!! Hehe I won’t get bored again in waiting room ^^ Hehe since morning I’m being treated with many good things from you, thank you ^^

Source: BoA_1105 @ Twitter
Credit: ForeverSHINee
Translation credit: Shiningshawols @ Twitter

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[Fan Account] 100916 Key's Birthday Party

As the boys entered, the order was Minho-Jonghyun-Kibum. Minho wore the shiny
glasses Taemin wore on his birthday and Jonghyun was holding a cure card filled with
their activities agenda to cover his face. Kibum was holding his shiny contemporary
bag and wearing devil horns on his head. From the audience’s view, the order they
stood was Kibum-Jonghyun- Minho.

Jonghyun: As I didn’t apply makeup, so…
Minho: Is it because of that, you’re covering your face with the card?
Jonghyun: Kibum, why are you carrying your bag on stage?

It was only then did Kibum realize he was actually carrying his bag on stage so he
immediately placed the bag on the chair next to the side and ran back on stage. So

After taking a glance at the cure cards, Jonghyun said that they should start saying
their opening speech, but Onew wasn’t there so it wasn’t possible and asked him
to hurry and come~ Kibum said Taemin was dancing and Onew was playing Rock.
(Everyone started laughing)

When asked audiences if they’ve seen Onew’s performance? A couple of fans raised
their hands. Jonghyun said they haven’t seen his performance yet and asked everyone
if the musical was good? Everyone who have seen it said “Good!! So handsome!”

Jonghyun: Onew hyung cracks in his musical and dances wrongly~ is this also
considered handsome?
Kibum: And dance?
Jonghyun: Yes, Onew hyung has to follow people’s directions (cues) to perform
Kibum: It seems like no matter if we have group activities or musicals, he still needs
to be cued (T/N: meaning he always makes mistakes so he needs to follow directions)
Everyone started laughing.


Minho said Onew has to go to activities and practice, his schedule is packed and harsh, hope everyone can understand.

The topic goes back to the birthday party.
Jonghyun: So why are we here today?
Fans: Kibum’s birthday.
Jonghyun: Aren’t there still around 10 days left?
Kibum feels bad and said: Yeah, it’s a bit early, right?

Jonghyun understands everyone, and he speaks from the fans’ perspectives: Look~ there are still so many days until the birthday, and there’s already birthday party, but still got to go see the kids! (everyone agrees)
Minho: I prepare birthday presents according to the birthday, but didn’t know that the birthday party was this many days earlier, I haven’t prepared the present yet (everyone agrees again)
Kibum: People who haven’t given presents can send it to Apgujeong No.XXX.
Kibum: I guess Taemin will send a SMS at around 9:00 (everyone laughs), and that’s because it’s under the situation that Taemin’s mom has to remind him at 4:00 “Today is Kibum hyung’s birthday, did you congratulate him?” Taemin will say, “Oh, really?” Then forgets about it, and then suddenly remembers at 9:00, then say “Oh, really really wish hyung a happy birthday, really really really really” kekekeke
(imitates Taemin’s tone, moves and expressions, and it’s spot on)

At this point a person was bringing a cake to the stage, Jonghyun asks who this is, and said he’s never seen him kekekekeke

After the birthday song, Kibum made his wish (Fans yelled: Tell me your wish~ kk)
Jonghyun: We’re still singing this song after so many years?
Minho gave the fans a thumbs up: Artist sense is not bad, right? (everyone laughs)

Kibum just kept kneeling but not blowing the candles…
that’s because both Jonghyun and Minho were holding sprays
and were going to spray Kibum once he blows the candles.
Kibum said: You can’t spray! You can’t spray! If you spray, I’m going to quit Shinee! Do you know how hard I tried to avoid those water in SM Town?


Jonghyun and Minho blew the candles with him, and Jonghyun and Minho said: you blow the candles yourself.
Just when Kibum was going to blow, Jonghyun and Minho each sprayed him once, and Kibum was fixing his clothes right away.
At this time Jonghyun realized he got some on his clothes too
and was wondering: Huh? How come it got to me too?
After Kibum finished blowing candles, both people started going crazy spraying and Kibum was moving his shoulders and screaming and started to run for his life

Kibum started cutting the cake and asked: Is this cake edible?
Jonghyun and Minho touched the cake a little bit and looked at Kibum, Kibum knew something was not right and froze.

After a while,
Jonghyun: Cut it properly, make it nice
Then Jonghyun asked fans: Who wants to eat cake?
Some fans raised their hands, and some shook their heads.
Jonghyun: Then give it to those that shook their heads, you give these sort of to the people who don’t want to do it.

Jonghyun asked Kibum what kind of wish he made, Kibum said he can’t say because if he says, it won’t come true.
Jonghyun: It won’t come true anyway, just say it. It’s already good that everyone wants to listen to it, you should be grateful. You should just say it, maybe someone here can fulfill it for you, so you can fulfill your wish sooner.
Minho: Don’t ask him like that, or else he’s going to say he wants a Givenchy T-shirt!
At the end, Key said he wanted a Balmain wallet.
Jonghyun just said: That one costs 6,800,000 won = =
(so scary)

Kibum asked Jonghyun and Minho for presents
Jonghyun: Didn’t I buy sunglasses already?
Kibum: Ah~
Then asked Minho why there isn’t a present, Minho said there’s none kekekeke
Minho also said: Actually there is, afterwards I’ll go to a convenient store and buy you a Chuseok gift pack, so you can bring it back for your parents kekekeke
Kibum: You keep that for yourself!

Then the games started (The order is not accurate)
Before they got on stage, the staff prepared papers for each member to write
on “Key is….” And then the 3 members would choose either “O” or “X”. Whoever
chose different answers to Key would get punished (getting hit by an air hammer)

Q: Key’s height is 180?
Jonghyun: Now it might have reached 180 kekekekeke
Kibum: Will it be 180?
Minho (very seriously): No
Kibum (hitting Minho): How can you say that…
But Jonghyun raised the wrong card and chose “O”
Kibum and Minho chose “X”

Q: Everyday there only parcels for Key?
Jonghyun said there are his as well, Kibum has been controlling his internet shopping
lately and likes shopping outside
Jonghyun asked Kibum what was his most recent delivery?
Minho: I know, it’s an IPOD case
Jonghyun glanced at Minho & Kibum weirdly (those weird glances like they have
something going on)
Minho (immediately): Weird is you two, why were you guys wearing couple t-shirts?
Jonghyun: Own preference
Kibum: Isn’t it cute?
Kibum said he bought the white one first and when he got back Jonghyun thought it
looked good so he bought it.
Jonghyun: That day, I saw Kibum’s newly bought shirt, and thought it looked nice so
I went to the same shop the next day. The sales said that Key bought the white one so
I asked for the black one. After I got back home, I asked Key to wear the same shirt
the next day. Key said ok so we both wore the same shirt.
Kibum: Will also wear the shirt in the future.

Q: Key has a nickname called “Honeydew Genie”?
Everybody O
Kibum: That was during first grade in middle school. It’s just one pictures out of the hundreds of selca I took when I was really into it. Why does it have to be this picture, seriously…
(Helpless and bothered, hehe)
Kibum: What was I thinking then?
He explained, at that time that honeydew CF was really famous, and just that they were cutting the honeydew at home at that point, and he took that picture, so the background is the kitchen kekekeke
Jonghyun made Kibum do that expression again, and he did it kekekeke

Q: Key is hairy?
Everybody O
Kibum: While watching this TV Show, he feels grossed out looking at the hair on his legs kekeke
don’t understand either why it has that effect on TV but in fact there isn’t that much.
Jonghyun and Minho: Then show everyone.
Kibum had to make a real effort to roll up his skinnies, so he could show everyone his calves.
(His legs were really nice and pale!!!)
The front row of fans said there is a lot, so Kibum walked a bit closer and said: No way…
Kibum: Look, it’s not that hairy right?
Minho: You shaved it kekeke
Kibum: If you said that, everyone will think it’s true. (meaning he didn’t shave it, it’s originally like that)

Q: Recently Taemin doesn’t listen to the hyungs?
Everybody O
Jonghyun: Taemin doesn’t necessarily have to listen to us. He is a self-centered kid even from the start.
Minho: Self-centered…so you mean Taemin is selfish? So you mean Taemin is selfish, right? kekekekeke
Jonghyun: Taemin loves himself too much. kekekekeke


Q: Key spends too much money?
Jonghyun O Minho O Kibum X
Kibum: I only bought clothes when Jonghyun hyung bought a notebook, and I only bought clothes when Minho bought some sportswear.
Minho: Sportswear won’t cost more than 1,000,000 won kekekekeke
Jonghyun: I can use a notebook for more than 4 years, do you wear your clothes for more than a year?
Minho: Before he said he needs to alter a shirt that can’t be worn for more than a year, so he really cut it, no lies, and then made it look like ragged.
Kibum: I don’t wear the clothes I buy when I practice. That was the only one which I wore to practice. Everyone asked where that shirt went now, Kibum said it went into the garbage can kekekeke

Q: Key doesn’t have any friends?
Everybody X
and said Kibum has too many friends.
Jonghyun: Is there anyone that was born in 91 that you don’t know?
Kibum: Of course, I won’t know the new people~
Fans screamed: Minho! Minho!
Kibum and Minho played along,
Kibum: Minho? Who’s Minho?
Minho: We’re actually not that close.
Jonghyun: They are still awkward.
Minho: We’ll great each other at our apartment and say “Hi, good night.”
Kibum: Have you eaten?


Q: If we make phone calls now, will there be friends picking up?
Kibum: Yes but I didn’t bring my phone
Everyone asked if he had a phone who would he call?
Fans: Nicole! Nicole!
Jonghyun (not sure if he didn’t hear or pretended not to hear): What? Nickhun?
Kibum: There’s Nicole, Jinwoon, Seunghyun, Dongwoon, Mir, Joon (should be
Leejoon), NANA etc
Minho: MBLAQ members are quite interesting
Jonghyun: These days it seems like we are a group with MBLAQ members
Minho & Key: Don’t be so ridiculous
Jonghyun: FT Island members are interesting too. If you get close to one member
from the group, then you will gradually know everyone from the group too.
Minho: Friends include Dongwoon, Mir, Joon etc. Jonghyun said the same thing keke

In the middle, they mentioned about the 91 line
Asked whether the 91-line group leader was Key?
Key: We formed the 91-group after I introduced them to each other, of course it’s me

Jonghyun: One time when exercising alone, I saw someone with a cap and Kibum
walking past.
Minho: Was it a boy or girl?
Kibum: It was a girl
Jonghyun: Friend that was a girl? Girlfriend?
Everyone became silent…
Jonghyun: Friend, who was a girl only! Then asked everyone: Do you guys not have
friends that are guys?
Audience: No
Then Jonghyun asked each fan: You don’t? You really don’t? Then let me be
your ‘guy’ friend.
Minho (getting goosebumps): You really know how to say these things. Well done.


Q: Key scolds Minho in his diary the most?
Kibum: Everybody is pretty equal. I make some marks to avoid people peeking my diary, and I found that someone’s peeked into it.
Minho: I didn’t even go into your room and I don’t know what your diary looks like.
Jonghyun is very blurred about it, but says it’s not him either.
Finally Kibum said: Then it’s one of the two people (Onew and Taemin) left.

Q: If Key was a girl, will you date her?
Kibum O Jonghyun X Minho X
Asked the fans: It’s still this face?
Fans: Yes! and screamed: —- (His name when he cross-dressed as a girl)
Kibum pretends he didn’t hear anything.
Jonghyun didn’t know or didn’t hear clearly and said: Yoogeun? What Yoogeun?
Minho listened carefully, and got angry saying: No!!

Q: Key nags a lot?
Everybody O
Kibum: Recently even I feel I nag too much, and even I get annoyed from it, so I’m controlling myself.
Minho: To notice it now is already really great, very thankful kekekekeke
Jonghyun: How come I never got nagged by Kibum?
Minho: How’s that possible?
Jonghyun: Actually it’s just I listen from one ear, it gets out from another ear kekeke

Q: Key is a fasionista?
Kibum: Not yet for now.


Q: Key uses insoles?
Kibum: Sometimes, sometimes not. If the heel of the shoes are higher, then it’s not really necessary. If the heel is high plus I use insoles, will I then get to enjoy all the high ends of life? (Note: Meaning, even if I got that tall, my lifestyle wouldn’t really change, so not necessary to make it that high.)

Q: If Key was a kid, do you want to take care of him? (Like in Hello Baby)
Minho screamed: Him? How are we supposed to take care of him??
Kibum: That’s true, my parents are pretty skilled. But it was just when I was young (that he was disobedient) now I can take care of myself, so I live well.
Minho says no right now.

Q: Key knows he’s very handsome?
Kibum X Minho O Jonghyun O
Minho: Before debut, there was one time when our car stopped in front of our office, and the few of us just sat there. Kibum looked at the fans outside and said, “Ah~ Here to see me again~” “Didn’t I say my fans are increasing?” At first it was a joke, but afterwards, I start to suspect if it’s really his true words.
Jonghyun: There was one time in Music Bank backstage, I asked Kibum “Do you have a pen (sounds the same as “fan” in Korean)?”
Kibum pointed outside and said, “Aren’t they outside? Kekekeke”

The game was over, and started to give out presents. Because only 3 members of Shinee came, so only prepared 3 autographed albums for fans.
They used rock, paper, scissors to decide who the winner was.
Minho gave the CD and the glasses he was wearing at that time to fans (He didn’t want to give away his glasses at first).
When it was Kibum’s turn, Kibum said: Can I not give the horns on my head? (He loves those horns)


Jonghyun: You want to bring it back to the apartment?
Minho: Just give it to the fans.
Kibum touched the horns a few more times and said: Alright.
When he signed the CD, he wrote something else too and said he wants to give it to the fans altogether, I was touched by his care for details again.

After giving presents,
Jonghyun: You received so much birthday blessings, you got to thank everyone! The birthday boy should sing a song or dance, Taemin did it last time!
Then he started imitating the way Taemin sang kekekeke
Kibum: There’s not much I can do though.
Minho: Then choose between Rainbow, Hurricane Venus, and Madonna.
Kibum: Don’t really know Rainbow.
Minho: Then Hurricane Venus.
Kibum: Why Hurricane Venus?
Kibum picked Madonna at the end and danced to that song live.
He suddenly said: One time I was watching Inkigayo, it was a song by nine muses. Jonghyun hyung was imitating one part after that, it was so funny.
Then he made Jonghyun do it…Jonghyun was covering his face and really embarrassed kekekeke but at the end he showed it.
Kibum said one more time, so one more time kekekekeke
Minho said it’s embarrasing for him to learn girl group dances, so Jonghyun and Kibum made Minho dance to Orange Caramel, and Minho did it.
Jonghyun: There is a Chuseok special show. Me and Jang Yoon Jung noona danced together to this song, it was embarrassing to death, I didn’t have face to go home. On Chuseok if you see me in Apgujeong, remember to greet me ok?


Towards the ending
Jonghyun: Have already spent 3-4 birthdays with Kibum, when I look
at Kibum growing, I feel like growing too. Will forever remember our
times together…(everyone was sunk into the touching atmosphere)
Minho: Mm, you spoke well!
Jonghyun (immediately): It’s because I’m writer-Kim kekekekeke
Minho: Kibum is the only member in the group whom is the same age as me. When I
saw him turning 20, I greeted him from the bottom of my heart. I haven’t realized the
importance of birthdays in the past as last year I didn’t spend a memorable birthday. It
was only then did I realize the importance of birthdays
Kibum: Thank You everyone who came here today. Have said it last time, I really
don’t want birthday parties to be held too systematically, just want to spend it happily
with everyone.

Then 3 members together: Right now, it’s (we’re) shining SHINee! (T/N: It’s the line
they say everytime they do interviews). After greeting and when they were about to
go backstage…
Jonghyun: Why aren’t we doing that? Don’t we always do that before? We’re shining
SHINee World!
Everyone signaled that they didn’t wanna do kekekeke
Jonghyun: Alright, ok, then don’t do ^^;;;
At the end, everyone said do, so eventually they did it whilst laughing and said their
slogan but unfortunately, they failed doing it (kept laughing) kekeke

At last, the 3 boys said everyone must spend Chuseok (mid autumn’s festival)
nicely .. and walked inside..

As they walked, Kibum forgot about the bag he put at the side so everyone
shouted “Backback! Backpack!” Kibum ran back out to take his backpack and ran
back inside embarrassingly.

Credits: ForeverSHINee.

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[Fancam] 100923 Jonghyun with his noona and mum @ Onew’s RoA Musical

[Chart] Korea’s Most Handsome Artists ranking 2010!!!

01. Minho - SHINee (2494)
02. Jung Yong Hwa – C.N.Blue (2129)
03. G-Dragon – Big Bang (1774)
04. Jokwon – 2AM (1648)
05. Taecyeon – 2PM (1249)
06. Ki Kwang – Beast(1099)
07. Nichkhun – 2PM (1045)
08. Kim Hyun Joong – SS501 (1044)
09. Jonghyun – SHINee (886)
10. Dongho – U-Kiss (880)
11. Doojoon – Beast (843)
12. Onew – SHINee (699)
13. SHINee - Key (670)
14. Big Bang - TOP (623)
15. Taemin – SHINee (561)
16. Hongki – FT Island511)
17. Yunho – TVXQ (321)
18. Jaejoong – TVXQ (257)
19. Junsu – TVXQ (247)
20. Daesung – Big Bang (240)
21. MBLAQ Thunder (235)
22. Seungri – Big Bang (156)
23. Yoochun – TVXQ (156)
24. Heechul – Super Junior (148)
25. Siwon – Super Junior (145)
26. Kim Jun – T-Max (141)
27. Soohyun – U-Kiss (130)
28. Youngsaeng – SS501 (99)
29. Changmin – TVXQ (75)
30. Taeyang – Big Bang (67)

Source:BaiduNichkhun + BaiduTVXQ
Translations by + + Quainte
Credit: SG SHINee

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[Video] 100922 Jonghyun & Minho - Magic Girl

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

[Video] Jonghyun is a dinosaur?

[Schedule] SHINee on TV this week.

It’s Chuseok this week and there’re many programs lined up!

Tuesday (21/9)
[6:15pm] SBS Program (KEY) <- Not so sure what program it is ^^;

Wednesday (22/9)
[9:30am] MBC Nation Representative High Kick (ONEW)
[6:00pm] SBS Couple Challenge (MINHO, JONGHYUN)
[6:10pm] MBC Trot Match (ONEW)

Thursday (23/9)
[8:30am] MBC Program (SHINee) <- Not so sure what program it is ^^;
[8:15pm] KBS Big Star Show (TAEMIN)

Friday (24/9)

Saturday (25/9)
[9:45pm] MBC Idol Sports Meet (SHINee)

Sunday (26/9)
[9:45pm] MBC Idol Sports Meet (SHINee)

Credit: lala_land @ soompi

[News] What is SHINee up to this Chuseok holiday?

(unrelated parts omitted)

SHINee will be resting at home while Onew completes his musical performances before returning home as well.

(unrelated parts omitted)

Credit: allkpop

Sunday, September 19, 2010

[Video] 2010-09-19 SHINee @ Hallyu Dream Concert.

[Chart] South Korea’s Best ‘Eye-Smile’ Male Ranking!

1. FT ISLAND Lee HongKi 5.9% (3,760 votes)
2. 2PM Nichkhun 5.7% (3,623 votes)
3. Super Junior DongHae 4.8% (3,097 votes)
4. CN BLUE Jung Yong Hwa 4.7% (3,010 votes)
5. Super Junior Leeteuk 4.6% (2,937 votes)
6. Jang Geun Suk 4% (2,535 votes)
7. Super Junior Lee Sung Min 3.5% (2,257 votes)
8. SS501 Kim Hyun Joong 3.2% (2,072 votes)
9. SHINee Onew 3.2% (2,038 votes)
10. Big Bang G-Dragon 3.2% (2,049 votes)
11. Super Junior Kibum 2.9% (1,839 votes)
12. Kibum 2.8% (1,827 votes)
13. Big Bang Taeyang 2.5% (1,602 votes)
14. CN BLUE Kang MinHyuk 2.5% (1,629 votes)
15. SHINee Taemin 2.5% (1,606 votes)

16. 2AM Jinwoon 2.4% (1,528 votes)
17. Super Junior Kangin 2.3% (1,459 votes)
18. 2AM JoKwon 2.2% (1,387 votes)
19. Big Bang Daesang 2.2% (1,431 votes)
20. 2PM Junho 2% (1,257 votes)
21. FT ISLAND Choi Min Hwan 2% (1,307 votes)
22. BEAST Kikwang 1.9% (1,215 votes)
23. BEAST Yoseob 1.9% (1,216 votes)
24. Rain 1.9% (1,197 votes)
25. Super Junior-M Henry 1.8% (1,151 votes)
26. MBLAQ Lee Joon 1.8% (1,150 votes)
27. 2PM Taecyeon 1.7% (1,102 votes)
28. SS501 Park Jung Min 1.7% (1,100 votes)
29. 2PM Junsu 1.6% (1,002 votes)
30. SS501 Kim Hyung Jun 1.6% (997 votes)
31. SHINee Minho 1.5% (976 votes)
32. MBLAQ Thunder 1.4% (904 votes)
33. MBLAQ Mir 1.3% (852 votes)
34. SS501 Heo Young Saeng 1.3% (804 votes)
35. (DBSK) Yunho 1.3% (830 votes)
36. Lee MinHo 1.3% (842 votes)
37. Lee Seung Gi 1.2% (748 votes)
38. U-Kiss Kevin 1.2% (791 votes)
39. U-Kiss DongHo 1.1% (730 votes)
40. Lee JunKi 1.1% (705 votes)

Source: FYKHJ @ Tumblr

[Full Fancam] Jonghyun - Magic Girl @ Star Couple Challenge.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

[Video] 100918 SHINee @ Star King. [Cut]

[Fancam] Jonghyun dances 'Magic Girl' @ Star Couple Chanllenge.

Totally die for it! xD
Jonghyun oppa, is Key the one who teach you how to dance Magic Girl? Haha!

[News] SHINee in Y.G Magazine Sept 2010 Issue (Malaysian Magazine)

Our shining boys SHINee are finally back. This time they have transformed from their cutey image to a more glamourous macho image! They have retained their passion, innocence, straight-forwardess, charming and gentle attributes, only this time they are becoming more mature and revealed that they want to give out a more manly charm for everyone! Plus their out-of-the-box image this time is a “visual shock”, charming all their fans! This 5 lads just give off a strong and lethal seductive performance when on stage, no wonder they are “branded idol”, only SHINee can achieve that!

Q: All are raving that your new hairstyle is very unique and cool, all feels that it’s very suitable?
Key: I actually had this hairstyle concept a year ago but it doesn’t fit the image back then. Quite a lot of people have this hairstyle before summer, actually I was a bit skeptical about this hairstyle but now a lot of people are having this hairstyle, so I’m relieved. But I’m starting to worry about what hairstyle to don for the following album! Haha~

Q: What are the image reviews from your Japanese fans? Which member is the most popular?
Everyone said we have become “real men” in just a year’s time! And that Minho is “Kim Hyun Joong” No. 2! Taemin is the most popular member among the Japanese fans because whenever the camera panned his face, the fans will always shrieked “Wah! Wah!”

Q: The music in “Lucifer” gives off a more powerful music vibe?
Jonghyun: The songs in this second album were not prepared after completion of “Ring Ding Dong”, actually we started preparation for this album while recording our second mini-album. Some songs were even recorded a year ago, so compared to our first album, the 2nd album has an even more calming and attentive appeal!
Onew: Up till now, we have not sung any easy songs. To be contemporary, we have accept all aspects of complicated components, even though it was hard to digest and understand. But after each listen, you can always find “something new” in the songs, so in the end just keep listening to it! The songs in “Lucifer” have a wide range so it gets more interesting after each listen!
Key: This time the title track “Lucifer” is a lot more powerful compared to our previous tracks and this album took the longest time to prepare! The whole album displayed both “young” SHINee and “adult” SHINee appeal. This can also be our brightest and beautiful period of our lives! We have also come of age after cascading our newcomer stage, of course, as singers we have to work hard to reach even higher goals!

Q: What are your special thoughts on “Lucifer” MV?
To achieve better effects while filming “Lucifer” MV, we had a discussion with the directior and gave our views. In the end, the filming took 12 hours to complete. Maybe not many noticed but as the MV filming took so long, there is a discrepancy in the execution of the dance moves in the MV!
Jonghyun: Correct! “Lucifer” MV filming is the longest filming MV we did, there are different set-ups and individual filming. In the end, it took 12 hours to complete and at the last moment, all our energy were gone. If you take a good look at the MV, everyone will notice the discrepancy in the dance moves’ execution. Ha~

Q: What are the reviews and reactions you received from people around you about your lyrics?
Onew: Those whom seen it, said “You must have been in love a few times!” Haha~

Q: Jonghyun wrote two songs in this album, Onew wrote one, the feeling must be great?
Jonghyun: This time, I wrote 2 songs, including “Up & Down” and “Obsession”. I’m very happy to be able to participate in song writing because the songs were chosen among the other songs submitted by other composers under the same terms and conditions, so I’m very very happy! This is very meaningful to me and the other members also contributed in creating the rap, so there’s really a lot of love description moments~ Onew also wrote “Your Name”, even though he has already received a lot of training in song-writing, but sometimes he is still quite critical about his own work!

Q: What’s your feeling when you first started writing songs?
Jonghyun: I remember when I first started writing “Juliette”, it took a night to complete and I felt a little embarrassed after reading it the next morning! But the feeling was awesome after the lyrics were matched with an interesting tune!

Q: What can the fans expect from this album?
Never thought about it during preparation! When we decided on the album concept, we were more focused on letting everyone to know more about SHINee’s uniqueness rather than purposely manufacturing it. From “Noona Nomu Yeppo” image to “Juliette” frail weak feeling, it wasn’t what we wanted to display, this is just one way of showing SHINee. So this time we created a stronger manly image, rather than saying emphasized, it’s more like what who we are~
Onew: It’s like a growing process, we have matured a lot!

Q: After coming back together, whom has changed the most?
Taemin: I feel Key has matured a lot, nevertheless, compared to the first time performing on stage together, he’s a lot more mature. We were also amazed at his performances during our variety shows’ appearances, he has really become more natural~
Minho: From appearance, Key has changed a lot but the feeling has changed too, more like a man now. Since he went to university, he’s a lot closer to his peers. From an artiste’s point of view, he makes everyone comfortable in his company. When out on a movie outing, he would always talk in funny mannerism and bright sparkling eyes to keep everyone awake!

Q: Heard that when “Lucifer” been No. 1 for 2 straight weeks on a music program, Onew cried?
Minho: Even though we have received a newcomer award, the other album has also been number 1 but it was only when “Lucifer” became number 1, Onew sobbed and we were all shocked by his reaction!
Key: Don’t know why Onew cried but it was so unbelieveable, so I cried with him, but the feeling was a bit bitter~
Onew: It was during a long and empty period of time, I was thankful because of the fans’ earnest support and love, so I cried…

Q: In this album, was it your intention to bring a mature manly image into this album’s concept?
SHINee: We need a change! This album is the first time all of us have contributed in hairstyles, clothings and songs!
Key: Like putting on black eyeshadow and eyeliner, wearing tight-fitting netted outfits and bleached jeans, all these are part of our contributions for the album’s concept!

Q: Feel that after SHINee debuted, a lot of more younger hoobae artistes also debuted? How does it feel to be a sunbae?
Jonghyun: Now we have started to meet hoobaes at tv stations. We are still embarassed when we face hoobaes, there are also a lot of hoobaes whom are older than us, still finding it hard to get used to it~
Onew: At first it was still quite confusing, but now starting to realise “I’m already a sunbae” feeling!
Taemin: Now there are a lot of year 94 artistes starting to become active on the entertainment industry, so recently there’s a number of boy groups whom are high school students. When I see them it’s just like looking in a mirror to the old me, and I’m even addressed as “hyung”. Even though I’m still very young, but I’m starting to experience the feeling of being a sunbae~

Q: Are there any member in SHINee whom has the biggest difference on stage and off-stage?
Key: Everytime you can see Onew’s shy smile on tv but he’s not like that once off-stage!
Taemin: Even though Onew hyung is a model student and kind hyung, but in reality he’s very comical and four dimension. He will suddenly burst out into laughter in the car followed by shouting “bat” and begin to imitate a bat…

Q: Key has mentioned on his personal webpage that he wishes to go on a holiday, any destination in particular?
Key: It’s summer now, the temperature is very high and very hot. I want to go somewhere cooler for a holiday. I really like to go to Japan, also to the beach for sunbathing and having a good time with friends! This album’s promotional period is during summer so the summer promotional activities is really hot! Haha~We will work hard during this summer, please support SHINee!

Q: So you guys are still mindful about people saying that all of you “are slimmer than ladies”?
Jonghyun: Of couse we hate it! The truth is, our weight is more heavier!

Q: Onew whom has the muscial experience, to you, what attracts you to muscials?
To be able to breathe together with the audience while performing a muscial, this is the charm of muscials! It feels great because the audience can give you a direct feedback.
Jonghyun: After seeing Onew’s performance, he did really well, very meaningful!

Q: You guys have been together before your debut, it has been 5 years, do you know each other very well?
Jonghyun: For 5 years, we know each other too well, so even if we don’t talk…
Onew: No, we still have to talk, haha!

Q: Then what is SHINee’s unique charm?
To be able to show a lot of facades to everyone, this is our biggest charm! To see us maturing little by little, to let everyone know we can do this and also do that, to be able to face up to a lot of challenges!

Q: Saw your photos with Boa sunbae, seems to get along well?
Key: Boa sunbae has been active in United States for a while so we don’t bump into each other, very happy to be able to do promotional events together in Korea! We have become closer now through chatting. I like Boa a lot since primary school, I feel very honoured to be able to stand on the stage together with a famous sunbae. I will work hard, Boa sunbae has been very kind to me, I’m really very thankful to her!

Q: Do you guys like to get close to mother nature?
Onew: Actually, it’s not a bad idea to be able to live on a farm and be self-sufficient. The rest grew up in the city, so they are not interested.
Minho: If the tv program “Invincible Youth” invite us, I believe the most hardworking member should be Onew, haha! For Jonghyun, he’s already not a tidy person, so for him to do farming, guess nothing will be done!

Q: What is SHINee’s biggest dream?
Onew: Our dream is to be a good role model for all boy group hoobaes, it will be even better if our music can become part of the pop culture, we want to introduce to the world the best Korean music, this dream has not changed at all.

Q: Who are your inspirational artistes?
Jonghyun: Michael Jackson is the most inspirational to me! I also like T-Pain and R. Kelly.
Onew: I’m more inclined to old pop songs, so my favourites are Stevie Wonder and Elton John!
Key: To me, those inspiratonal artistes do not release albums, nobody can surpass their music, for now it’s a pity for the music industry. If I have to chosse an artiste, that would be Lady Gaga!

Q: What is your life motto?
Onew: To be able to have all types of experiences, one must always pursue something new.
Taemin: To believe in yourself and work hard, to always stay positive!
Minho: Never give up no matter what you encounter!
Key: To be happy!
Jonghyun: To be understanding from all aspects!

Q: Minho accidentally got hurt before the Come Back, do you have anything to say to SHINee World?
Minho: I couldn’t performed on Come Back due to my knee injury, I’m really sorry to our fans. I torn my muscle, need a very long time to recuperate, but it’s better now. I will bear with it for the fans, please forgive my carelessness. SHINee World is our world. Our world revolves around them. Really appreciate our fans’ love. If I can bow to everyone of you, I will do that. “Thank you very much” may not be enough but I hope the fans can take heart, we really appreciate everyone, so thank you!

Q: Feel that Minho’s injury has recovered faster than expected, really?
Minho: Eh, it’s recovering faster than expected because I managed to received professional physiotherapy treatment through my dad whom’s a football coach, so it recovered very fast. I was very cautious in the beginning, not to do strenuous exercise but within my limit.

Credits: Y.Generation Magazine
Translated by veyonce @ soompi
Source: Forever SHINee

Friday, September 17, 2010

[Photo] JongKey or G-Dragon: Who wore it better?

Who wore it better? :)

[Video] 100916 MC Hyeonmu dancing to Lucifer @ Happy Together

Credit: TouchTheSHINe001 @ YT

Thursday, September 16, 2010

[Video] 100915 (SHINee) Pops In Seoul

[News] SHINee enters the Oricon Charts

Popular SM Entertainment group Girls’ Generation / SNSD or Shoujo Jidai is currently concentrating on the Japanese market but today another SM Entertainment group is taking the spotlight in Japan.

On September 15th, the boys of SHINee released a Japanese version of their hit ‘Lucifer’ Album and today the Oricon Daily Chart revealed that SHINee placed 8th. There’s no word on when SHINee plans to make their official debut in Japan but with results like this, I wouldn’t be surprised if they plan on debuting in the near future.

Cr: Allkpop

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

[Fancam] SHINee @ MBC Idol Star Championship Sports Day.

More Fancams @ Click here!
More Pictures @ Click here!

I think Jonghyun should join Dream Team uh? Haha. ^^

- 2nd Team for “110m hurdles” - Taemin 3rd Place
- 3rd Team for “110m hurdles” - Minho 1st Place
- 110m hurdles Men’s team - Minho 1st place (Overall Championship)
- 4x100m Relay - SM (Jonghyun, Minho, Eunhyuk and Jungmo) 2nd Place

SM Family WON! SM took the FINAL 1st Place for Sports Day! ^^

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

[Fancam] SM Town'10 @ Shanghai.

[News] SHINee had lessons on Chinese language and even Wushu?

How popular is Hallyu in Shanghai? Just take a look at SM TOWN LIVE concert and you will know. Last Saturday, SM TOWN LIVE concert was held in Shanghai. On that day, DBSK members Yunho and Changmin, Super Junior, SHINee, F(X), SNSD and many top stars and idols made their appearance, making the crowds go wild. SM also took the chance and signed endorsements with various China brands for SHINee and F(X) during their visit.

SHINee is the second boy group introduced by SM Entertainment following Super Junior’s success, with Leader Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Taemin and Minho. Recently they came back with their new album ‘Lucifer’ and had achieved excellent results in Korea. Currently, they have set breaking into the Chinese market as their number 1 goal. In our short interview with them, they revealed that they once went to Beijing to study the Chinese language, and even had lessons on Wushu as well.

As entertainment agencies in Korea generally has strict management, hence other than spending all their time on practice and rest, all five members exclaimed that they have no dating experience at all. “We really haven’t dated anyone before. When we were trainees, we couldn’t date. After we debuted we were really busy all the more we can’t.” With busy personal schedules, they do not have much time for themselves. So whenever SHINee have time to rest, they will be hanging around and cracking jokes together. During the interview, the most common word we heard was ‘Rabbit’. Why Rabbit? In order to highlight each member’s outstanding and unique character, SM Entertainment has specially chosen 5 animals to portray their individual image. Leader Onew a rabbit, Jonghyun a dog, Key a fox, Minho a cow and Taemin portrays a cat. And because ‘Rabbit’ Onew has a good temper, hence he is always ‘bullied’ by the rest.

Source: Yangtse Daily
Reporter: Zhang Yi
Translated by: Kylene @ WRS
Credit: WRS

Monday, September 13, 2010

[Video] SHINee at Inkigayo. (Sep,11,10)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

[Video] 10.09.12 SHINee at HaHaMong Show [Cut]

[Video] 10.09.11 SHINee at Star King [Cut]

Haha! Look a Jonghyun's reaction! JongKey! ^^

[Video] 100911 SHINee @ Music Core.

Friday, September 10, 2010

[Video] Best-5!! POP Idols with Amazing Voices!! [Pops in Seoul]

[Video] 100910 SHINee @ Music Bank.

[Video] SHINee at Press Con. SM Town'10

[Video] SHINee talks about Lucifer.


[Video] SHINee @ Highcut Magazine Photoshoot BTS

Thursday, September 9, 2010

[News] Wheesung talks about Jonghyun at Kim Sun Hee Love FM

DJ: Which hoobae do you have a close relationship with?

Wheesung: Jonghyun. SHINee’s Jonghyun. I always have thoughts like “Is…Is this little kid going out with me?”, because we contact each other so often~

DJ: So even between guys, there can also exists friends who nag at each other like this~

Wheesung: Putting the fact he also speaks the same kind of nonsense as well, the point is the age difference between him and me…It’s about 10 years… “Ah~ It’s really strange. I am really…” Thoughts like this! What is this considered, a connection of hearts between guys? I have thoughts like these but between the two of us, we really do have a lot in common in terms of our hobbies and opinions in music. Oh, and he likes to joke around~ At me.

DJ: Oh, really? What does he say~?

Wheesung: Erm… “Hyung, I pray that your voice will crack today~” Ah, it should be “Hyung, I pray that you will go off-tune today~”, things like that. Basically…Just always bringing up the mistakes which I have made in the past…

DJ: That’s cute! Especially since he is a hoobae, to have a hoobae with such a huge age gap get along so playfully with you must feel really good.

Wheesung: I won’t get angry for that. So I…Always joke around like this till wee hours before sleeping..

DJ: Oh~ Feel that you have become younger again?

Wheesung: Yes.

DJ: Because of such a friend.

Wheesung: Indeed.

Source/Original Chinese Translation: 王嘉润@ The SHINing Club
English Translation: atlantis-x
Cr: Forever SHINee

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

[Fancam] SHINee @ LA SM TOWN '10


[News] SHINee Key, “Grandmother’s clumsy note showed me that I was a bad grandson,” Tearful Confession

[Newsen Reporter Moon Dayoung]

SHINee member Key (real name Kim Kibum) revealed his deep love for, as well as a fun episode of, his grandmother. On the 7th Key was a guest on SBS‘s “Strong Heart” and unveiled the story of the times with his grandmother who raised him since he was young. Key said “My mother was in poor health right after I was born and my father was busy with work so my grandmother raised me,” and showed tears of regret as he added “But I was a disobedient grandson who caused my grandmother much heartache. I even once said ‘I never asked you to raise me, so why did you raise me and suffer.’” Key, who says he was a rebellious grandchild, confessed that “When I came up to Seoul in order to walk the path of a singer, my grandmother gave me a note and allowance money. As I read the short note saying she loves me, my tears couldn’t stop while I was on the train.” On this day Key brought his grandmother’s note. In clumsy writing the note reads “Grandma loves Kibum.” Key said “I still carry it around with me every day. As she is a source of great strength to me, I will love her all the more,” and delivered his love. In addition, Key revealed that his grandmother, who is very proud of him, has a hit sense regarding songs. Key boasted of the sense his grandmother, who is over eighty, possesses as he said “During ‘Juliette’ promotions my grandmother said that the song is difficult and that ‘it is the age of hook songs.’ On top of that she even said that if you want to rise you need songs like Super Junior’s ‘Sorry Sorry’ and Son Dambi’s ‘Saturday Night.’” Key added, “During ‘Ring Ding Dong’ grandmother said, ‘Hey, this will work’ and it really did become a big hit. This time I also asked her about ‘Lucifer’ and she said ‘I’lll have to see further’ and gave a cool answer.” He revealed the fact that he talks to her on the phone every day and that for several years his grandmother’s ringback tone has been Hyunyoung’s “Nuna’s Dream,” giving the audience laughter. Meanwhile on this day Key recorded a video message for his grandmother who raised him. Key said, “Grandma, Kibummie has grown a lot so you don’t have to worry. I work hard and I take good care of my health too. You’re always a source of strength and I love you,” and expressed the warm heart of a grandson.

Cr: Forever SHINee

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

[News] SM Entertainment to take legal actions against Cambodian ‘SHINee copy group’

SM Entertainment speaks up officially about a Cambodian boyband who has been labeled as the ‘copy group’ to SHINee.

A video titled ‘KH Stars-Ring Ding Dong’ has been uploaded online on Youtube recently. In the video, a 5-member Cambodian boygroup singing and dancing to SHINee’s hit song ‘Ring Ding Dong’. Even though the group tries to follow the song through MR and the signature dance moves, the quality of their performance is different from SHINee’s.

Regarding this, SM Entertainment announced on 7th September, “We have not heard anything from anyone in Cambodia about using ‘Ring Ding Dong’. We are currently in the midst of contacting officials from Cambodia and confirming details, after which we will respond with legal actions.”

Meanwhile, SHINee is set to perform in Cambodia coming February.

S: Newsen
Credits: Kbites and Forever SHINee
Via: dkpopnews

[Fancam] SMTOWN LIVE'10 @ LA

Get Down


Minho, KEY, Eunhyuk, Shindong - A'YO ENDING

Taemin, Eunhyuk, Hyoyeon, Luna - DANCE BREAK

BoA ft KEY - I did it for love.


Sunday, September 5, 2010

[Video] SHINee's Music Drama.

[News] SHINee’s Comedic Acting Challenge in ‘Honey Pot’

SHINee made an appearance in the MBC comic variety “Honey Pot-’Music Diary’ I Became a Friend” that will air on the 5th.

Appearing as Kim Na-Young’s younger guy [interest], SHINee’s Minho reenacted a good scene from a drama romance, and appearing as Ahn Youngmi’s counterpart Jonghyun perfectly played his cute younger guy role.

SHINee, who displayed a cute younger guy image, skillfully showed off their comedic acting, receiving laughs from those witnessing the recording.

Also because of their busy schedule, SHINee was only able to record at night, however it was said that their fun attitude at the recording captured the hearts of the engaged noonas and of course the production crew.

The comic teacher-student love relationship played by Minho and Na-young, Jonghyun, as a fun date from a friend’s younger brother, and Youngmi’s tragic love life are gathering lots of anticipation.

Airs the 5th at 9:25 AM.

[Video] Shin Se Kyung wants to meet SHINee

Jonghyun and Onew must be dying in happiness if they knows abt this. Haha. ^^

[Video] SHINee @ Guerilla Date.

On September 4th’s broadcast of KBS 2TV’s Entertainment Tonight, one of their reporters got to do a street interview with the boys of SHINee.

They discussed a variety of things, including Key accepting the fact that Wang Biho had his hairstyle before him, but denying that he plagiarized.

The interview also contained some eye-candy, as Jonghyun revealed his built body after confessing, “I exercised a lot. I built back muscle.”

The members also had some semi-serious discussions as they revealed their true feelings about each other. Regarding which member is the most handsome, all the members, except Taemin (who picked himself), pointed towards Minho.

The discussion continued with the question, “#1 member who you do not wish to introduce to, if you had a younger sister” in which all the members picked Jonghyun. Jonghyun, taken back by this, asked “Why?” to which Key answered, “I just get this ‘feeling’,” while Minho added, “For some reason, if it’s about your precious younger sister, Jonghyun does not seem to attract me.”

Meanwhile, the interview also included leader Onew flaunting, “Because our group has an odd number of members, I always get a hotel room to myself, when our group travels to foreign countries,” while Minho revealed that he feels sorry for Taemin who could not watch a movie alongside the SHINee members due to his age.

Cr: Allkpop.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

[Video] SHINee - Lucifer @ Incheon Korea Music Wave.

[News] What happened during the flight to L.A.

For the first time, SM’s take a charter flight. The singer and actors in the aircraft could not suppress their excitement. When the plane took off, the captain just finish broadcasting of what to take note of, Super Junior’s Leader, Leeteuk grabbed the microphone, and said it funnily, “I am the official spokesman for the SM, Leeteuk, I hope you enjoy trip. In a moment time, we will serve food and beverages.” In addition, Girl Generation’s Yoona dressed up like a stewardess, said: “I hope you enjoy trip.”

Kim Min Jong and Kangta served beverages for everyone. They pushed the cart to all the colleagues to distribute beverages, also proposed a toast ‘wishing the performance success.’

Cr: Forever SHINee

[News] Taemin did NOT get bullied in school.

Regarding to the “Taemin being bullied” issues, everyone please need to understand that it’s not true and it’s only rumor made by certain people.

We actually had posted that photos long time ago and we NEVER said that taemin got bullied at school based on that pictures. We have no idea that people will conclude that pictures as the picture of Taemin getting bullied. The truth is, the pictures are about Taemin’s friends got excited with him at school and tried to take his photos.

Just ask your self, wouldn’t you be super excited if taemin go to the same school as you are? learn in the same building as you are? eat in the same cafeteria as you are? went trough the same school gate as you are? don’t be hypocrite and said that you wouldn’t try to take his picture or at least try to talk to him. Most of us will do the same but the matter is we all know the acceptable limit to our own behavior, after all Taemin needs his own time as a common person, but to said that those people are hurting him is actually NOT THE TRUTH.

The owner of the picture and the blog source of the picture told us what exactly happened in that picture. So please don’t judge anything too quickly.

Credit: WRS

[Video] 100830 SHINee Interview.

[Video] SHINee & f(x) & Zhang Li Yin - Ejftoo CF

Friday, September 3, 2010

[Rumors] Taemin is surrounded with Bullies?

Taemin, you just got to be strong no matter what happens in school. I know Shawols can’t help you but at least our love and support is all out for you (; Not only that… You still have your lovely manager and hyungs! And definitely, SM Town Family and SHINee World! There are a lot of people giving you mental support. You have to receive that fullest amount of love!

Credit: Forever SHINee.

*Taemin, you have to stay strong! It’s just another year to go, to graduate and leave from all these brainless people.*
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