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[News] Taemin gets jealous over Na-Eun's past kiss with another guy on 'We Got Married'.

SHINee's Taemin got more than a little jealous over Na-Eun's kiss from the past.

On the June 29th episode of 'We Got Married', the A Pink member admitted that she received a kiss on the cheek before from her costar on 'Childless Comfort', Lee Do Young.

Taemin responded, "Who was your costar and where does he live?" Na-Eun tried to distract him with a comment about his hair, but he insisted, "Don't change the subject. Who is it? Is he the guy you shot the wedding pictorial with? How old is he?"

The maknae SHINee member revealed during his solo interview, "I'm a jealous and selfish person. I didn't know [about the kiss], and when I found out, I got angry. It was like sipping a drink and before finishing it all, having someone else just take it from you."

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[Twitter] 300613 Jonghyun's Twitter Update (Eng Trans)

[TRANS] Jonghyun twitter update @ 8.08pmkst 130630 -


Credit;  realjonghyun90
Translation  credit: Forever_SHINee [5]
[Original Message] 파이리찡!
[English Translation] Charmander!

Source: @realjonghyun90
Credit: @shiningtweets

Saturday, June 29, 2013

[Video] 270613 Summer Fashionista - #11 SHINee’s Jonghyun @ Star Show Ranking.

[Twitter] 280613 Jonghyun's Twitter Updates (Eng Trans)

[English Translation] My mom is a girl at heart, so she likes toothache selcas!! Isn't she trendy hoot 

(T/N: She is covering her chin like she has a toothache.)

[English Translation] Isn't my mom super pretty my mom is a jjangjjang girl!!

[English Translation] With my mother before the concert!!! I love you, mom. It would have ben nice if noona came too~~!! The start is good! I feel good and it feels good. Go go go. Fighting for the remaining concerts!

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Picture: @ForeverShiningSHINee
Translation By: @shiningtweets
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[News] Jonghyun snaps a selca with his mother before SHINee's concert in Japan.

Jonghyun snapped a photo with his beautiful mother.

He took the selca right before SHINee's Japanese arena tour show in Saitama, and he shared the photo to his followers while writing, "With my mother before the concert!!! I love you mom. It'd been nice if my older sister came, too~~!! The start was good! I feel good, and it felt good! Gogogo. Fighting for the rest of the concerts, too!"

Jonghyun seems really excited that his mother was able to come see him in Japan! Good luck to Jonghyun and SHINee for the rest of their concerts.

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Friday, June 28, 2013

[Photo] 280613 Flower Stand from S.M Family for ‘SHINee World 2013~ Boys Meet U’ @ Saitama Super Arena.

[Photo] Flower Stand from S.M Family for ‘SHINee World 2013~ Boys Meet U’ @ Saitama Super Arena 130628
Credit: Homin020618
Source: Homin020618
Credit: ForeverShiningSHINee

[Photo] 280613 SHINee’s Autographs in a Cafe in Okinawa, Japan.

[Photo] SHINee’s autographes in a cafe in Okinawa, Japan 130628
*** They were there filming.
Credit: Lee_jumin
*** They were there filming.

Source: Lee_jumin
Credit: ForeverShiningSHINee

[Lyrics] SHINee - ‘초록비’ (Green Rain) @ MBC ‘The Queen’s Classroom’ OST. (Eng Trans)

SHINee - 초록비 (Green Rain)
Lyrics by: Kenzie
Composed & Arranged by: Kenzie


[온유] 시계 소리에 눈을 뜨면
새롭지만 같은 하루
아무 생각 없이 그저
매일 가던 대로 향했지

[태민] 하지만 저기 내가 가보지 못한
[종현] 너무 크고 높아 상상조차 못해본 저
[종현/태민] 벽을 넘어 더 가보고 싶어

*[ALL] 조금 떨리는 맘은 감추고
그냥 네 손만 꼭 잡고 달리고 싶어라
막 쏟아지는 초록비속에 우린 더 싱그러워져
늘 아이 같던 철없기만 했던
내가 더 커버린 건 나를 믿어준
네 눈빛 하나, 한번의 미소
그걸로 충분했다고

[종현] 바람이 말해주는 얘기
세상은 더 거칠다며
하지만 이대로라면
왠지 괜찮을 것만 같아

[온유] 내 머릿속에 넘치는 질문들에
[KEY] 누가 답해줄까 한없이 기다리지만 그
[KEY/온유] 답을 찾는 건 나였다는 걸


[민호] 가던 길이 틀려, 혹은 막혀있어
[온유] 멈춰 설 때 우린 어떻게 해야 할까
[종현] 그리고 그 길을 넘어서는 그 순간
어떤 얼굴로 서 있을까



[ON] Shigye soriae nooneul ddeumyeon
Saeropjimahn gateun haru
Amu saenggak eopshi geujeo
Maeil gadeon daero hyanghaetji

[TM] Hajimahn jeogi naega gaboji moht-han
[JH] Neomu keugo nopa sangsangjocha moht-haebohn jeo
[JH/TM] Byeogeul neomeo deo gabogo shipeo

*[ALL] Jogeum ddeollineun mahmeun gamchugo
Geunyang ne sohnmahn kkok jahpgo dalligo shipeora
Mak ssodajineun chorokbisogaen urin deo shingeureoweojyeo
Neul ai gahtdeon cheol eopgimahn haetdeon
Naega deo keobeorin geon nareul mideojoon
Ne noonbit hana, hanbeonae miso
Guegeollo choongboonhaetdago

[JH] Barami malhaejuneun yaegi
Sesangeun deo geochildamyeo
Hajimahn edaeroramyeon
Waenji gwaenchaneul geotmahn gata

[ON] Nae meorisogae neomchineun jilmoondeurae
[KEY] Nuga dabhaejulkka haneopshi gidarijimahn geu
[KEY/ON] Dabeul chatneun geon nayeotdaneun geol


[MH] Gadeon giri teulryeo, hogeun makhyeo isseo
[ON] Meomchweo seol ddae urin eoddeokae haeya halkka
[JH] Geurigo geu gireul neomeoseoneun geu soongan
Eoddeon eolgoollo seo isseulkka


[English Translation]

[ON] When I open my eyes to the alarm, it’s a new but same day
Without any thoughts, I headed to where I always go

[TM] But that place I haven’t been able to go to
[JH] Too big and high that it’s unimaginable
[JH/TM] I want to climb that wall and go further

*[ALL] I’ll hide my trembling heart
I just want to hold your hand tightly and run
We become fresher within the pouring green rain
I was always childish and immature
But I grew because of the trust
In your single gaze, one smile
That was enough for me

[JH] The stories the wind tells me that the world is even tougher
But if it stays like this, I feel like it’ll be alright

[ON] The questions overflowing in my head
[KEY] I waited for someone to answer them
[KEY/ON] But I’m the one who has to search for those answers


[MH] The road we’re taking is wrong or blocked
[ON] What should we do when we stop?
[JH] And the moment when we cross that road
What expressions will we have on?


Credit: kimchi hana @

[Audio] SHINee - ‘초록비’ (Green Rain) @ MBC ‘The Queen’s Classroom’ OST.

[Info] Download and Support SHINee ‘초록비’ (Green Rain) - Available on Various Korea Music Sites.

You can download the digital song via these music sites:

- Naver:
- Melon:
- Genie:
- Mnet:
- Bugs:
- Soribada (Korea):

Credit: ForeverShiningSHINee.

[Info] SHINee nominated in Performance category for Mnet 20’s Choice Awards 2013.

SHINee’s trendy standing mic choreography for their first comeback song of the year, ‘Dream Girl’, has earned them a nomination in the Performance category for Mnet 20’s Choice Awards 2013!

Fans and music lovers may vote through the online poll till the midnight of July 17th (KST). Each Mnet ID is allowed to vote once per day.

Voting Site:
Vote ‘SHINee’ under 20’ Performance >

The awards ceremony will be held at the following date and venue:
Korea International Exhibition Center (KINTEX)
Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
July 18th 2013, 17:00 KST

Source: Mnet
Written by: debsayys @

Thursday, June 27, 2013

[News] Check out SHINee designing Skechers BTS!

SHINee got together with Naver and Skechers to design their own fashion items, and now fans can take a behind-the-scenes look at their brainstorm session.

Skechers said, "The SHINee members surprised the staff because they were always very forward in every aspect. This collaboration emphasizes 'SHINee-ness' more than anything, so we're looking forward to creative designs that show the members' personalities."

The SHINee-Skechers collaboration will release five t-shirts and five hats for the special line. They'll be available for pre-order through Naver until July 16 KST.

[Twitter] 270613 Jonghyun's Twitter Updates (Eng Trans)

[Trans] Jonghyun twitter update @ 4.14amkst 130627 -

The sun is covered. That’s why it’s even prettier. I can glance at it rather than at somewhere else or someone else. Isn’t it just pretty? This picture

Credit : realjonghyun90
Translation Credit: Shiningtweets
[Original Message] 해가 가려졌다 그래서 더이쁘네 눈길을 줄수있어
어디다 누구다 그런것보다 그냥 이쁘지않아? 이사진

[English Translation] The sun is covered. That's why it's even prettier. I can glance at it rather than at somewhere else or someone else. Isn't it just pretty? This picture

Source: @realjonghyun90
Translation By: @Shiningtweets

[News] SHINee and T-ara QBS rank #2 and #7 on Oricon's daily album and single charts.

Oricon revealed its latest daily chart, and spotted in the top 10 of the album and single charts were SHINee, and T-ara QBS!

SHINee's Japanese album 'Boys Meet U' debuted as #2 on the Daily Album Chart with its release on the 26th, selling 36,402 copies.

Fellow label mate, BoA, snuck into the Daily Single Chart with single "Tail of Hope", but she fell short of making the top 10, coming in at #11.

On the same single chart, T-ara's subunit, QBS, made its way up to #7 with the song "Like The Wind".

Congratulations to the artists!

Credit: Allkpop

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[Lyrics] SHINee - I'm With You @ SHINee's 'Boys Meet U' 2nd Japan Full Album. (Eng Trans)

SHINee's 'Boys Meet U' 2nd Japan Full Album 

Track 12. I'm With You
作曲: Sammy Naja|Drew Ryan Scott|Josef Salimi
作詞: H.U.B.

[Japanese Lyrics]

迷い込んだ 森の中で 君は道をなくした迷子
月のしずく 星の形も 見えないまま 君は泣いてるの
Can you hear me? baby can you see?
Oh please my girl oh I’m with you
Baby don’t cry そばにいるよ
僕の声よ届いて baby my love love love
So you can try 涙を拭いて
You’re not alone alone alone
同じ場所で 繰り返してる
どこから来たの? どこに行けばいい?
そんなときは 耳を澄まして
Baby ready,
now close your eyes and believe in yourself
Listen to your heart I’m with you
’cause I love you so
Baby don’t cry そばにいるよ
僕の声よ届いて baby my love love love
So you can try 涙を拭いて
You’re not alone alone alone
やがて東の空(feel me feel me feel me wow)
光が道を差す(feel me feel me feel me wow)
歩き出せるよ(love you love you anytime)
shine on you (shine on you )
shine on you (shine on you)
迷い込んだ 森の中で
僕の想いが 聞こえたら…
Baby don’t cry そばにいるよ
僕の声よ届いて baby my love love love
So you can try 涙を拭いて
You’re not alone alone alone
Baby don’t cry そばにいるよ
僕の声よ届いて baby my love love love
So you can try 涙を拭いて
君はもうひとりじゃない I’m with you

[English Translations]

Losing one’s way in the forest You’re a lost child
Not able to see the moonlight and stars You are crying
Can you hear me? baby can you see?
Oh please my girl oh I’m with you
Baby don’t cry I’m beside you
Can you hear my voice Baby my love love love
So you can try dry up your tears
You are not alone anymore
You’re not alone alone alone
At the same place walking back and fro repeatedly
Where did I come from? Where should I go?
At such a time, clear you ears
try to listen to your heart
Baby ready,
now close your eyes and believe in yourself
Listen to your heart I’m with you
’cause I love you so
Baby don’t cry I’m beside you
Can you hear my voice Baby my love love love
So you can try dry up your tears
You are not alone anymore
You’re not alone alone alone
When Morning (Eastern) Sky is finally here (feel me feel me feel me wow)
You will be see a way of light (feel me feel me feel me wow)
You can take the steps (love you love you anytime)
shine on you (shine on you )
shine on you (shine on you)
Losing one’s way in the forest
My thoughts Can you hear them…
Baby don’t cry I’m beside you
Can you hear my voice Baby my love love love
So you can try dry up your tears
You are not alone anymore
You’re not alone alone alone
Baby don’t cry I’m beside you
Can you hear my voice Baby my love love love
So you can try dry up your tears
You are not alone anymore I’m with you

Source: Littleoslo
Credit: ForeverShiningSHINee

Please take out with FULL credits.

[Info] ‘2013 SHINee Festival Tour in Taipei’ on August,4 - Updated with Seating Plan & Tickets Information.

Ticket Information for  ’2013 SHINee Festival Tour in Taipei’ which will be held in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall on August, 4 (7.30pm) has been released!

Seating Plan: 
Ticket Prices: 4500/4000/3400/2400/1400 (TWD)

Ticket Sales Date:
June, 29 2013 (Saturday) 12PM (1PMKST) via ERA Ticket Site

***Other channels (7-11 ibon, Family Mart) to start at 2PM (3PMKST)

Source: ERA Ticket Site
Credit: ForeverShiningSHINee

[News] S.M Entertainment to Launch Pop-Up Store once again at Lotte Young Plaza Myeong-dong on June 28.

SM Entertainment will launch a pop-up store this week, the agency said on Wednesday.

The agency said through a press release that SM, home of Girls’ Generation, SHINee, EXO and Super Junior, will launch the store at Lotte Department Store’s Young Plaza located in Myeongdong, one of Seoul’s largest shopping districts.

The store will be filled with 65 types of SM artist-related items and 700 MD goods, the agency added.
Due to the great success of EXO’s first studio album “XOXO(Kiss&Hug),” the store will provide products featuring them as well, including daily supplies, stationary, clothes and closed pictorials.

SM previously launched a SMTOWN pop-up store on January 2 to 13. This year’s pop-up store will be open on June 28.

Source: 10Asia News
Credit: ForeverShiningSHINee

[Info] SHINee to release ‘Green Rain’ for MBC’s The Queen’s Classroom.

On June 20th, a preview of SHINee’s music video for MBC’s new school drama, The Queen Classroom, was shown at the end of the program.

The new OST track, which is entitled ‘Green Rain’, has received many good responses for it’s simple and inspiring melody. The lyrics show the growth of the SHINee members and the mix of their soft voices with the medium tempo has become a hit with many.

Viewers of the show also enjoyed the simple choreography at the end, with many commenting that it is fresh and fun to watch. Fans of SHINee expressed their joy in seeing their favorite idol group interacting with the child actors. The quintet’s youthful energy, combined with the children’s innocent charms, brought a joyful and vibrant atmosphere to the video.

‘Green Rain’ will be released on June 28th, 12:00 KST, through various music sites such as Naver and Melon.

Catch the preview right below!

Source: Naver
Translated by: aiden. @
Written by: debsayys @

[Info] SHINee to collaborate with Japanese TV Program to recruit tour dance team members.

TBS TV program “Performance A” advertised a collaboration project with SHINee at the end of their show that aired on June 17th. On their June 24th broadcast, it came to light that the said project is actually a dance audition for the quintet’s upcoming Japan Arena Tour SHINee WORLD 2013 Boys Meet U.

Performance A is a program targeted at creating chances for talented individuals to be globally recognized. These people are invited to the studio to perform their talents, watched over by professionals from Taiwan and Korea. The program has organized various dance auditions previously, and this time they have approached SHINee with a proposal for a collaboration project, based on SHINee’s reputation as world class artists.

The members of SHINee were quite surprised when they heard about the offer. Taemin, who has been credited by many as a dance prodigy, expressed his slight worry that the new dancers may not be able to learn the complex dance choreography in time. The idol group then agreed that those who succeed in the audition will get to join them in the middle of the tour.

According to the audition page, the dance team that is selected through this audition will be participating from the Kobe stop (August 18th) onwards.

■ Audition details
- Individual application (can’t apply for group auditions)
- 20 years and above
- Experience not required
- For more details:

■ Application period:
- First round: June 24th ~July 5th, midnight (JST)

The second round of auditions (for those who passed the first round) will be held on July 12th and the last round will be held by the end of July.

Written by: red @

[Video] 250613 SHINee - Breaking News (PV)

[Video] 250613 SHINee x Skechers & Naver - Fashion Icon.

[News] Baek Ah Yeon reveals that she is an avid fan of SHINee’s Key.

Baek Ah Yeon, best known for her achievement as the third finalist of the first season of talent show ‘K- Pop Star’, confesses that she is a huge fan of SHINee’s Key!

Solo singer, Ah Yeon, was a guest on the June 24th broadcast of Mnet’s ‘Beatles Code 2’. On the show she admitted that, “I’ve always been a huge fan of Key sunbae-nim even before I debuted as a singer. I really liked him so I used to go to SHINee’s fansigning events with my sister. It was always packed with people, especially older female fans but we enjoyed it nonetheless.”

Ah Yeon also shared that during one of SHINee’s fansigning events, Key was about to write ‘noona’ beside her name but she told him that she was not an older fan. So to make it up, Key replaced it with a heart instead.

She then added, “Sometimes, Key sunbae-nim would send out heart-signs to the crowd and I would even argue with my sister, saying that it was directed to me but I ended up losing to her” Which made the MCs laugh.

In return, one of the MCs said, “SHINee has been coming here quite often and Key sat at that very spot” He then gestured to the said seat, making Ah Yeon shy and immediately regretting her confession.

On the other hand, SHINee’s second full-length Japanese album will be released on the 26th of June!

Source: TV Daily, Newsen
Written by: weirdlysmart @

[Video] 230613 Minho (No.99) @ 2013 Asian Dream Cup (Full) (Cut)

[News] Minho gives an outstanding performance at the Asian Dream Cup 2013.

How often does someone get to live not just one, but two of their life dreams?

Minho certainly got a chance to, by joining international football player Park Jisung’s Samsung Fire Asian Dream Cup 2013 in Shanghai, hosted by JS Foundation to raise funds for victims of the Sichuan earthquake. The SHINee member participated in the friendly football match as one of the guest idol players, along with EXO-M’s Xiumin and Luhan and the SBS Running Man team.

A famous idol star and excellent sportsman, Minho proved to be a force to be reckoned with on the field, impressing the crowd and the renowned football players on either team with his skills. Prior to the game, he was seen warming up with the professional football players, and doing passing drills with his idol Park Jisung. He was also spotted having a conversation with top international Korean football player, Ji Dongwon.

The open game was held at Hongkou Football Stadium, where Park Jisung led the Korean team to a 2-0 victory.

Source: OSEN
Written by: Darkick @

[Video] 250613 SHINee『Boys Meet U』 2nd Full Japan Album Digest.

Monday, June 24, 2013

[News] Get an ear full of SHINee in 'Boys Meet U' album medley + full tracklist.

SHINee will be releasing a new Japanese album titled "Boys Meet U", but ahead of the release, we've been treated to an album digest with short snippets of each song!

The album has 12 songs, including several new tracks like "Breaking News". 'Boys Meet U' will be released on June 26th. A full track list is below:

01. Password
02. Breaking News
03. Dazzling Girl
04. 1000 Years, always by your side
05. Run With Me
06. Kiss Yo
07. The world with you
08. Keeping love again
10. Sherlock
11. Fire
12. I'm with you

Do you like what you hear so far? What song are you anticipating the most?

Credit: Allkpop

[Info] SHINee WORLD 2013 ‘Boys Meet U’ Official Merchandises’ List + Concert Venue Sales Timing.

You must have waited so long for this!! It has been about a year since the previous Japan Arena Tour, this year’s「SHINee WORLD 2013~Boys Meet U~」Official Goods’ sale has been decided!

This time for the Arena’s Goods, we have adopted many refreshing SHINee’s image colours. Furthermore, the mindset of ’ They are not simply tour goods, but also items which you can use in your everyday lives. ’ has been taken fully into consideration when producing them.

Official Merchandises’ List: 
Take-out Bag - 1,500 Yen (est. 15USD) 
Muffler Towel (Red) - 2,000 Yen (est. 21USD) 
Muffler Towel (Purple) - 2,000 Yen (est. 21USD)
Muffler Towel (Orange)- 2,000 Yen(est. 21USD)
Muffler Towel (Light Green)- 2,000 Yen(est. 21USD)
Muffler Towel (Blue)- 2,000 Yen(est. 21USD)
T-Shirt (Grey) S / M / L - 3,000 Yen (est. 31USD)
T-Shirt (Pink)S / M / L - 3,000 Yen(est. 31USD)
Ball-shaped Keychain - 1,000 Yen(est. 10USD)
Bracelet - 1,200 Yen(est. 12USD)
Aluminium Bottle - 1,500 Yen (est. 15USD)
Cylinder Pouch - 1,500 Yen (est. 15 USD)
Magnet Bookmark - 700 Yen (est. 7USD)
Stamp Set - 4,300 Yen (est. 44USD)
Leisure Sheet (Mat) - 1,700 Yen (est. 18USD)
Waterproof Mobile Case - 1,300 Yen (est. 13 USD)
Cool Pack - 500 Yen (est. 5USD)
Plastic Fan - 500 Yen (est. 5USD)
Badge (All 7 Kinds) [Venue Limitation] - 500 Yen (est. 5 USD)
※ This item, Fans are not allowed to choose the type of member’s badge, please understand. 

SHINee WORLD J Limited Goods’ List:

Bear Key Chain (All 5 Kinds) - 2,000 Yen (est. 21USD)
※ This item, Fans are not allowed to choose the type of member’s badge, please understand.
Pocket Mini Towel - 1,200 Yen (est. 12 USD)

※ The above 2 items listed are only available to Official Fanclub ‘SHINee WORLD J’ members ONLY!
※ All the Official Goods have limited stock. Please note that it will be sold out as soon as all items are finished!

【Regarding the sales of Merchandises at Venue】
You are able to purchase the goods at the venue even if you have no tickets.

■ 28 June(Fri)Saitama・Saitama Super Arena  17:30 Doors Open /18:30 Start
■ 29 June(Sat)Saitama・Saitama Super Arena  17:00 Doors Open /18:00 Start
■ 30 June(Sun)Saitama・Saitama Super Arena  16:00 Doors Open /17:00 Start
⇒ Sales of Goods’ timing: 11:00JST
■ 06 July(Sat)Osaka・Osaka-jō Hall  17:00 Doors Open /18:00 Start
■ 07 July(Sun)Osaka・Osaka-jō Hall  16:00 Doors Open /17:00 Start
■ 13 July(Sat)Niigata・Toki Messe  17:00 Doors Open /18:00 Start
■ 03 August(Sat)Hokkaido・Makomanai Ice Arena  17:00 Doors Open /18:00 Start
■ 17 August(Sat)Kobe・Kobe World Memorial Hall 17:00 Doors Open /18:00 Start
■ 18 August(Sun)Kobe・Kobe World Memorial Hall 16:00 Doors Open /17:00 Start
⇒ Sales of Goods’ timing: 13:00JST

■ 09 Sept(Wed)Hiroshima・Hiroshima Green Arena 17:30 Doors Open /18:30 Start
■ 25 Nov (Mon)Fukuoka・Marine Messe Fukuoka 17:30 Doors Open /18:30 Start
■  10 Dec (Tues)Nagoya・Nippon Gaishi Hall 17:30 Doors Open /18:30 Start
■ 11 Dec (Wed)Nagoya・Nippon Gaishi Hall 17:30 Doors Open /18:30 Start
⇒ Sales of Goods’ timing: 14:00JST

Compiled & Translated by Forever_SHINee [4]

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

[Official Website] 140613 SHINee’s Japan Mobile Official Site Update: Q&A with SHINee’s Jonghyun. (Eng Trans)

Jonghyun Q&A

Q: A private holiday trip with the 5 members. Where do you want to go?
A:  Europe; because it seems like (over there) we could have a holiday carefreely.

Q: If you could take up a part time job for 1 day, what do you like to do?
A: Barista. I wish to make delicious coffee for everyone.

Q: You even have a pet dog at home. If you can have a talk with your dog, what would you want to hear?
A: I want to hear what’s in her mind whenever she finds me annoying.

Picture: Locktan
Source: SHINee’s Japan Mobile Official Site
Credit: Forever_SHINee [4]


[News] Na-Eun and Taemin consider Go Jun Hee and Jinwoon rivals?

SHINee's Taemin and A Pink's Na-Eun shared something surprising with viewers on the latest episode of 'We Got Married'.

As the most recent couple to join the 'We Got Married' village, Taemin and Na-Eun were given the mission to meet with the other couples on the show. While deciding, Taemin mentioned, "Jo Jung Chi and Jung In are [pretty 4-D, so I'm not sure if we could relate]. Jinwoon and Go Jun Hee seem like a couple our age. There's a bit of a rivalry there."

Na-Eun agreed, "I think so too," knowing that meeting with the Jinwoon-Go Jun Hee couple might lead to competition.

Viewers commented, "Go Jun Hee is really pretty," "I would be wary too," and "The maknae couple is so worried. Keke."

Credit: Allkpop

[News] Taemin and Na-Eun are forced to hold hands by Minho & Key on 'We Got Married'.

SHINee's Minho and Key decided to push along the skinship progress of Taemin and A Pink's Na-Eun.

On the latest 'We Got Married', Taemin's fellow SHINee members were over for the new idol couple's housewarming party. The two were about to cut the cake for Coming of Age Day when their hands grazed each other, making them incredibly nervous.

Minho and Key then spurred them on, saying, "Hold her hand. What are you doing?" Key joked, "You guys can't even do it when we give you the opportunity," while Minho forced Taemin and Na-Eun to hold hands.

Taemin also put his arm around the A Pink member stiffly only to be made fun of by his hyungs who yelled, "Are you a mummy?"

Credit: Allkpop

[News] A Pink's Na Eun is more 'forward' than SHINee's Taemin?

A Pink's Na Eun, who is known for her more reserved personality, will leave you all surprised as it's been revealed that she may be more forward than her onscreen husband SHINee's Taemin.

On the latest episode of 'We Got Married', the members of SHINee come to visit Taemin and Na Eun's newlywed home, and fellow member Key gave the couple a dating mentality test book to celebrate Coming of Age Day. While testing out their dating mentality, Na Eun was rated as having a higher 'level of perversion' or forwardness than Taemin, which brought amusement on set.

Key and Minho also held a cheating mentality test, raising eyebrows.

Credit: Allkpop
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