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[Video] 120427 SHINee @ TVN Taxi (Full) (Eng Subs)

[Twitter] 120429 Jonghyun's Twitter Update (Eng Trans)

[English Translation] My artistic spirit hasn’t cooled even during the tour
[English Translation] Goodbye Kim kibum
[English Translation] Teehee did something happen?^^
[English Translation] I’m planning to pretend to know nothing. If I’m asked about the truth to this crime I will say ‘He’s not in Korea, so we are trying to contact him’ and then play dumb
[English Translation] But if they’re still consistent about it I’m going to say I was hacked!!!!! Bbuing bbuing

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[Video] 120427 Jonghyun & Taemin @ Sponge (Cut) (Full)

[Video] 120428 Taemin and IU Duet – Gee + Juliette + Hello @ KMW in Bangkok

[Video] 120428 SHINee – Sorry Sorry by Super Junior @ KMW in Bangkok

[Video] 120428 SHINee - Sherlock @ KMW in Bangkok

[Video] 120428 SHINee - Opening @ KMW in Bangkok (Cut)

[News] Key speaks up about his hardships during his trainee days

SHINee‘s Key confessed that he cried almost everyday during his trainee days.

The group guested on the April 26th episode of tvN‘s ‘Taxi‘ and revealed each of their hardships they had overcome.

Key spoke up about his hardships he had experienced in order to become a singer saying, “I came to Seoul from Daegu for the first time when I was 15 years old. My skills weren’t improving and on top of that, people kept criticizing and pointing out my weak points so I was very depressed. I used to cry a lot while riding on the train.”

Coming to Seoul by himself, Key was unable to adapt quickly. “When I go through hard times, I need to have a place where I can go back to whether it’s my home or a friend’s home. However, during my stay in Seoul, I had no where to go so it was better for me to keep myself busy at all times.”

Fellow member Taemin then relayed an anecdote of when Key had come over to his house without his knowledge. Key shyly replied, “I didn’t care whose house it was. I just wanted to go over to anybody’s house and ended up going to Taemin’s, but he wasn’t home at that time. I ended up waiting for him while playing with his dog and left.”

He continued, “I was depressed and had a difficult time, but after enduring it for three years, I was able to debut. I believe that the reason why I’m here now is all thanks to the past.”

Source & Image: Newsen via Nate
Credit: Allkpop

[News] The SHINee member with the largest collection of female cellphone numbers is…

On the April 26th broadcast of tvN‘s ‘Taxi‘, the SHINee members participated in an ‘image ranking’ talk segment where they enthusiastically revealed each others’ secrets.

When MC Lee Young Ja asked, “Who is the member with the most female numbers in their cellphone?“, the SHINee members began to tease and gave a tense look towards Jonghyun. Feeling a bit uneasy, Jonghyun said, “This is getting really intense!”

All of the members ended up choosing Jonghyun, with the exception of the man himself who chose Keyand stated, “Key has many connections. Regardless of male or female, he has over 190 contacts in his phone.”

However, fellow member Minho revealed, “Jonghyun’s contacts have a different feel from those of Key’s“, to which MC Gong Hyun Jin pounced by commenting, “Just a while ago when we got off the taxi, all the members were talking to each other but I saw Jonghyun texting by himself!”

As members Key and Minho giggled at Jonghyun’s increasing discomfort, MC Lee Young Ja continued the interrogation by asking, “Who was it that you were texting?“, to which Jonghyun answered evasively, “They went to a few guys and also girls. I was in the midst of a group chat.”

Finally, member Key rounded up the assault by ending in a cheeky note, “I have personally never seen it but Jonghyun’s contacts have a certain feel to them. Carefully think about what it means when all the members choose him… there is definitely a reason.”

Source & Image: Nate
Credit: Allkpop

[News] Onew and legendary singer Ha Choon Hwa pair up for ’1000 Songs Challenge’.

Legendary singer Ha Choon Hwa and SHINee‘s Onew recently paired up as a couple for ’1000 Songs Challenge’.

Throughout the challenge song performances, Onew showed a lot of affection towards Ha Choon Hwa with back-hugs and hand holding. To this Ha Choon Hwa stated, “I have never been so happy during my 50 years of debut.”

Also, during the show and tell segment, Onew sang Ha Choon Hwa’s “The Man Who Left Me” with powerful vocals that left the original singer pleasantly surprised.

Seeing Onew’s back hugs and display of affection for Ha Choon Hwa, MC Jang Yoon Jung remarked that she wanted to participated as a contestant of the show rather than a MC.

Catch the episode when it airs on April 29th!

Source + Image via Osen
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[Me2day] 120428 Key's Me2day Update (Eng Trans)

[Original Message] [Key] Behind the scene!! 투어 리허설 할때 태민이랑 키키
[English Translation] [Key] Behind the scene!! At tour Rehearsal, Taeminnie and Key Key

Source: SHINee’s Me2day
Korean to Chinese Translation: em_923
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[News] SHINee talks about dating, hardships, and more on tvN’s ‘TAXI’.

Idol group SHINee went for a ride in tvN‘s ‘TAXI‘.

During a recent episode of ‘TAXI’, the SHINee boys opened up about the hardships they endured to become a major idol group at the forefront of the Hallyu wave.

The boys revealed member Minho to be the member with the biggest appetite, while SHINee’s maknaeTaemin asked MC Gong Hyung Jin how to attempt to kiss a female, and the boys also revealed which member was the most popular in each country.

The MCs also prepared a special gift for the boys who work hard day and night, and SHINee who never took a vacation as a group was also taken to a special location.

Source & Image: AsiaToday via Nate
Credit: Allkpop

[News] Who do female university students choose as the F4 of idols?

Female university students have chosen the idols who they feel should make the “idol F4“!

During the most recent episode of MBC Music‘s ‘Show Champion‘, they announced the members of the idol F4, who were specifically chosen by female students.

For the sexy, charismatic F4 member, there were strong nominees such as 2PM‘s Taecyeon andSuper Junior‘s Choi Siwon. However, Big Bang‘s T.O.P. was the winner with voters citing his handsome looks and sexy deep voice.

As for the soft and sensitive F4 idol worthy enough to follow in ‘Boys Over Flower‘ Kim Hyun Joong‘s footsteps, CNBlue‘s Jung Yonghwa was chosen. 2PM‘s Wooyoung was chosen as the delightful member, and SHINee‘s Taemin was chosen as the young idol member whom the female students “would want to keep in their pockets as a pet“.

During this corner, MC Shindong was also a nominee for the delightful member. However, one of the female students commented during her interview, “Shindong has a girlfriend. So pass.” Shindong hilariously quipped, “You too, pass.”

Viewers commented on the chosen members of the “idol F4″ with, “If the four actually got together that would be a great picture,” “Jung Yonghwa really fits the description,” and “Just imagining the four together puts a smile on my face.”

Which idols would make your personal F4?

Source + Image: Star news via Nate
Credit: Allkpop

[Video] Interview with SHINee: KBS WORLD Radio Arabic (Eng Subs)

[Video] 120427 SHINee @ TVN Taxi (Full) (HD)

[Video] 120426 SHINee @ Mnet Wide (Full)

[Video] Preview of SHINee and Dara’s Sports Meet for Etude Cool.

[Twitter] 120427 Jonghyun's Twitter Update (Eng Trans)

[English Translation] Sorry.. I wrote it in Korean.. Hiragana is still hard.. Anyway!!!

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[News] SHINee’s Minho & Key were awkward with each other for two years after a fight.

SHINee members Minho and Key admitted that they were awkward for two long years after a heated fight.
The boys of SHINee guest-featured on the April 26th broadcast of tvN‘s ‘Taxi‘ and shared stories about the difficult days they spent as trainees.

When asked if they ever fought, the members admitted that they fought over the smallest things.

Key confessed that he had fought with Minho a lot. “We are the same age, and we just fought over the smallest things. Being from Daegu, I spoke with a dialect and that caused Minho to think I was always mad at him.”

“Where I come from, there is no such thing as hierarchy between people of the same age, but such a thing existed when we were trainees,” he continued. “Minho drew a line between us two as junior and senior, and I really didn’t like that. That caused a really big argument to erupt between Minho and I. We were so awkward for two years after that.”

Thinking back to that time, Minho added, “It was so awkward trying to talk to him. We always turned our backs to one another and barely asked each other how we were doing.”

“But after spending 24 hours together for 5 years, we have become closer than family,” Minho explained. “He has become an irreplaceable friend.”

“Now none of us really fight because we all know each members likes and dislikes,” Key added. But Minho begged to differ saying, “Key knows what I hate the most, and he still does it,” causing everyone to laugh.

“Yes,” Key admitted. “I do it everyday.”

Source & Image: Newsen via Nate
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[Info] Singapore SM fans: Catch ‘I AM’ movie exclusively at Golden Village Cinemas from 31st May

Singapore SM fans: Catch ‘I AM’ movie exclusively at Golden Village Cinemas from 31st May.

Source: scanationsg
Credit: ForeverShiningSHINee

[News] Taemin is crowned the cutest young male idol by female university students.

SHINee‘s Taemin has been voted to be the cutest young male idol.

On April 24, MBC‘s ‘Show Champion‘ created a listing of young male idols who possess cute charms. They polled various students from three different women’s universities in Seoul to find out who their favorite adorable young male idol was.

With his unavoidably cute personality, SHINee’s adorable maknae Taemin received the most votes and thus has been crowned as the cutest young male idol. One of the students who participated in the poll exclaimed, “I want to keep him and take care of him!”

Source: Star News
Credit: dkpopnews

[Video] Interview with SHINee: KBS WORLD Radio Arabic

[News] SHINee’s Minho and f(x)’s Sulli confirmed as lead roles for SM Entertainment’s adaptation of ‘Hana Kimi’.

Last year, SM Entertainment announced that they would be producing a Korean drama adaptation, ‘To the Beautiful You’, off the insanely popular Japanese comic, ‘Hana Kimi‘.

Although several names have been on and off the potential cast list, rumors started circulating last month that SHINee‘s Minho and f(x)‘s Sulli may be selected for the lead roles. It seems those rumors have finally been confirmed, for a source within the drama staff revealed that Minho and Sulli have indeed been cast as the leading roles for the drama.

PD Jun Ki Sang of ‘Boys Over Flowers‘ will be directing the drama, and it’s also been revealed that the drama has been picked up by SBS to begin airing in the second half of this year as well.

SBS had originally aimed to begin airing it as the follow-up to ‘Ghost’ but delayed it to the second half of the year instead, putting ‘Faith’ in its place.

Source + Photos: Sports Chosun via Nate
via: allkpop

[News] SHINee's maknae Taemin really is all grown up! He’s already got marriage on his mind.

SHINee’s youngest member Taemin surprised everyone with a question a bit too mature for him.

Taemin recently asked MC Gong Hyung Jin on tvN’sTaxi, “How do you meet a good person to marry?
When the 20 year old maknae (youngest) threw out a question that seemed to show he was already interested in marriage, the MCs Gong Hyung Jin and Lee Young Ja, the SHINee members and staff members were all taken aback but Gong Hyung Jin wrapped up the issue by opening up some stories about his marriage.

On Taxi, the SHINee members talked about how their group became a representative of the global K-Pop boom, starting from their hard times as trainees to the difficulties they now encounter as big stars.

SHINee also lined up their members based on funny themes, such as how popular the members are in different countries and which member likes eating the most. The members neatly lined up, and opened up a variety of anecdotes on the subject.

The MCs prepared a special present for SHINee, who had been busy with its promotions. For the members, who said that they had never gone on a trip together after their debut, the two MCs drove the taxi to a special place. The full story will be revealed on the April 26 broadcast of Taxi.

Original article by: CJ E&M enewsWorld Lee, DongHyun
Credit : Erika Kim

[Official Photo] SHINee for Etude House #05 (Updated)

Credit: Etude House's Facebook

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[Twitter] 120425 Jonghyun's Twitter Update (Eng Trans)

[English Translation] Fukuoka concert ended ^^ let’s meet at Hokkaido !!!!!

Source: @realjonghyun90
Chinese Translation: haitianyueye
English Translation: ForeverShiningSHINee

[News] A Taiwanese fan regularly spends half of her monthly salary to see SHINee perform in Korea.

A huge fan of SHINee‘s Taemin appeared on the most recent broadcast of Korean talk show ‘Hello‘. KBS 2TV‘s ’Hello’ invites everyday citizens to appear on the show, and this time, a SHINee fan from Taiwan made an appearance to share her personal troubles..

Taiwanese guest Sa Hwa Sun wowed the studio audience while remarking in fluent Korean, “I am a fan of SHINee, but SHINee has so many different activities.” She then admitted to using up her entire savings for traveling to watch each of SHINee’s performances.

Sa Hwa Sun teaches the Chinese language to Taiwanese junior high school students and works part time at a private educational institute in the evenings. She regularly visits Korea at least twice a month to see SHINee. She revealed that a large chunk of her money is spent solely on plane tickets. Hwa Sun makes about $1,200 per month, but spends around half of her earnings to attend SHINee performances, and has purchased a whopping 30 copies of SHINee’s new album ‘Sherlock‘.

On top of her financial dilemma, Hwa Sun explained that she isn’t able to publicly admit her affinity for SHINee to her students. She was risking being fired from her job at the school to attend the ‘Hello’ show that day. Still, she did not stop gushing about SHINee. “The SHINee members are like little brothers to me,” she said. “They are adorable. They’re more beautiful than women, but they are so charismatic at the same time.”

Hwa Sun has also spent all the money she has saved for her marriage. “I don’t think I’ll be able to get married, as my standards are too high now after seeing SHINee.” She also remarked that Taemin could not get married, as he is the love icon for many women out there. “Taemin cannot get married,” she said flatly, surprising everyone on set.

Sa Hwa Sun then spoke about how she had once gifted Taemin with a black sweater. Taemin suddenly exclaimed, “Oh, the black one. I think I’m actually wearing it today. I was organizing my closet, and this one just stood out to me. I wore it today for the first time in a long time.” The sweater he was wearing was surprisingly the exact sweater Hwa Sun had given him. The MCs revealed that the sweater-wearing was completely coincidental, exhibiting their shock in saying, “The SHINee members came to film today without knowing what kind of dilemmas the guests would be sharing on the show, and Taemin just happened to wear the sweater.”

Source: TV Report
Credit: Allkpop

[News] Tickets for SHINee’s Japanese tour are coming and going.

SHINee’s popularity in Japan has been tested and proven yet again with the band’s Japanese tour selling out concerts within minutes.

The tour, which is set to kick off tomorrow, originally included a total of 14 performances. But with all the tickets selling out the instant they are put on sale, six more shows have been added to the tour of seven cities across Japan.

These additional concerts again sold out within minutes. SHINee has added more seats to the venues to meet demand, although many are classified as “restricted seating,” where obstacles may block a full view of the stage. These tickets have now all sold out as well.

SHINee’s tour will make stops in Fukuoka, Sapporo, Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe, Tokyo and Hiroshima and will entertain a total of 250,000 fans.

Ticket sales are estimated to bring in around 30.7 billion won ($26.9 million) for the Korean boy band.

The band will also release a Japanese version of “Sherlock” as a single album on May 16.

By: Carla Sunwoo
Via: Korea JoongAng Daily, XINMSN

[News] Abbey Road Studios, “SHINee is like The Beatles”.

Abbey Road Studios, the innovative venue responsible for the recording techniques adopted by The Beatles, drew a lot of attention by saying, “When we saw SHINee, we thought The Beatles had returned.”

Abbey Road Studios was established in 1931 and The Beatles recorded the majority of their albums in the studio. Since one of their jacket photos features Abbey Road, many tourists visit the road. SHINee, who went to Britain last year, also visited the road.

MBC Music’s Bae Chul Soo Walks Abbey Road, which will air on April 26, will interview the CEO of Abbey Road Studios. He says, “I’ve never seen so many people gathered outside of the studio. I thought The Beatles had returned.”

SHINee held a showcase in Abbey Road Studios for the first time as an Asian musician. Hundreds of people gathered in front of the studio to see SHINee.

Bae says, “London is a very attractive place to people who love pop music. 2012 is a meaningful year because it’s the 50th anniversary of The Beatles debut and the 2012 Olympics will be held here.”

The production crew for the show looked around the Abbey Road Studios and listened to stories about The Beatles and Pink Floyd to help t hem understand how British music has changed the music current of the world.
Producer Park Young Hoon says, “It’s very meaningful that a Korean show will air in Abbey Road Studios for the first time.”

Source: Starnews
Shared by hellohazel @ SMTownJjang
Via: dkpopnews

[Twitter]120424 Jonghyun's Twitter Update (Eng Trans)

[Original Message] 처음으로 측면을 도전햇습니당…기대하세요
[English Translation] I’ll try the side for the first time… Please look forward to it
[Original Message] 는 fail
[English Translation] Is fail

Source: @realjonghyun90
Translation By: @shiningtweets

[News] SHINee’s Taemin discusses dressing up like a girl on ‘Hello’.

On the April 23rd episode of KBS‘ ‘Hello‘, SHINee‘s Taemin revealed the consequences of as well as his personal impressions on cross-dressing.

Taemin revealed, “I think I dress up as a girl often these days. I’m not showing off, but when I look in the mirror after dressing up, I really look like a girl.”

MC Lee Young Ja then asked him, “So why do you not want to dress up as a girl anymore?”

Onew humorously commented, “I think he gets confused about his gender identity,” getting laughter from the hosts and the audience.

Taemin also added, “Actually, I recently had extensions in for the album’s concept. I couldn’t go to the bathroom because I was afraid people might mistake me for a girl since I had long hair.”

Source+Picture: Star News via Naver
Credit: Allkpop

[Video] 120424 SHINee Goodbye Stage Behind The Scenes Special @ M! Countdown (Eng Subs)

[Video] SM Town - 'Dear My Family' MV for I AM. OST

[Video] SHINee - Sherlock(Japanese Ver.)MV

[Me2day] 120425 Minho's Me2day Update (Eng Trans)

[Original Message] [민호] 덕분에 무사히 한국활동 마쳤어요~~ 너무 고마워요^^ 잘 다녀올게요!
[English Translation] [Minho] Thanks to everyone, Korea activities has successfully ended ~~ I’m really thankful ^^  Will come back safely!

Source: SHINee's Me2day
Chinese Translation via:★及[翻译:精精]
English Translation: ForeverShiningSHINee

[Video] 120425 SHINee @ Weekly Idol (Preview)

[Video] 120424 SHINee’s Support Message to Olympic Athletes (Eng Subs)

[Video] SHINee Maypole Summer Photoshoot BTS

[News] 120423 A Taiwanese fan touched by Taemin’s sincerity

SHINee Taemin’s touching message for overseas fans has been revealed.

On 23 (April) Afternoon, KBS2TV “Hello” production team revealed to StarNews that on the upcoming broadcast of “Hello” on the 23rd, a touching incident between Taemin and Taiwanese female fans will be revealed.

According to the production team’s insiders’ information, a 20+ year old Taiwanese SHINee fan came to the show as a “troubled” guest for the recent “Hello” recording. This guest appeared on “Hello” and communicated directly in Korean about her troubles.

The production crew expressed “This troubled guest is a teacher from a Taiwanese middle school”, as a SHINee’s fan, most of her monthly income has been spent purchasing SHINee’s merchandises - hence she was troubled and appeared on “Hello”.

In order to see SHINee during the weekends, she travelled to Korea and Japan. Due to her frequent travelling habits, her marriage savings has been used up.

The production team asked this fan what present did she buy for SHINee. She replied that Taemin wore the wool sweater she has given him.

It was revealed that Taemin wore this sweater for his activities and coincidentally took a photo of him wearing it. In this episode, Taemin wore that particular shirt the fan has given him to the program. Upon seeing that, the fan was so touched that she was at a loss of what to do. Taemin did not throw away the presents fans has given him, instead, all of them were well-kept. There is a warm atmosphere in this particular broadcast. The presents fans have given to SHINee are all well-kept and this have caused everyone to be amazed.

Kor-Chi: FALLIN IN TAEM  李泰啦 (
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[Picture] 120423 SHINee Mentioned in Jaewon's Tweet (Eng Trans)

[Original Message] In Fukuoka With SHINee 우리 연습중!!!!!!
[English Translation] In Fukuoka With SHINee We’re practicing

Source: Jaewon's Twitter
Credit: ForeverShiningSHINee

[News] SM Entertainment establishes their new restaurant corporation, ‘SM KRAZE’.

As one of Korea’s leading entertainment companies, SM Entertainment recently expanded their business by starting a travel and tourism business. Now it seems there will be even further expansion, as the agency will embark on their very own dining business.

On April 23rd, SM Entertainment revealed that they have partnered with Kraze International to launch a new joint venture business, ‘SM Kraze‘.

SM Kraze will build upon the current Hallyu phenomenon and develop itself as a global business by advancing overseas, creating a steppingstone into the international dining market.

SM Kraze will reflect upon the demands of the consumers and create a new culture of dining by grafting various E-factors, creating a new business model in the restaurant business by fusing entertainment and fine dining.

SM Kraze will be launching their very first ‘new style of PUB’ flagship store in Chungdam-dong within the first half of the year.

In related news, SM Entertainment has also acquired a large portion of shares from BT&I, South Korea’s fifth largest travel management corporation that is listed on KOSDAQ.

Source & Image: MoneyToday StarNews via Nate + Kraze
Credit: Allkpop

[Twitter] 120423 Jonghyun's Twitter Update (Eng Trans)

[English Translation] The culprit is here~ Nobody gets out (of here)~

Source: realjonghyun90
Credit: ForeverShininhgSHINee

[Video] 120423 Onew @ Oh My God (Cuts)

[Video] 120422 Onew & Taemin @ Qualifications of Men (Cuts)

[News] 120422 SHINee’s Jonghyun and Kim Mi Hua’s resemblance acknowledged.

Flower Boy SHINee Group member Jonghyun has been noted for his resemblance with Gag Woman Kim Mi Hua.

On the 22nd broadcast of Gag Concert - Jeong Bom Gyu from “Mantis Kindergarten” compared the appearance between SHINee Jonghyun and Kim Mi Hua which aroused laughter (from the audience).

Jeong Bom Gyu danced joyfully along SHINee’s new song “Sherlock”. Once the music stopped playing, he took out a photo of Jonghyun and Kim Mi Hua and said “As long as you work hard to dance (like Jonghyun), you can stand a chance to look like Senior Kim Mi Hua.”

Comparing the photos, both of their huge eyes and the shape of their mouths/lips resemble each other. The audience could not hide their laughter when faced with this surprising resemblance.

Source : MK Sports
Kor-Chi: Yin Yue Tai
Chi-Eng: soundtracklove @ soompi

[News] Taemin delivers a powerful performance on this week’s episode of ‘Immortal Song 2’.

Yesterday afternoon, SHINee‘s Taemin amazed the ‘Immortal Song 2‘ audience with another powerful performance.

On the April 21st episode of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Immortal Song 2′, Taemin, Im Taekyung, LYn, Ailee, ALi, No Brain, and Sung Hoon performed past hits of legendary vocalist Yoon Soo Il.

Taemin performed Yoon Soo Il’s “Wonderful Confession“, and came through with a fierce dance performance while coolly sporting a Yoon-Soo-Il-reminiscent studded leather jacket. Taemin took the stage by storm, showing off a charismatic and masculine side of himself. He broke into a complicated dance number in the middle of his set, delighting viewers.

“Your dance was impressive,” Yoon Soo Il remarked after watching him perform. “It was superb,” Singers backstage were also blown away by Taemin’s performance, and commented that they had goosebumps while watching his stage. “It was a stage that showcased everything that Taemin is good at,” they complimented while applauding.

MC Shin Dong Yup then asked Taemin to sing a little bit of trot for everyone, and Taemin willfully agreed. Taemin blazed through three rounds in a winning streak with a core of 375, but lost to Im Taekyung in the fourth round.

This will, regretfully, be Taemin’s last episode of Immortal Song 2. SHINee arrived in Japan yesterday to prepare for their Japan Arena tour, which is set to begin on April 25th.

Credit: joAnnwashere (

[News] Taemin confesses, “Sometimes I want to become a fisherman.”

Recently, SHINee’s Tae Min confessed, “Sometimes I want to become a fisherman,” in Immortal Classics 2.

On April 21, KBS’s Immortal Classics 2 aired a special feature for the original “pretty boy” singer from the 70s-80s, Yoon Soo Il, celebrating his 35th anniversary as a singer.

Yoon is known as a hit maker and has been dearly loved by many fans for his excellent singing skills and passionate stage manners.

In the episode, the emcee Shin Dong Yup introduces SHINee’s Tae Min for his second appearance in the show by saying, “He is a unique man. He is a popular singer and has many fans, but at times he gets weirdly out of character saying he wants to be a fisherman.”

The cast of the show looks at each other and wonders who he is, and Tae Min confesses, “That’s me.” On seeing this, Ali agrees with him and says, “Tae Min is a fisherman, a fisher of men.” Tae Min gives a satisfied look after her comment.

Moon Hee Jun, on the other hand, inspires laughter by adding, “A fish has complimented on him.”

In this special feature for Yoon Soo Il, No Brain, Lyn, Sung Hoon, Ali, Lim Tae Kyung, and Tae Min reenact the great musician’s music in a refreshing way.

Credits: joAnnwashere (

[News] 120422 SHINee Onew’s thoughts regarding their Sherlock Promotions

Once SHINee’s Well-known popularity has been justified, they will end their local activities “To see you again in next half of the year!”

Walking in to their last performance for (Sherlock included in) their new album, Onew stood out as a representative to relate their thoughts.

SHINee performed “Sherlock” on KBS 2TV “Music Bank” on April 20. That performance was their last music (performance) broadcast locally.

On that day, SHINee stood in front of the official stage to meet, and conveyed their feelings to the reporters. As SHINee’s representative, Leader Onew spoke “As our local activities has been really short, we will work hard to present (to everyone) more sides and styles of us. During our very long absence, though we only had a short promotion period, we were still really happy and grateful that there were many fans who continued to give us love and support, hence we are really thankful (for that).”

During “Music Bank” live stage, it is really evident to see the weariness on Onew’s face. According to some insider’s info, Onew had practiced till 5AM in the morning that day. He did not even have the chance to catch a wink before he rush to Yeouido island to complete his schedules - it goes the same for other SHINee members. “Actually (I) look really tired, but (I am) not tired at all.. in fact, I’m so tired that I feel like dying!” He spoke in a jokingly manner with a smile on his face.

Their skinny figures have aroused many concern from the public. “We have been working extremely hard to eat!” Onew expressed “Are you curious about what I have eaten yesterday? At 3.30AM, I “nom nom” finished a handburger set and 6 chicken McNuggets!” He said it with much satisfaction and he looked adorable.

On that day. Onew kept showing an embarrassed expression due to my repeated praises for him. When faced with reporter’s praises regarding album sales, singing abilities, variety sense etc, Onew showcased his unique Gag Sense and exude a sense of humbleness.

Furthermore, we have talked about the highlight of the “Sherlock” dance. The main point of the Sherlock dance comes from the cooperation of the 5 members. Even if there were a hint of mistake, the entire performance would have “collapsed”.  If the 5 members teamwork had not been precised enough, such perfect dance could not have been achieved. A nickname for the dance is “Amputated statues dance” (S/N : Greek Statues).

Regarding this, Onew commented “(The) relationship (between our members) have always been really good, if we were faced with any problems, we were able to solve it well. Now everyone has been working really hard, that’s good!” According to an insider’s info, the reason why SHINee is able to showcase such good image, to get such good results is all because of a good leader who is able to control/manage the group and also also the trust between the members, being able to do well each individual roles in the group.

Everyone please anticipate, for their upcoming Japan activities around the corner and their full album (to be released) in the next half of the year. Onew has revealed his desires “After our Japan tour promotions have ended, we will immediately meet up with our Korean fans. I personally wish that I am able to do take up the challenge for another Musical at the last half of the year!” Also, feeling such a great pity that they were unable to showcase many of their personal activities, Onew commented “On another hand, we feel that it is a great relieve. I am able to do really well for Musical performances and related characters, so I really hope I am able to have such opportunities again and able to showcase a better image!”

In addition,SHINee’s mini album “Sherlock” have clinched a triple crown award in music shows - a great result. Upon completing their local activities, they will start their performance on the 25th at Fukuoka and the surroundings for their arena tour. It is predicted that they will present a wholy different and unique appearance for their new album in the next half of the year. (Reporter : Won Won)

Kor-Chi: @Ring花椰菜
Chi-Eng: soundtracklove@soompi

[Official Photo] SHINee @ KBS Hello Show

Source: As Tagged
Credit: SHINee Town
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