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[News] Mnet Media Awards 2011 Nominees Released!

The awards will be held on December 18, 2011 at 6:00 PM KST. The show will last 4 hours and will be broadcasted live throughout 10 Asian countries and satellite broadcasted to 45 Asian counties.

This afternoon on United Asia Management office press conference to revealed the all nominees finally has been released, this year Mnet decided to split out category for performances and personality as celebrities.

Check out the full list below!

= CHARMING = Gentlemen =

01. Choi Siwon [Super Junior]
02. Yonghwa [CN Blue]
03. Nichkhun [2PM]
04. Yunho [TVXQ]
05. Kim Hyun Joong [SS501]
06. Taeyang [Big Bang]
07. Lee Joon [MBLAQ]

= CHARMING = Ladies =

01. YoonA [SNSD]
02. NaNa [After School]
03. Krystal [f(x)]
04. Gyuri [KARA]
05. SunYe [Wonder Girls]
06. Kang Min Kyung [DaVichi]
07. Bora [SISTAR]

= BOLD & THOUGHFUL = Gentlemen Only

01. Jay Park [singer]
02. Taecyeon [2PM]
03. DooJoon [B2ST]
04. SooHyun [U-KISS]
05. G.O [MBLAQ]
06. Dong Jun [ZE:A]
07. HongKi [FT Island]

= CUTE & GORGEOUS = Ladies Only

01. SeoHyun [SNSD]
02. Suzy [miss A]
03. Jiyeon [T-ara]
04. Uee [After School]
05. Jiyoung [KARA]
06. SoHee [Wonder Girls]
07. Sandara [2NE1]


01. RAIN [singer]
02. HeeChul [Super Junior]
03. Jo Kwon [2AM]
04. Taecyeon [2PM]
05. G-Dragon [Big Bang]
06. DongHo [U-KISS]
07. Minho [SHINee]


01. YoonA [SNSD]
02. Hara [KARA]
03. Narsha [Brown Eyed Girls]
04. Hyorin [SISTAR]
05. Suzy [miss A]
06. Krystal [f(x)]
07. IU [singer]

= ROOKIES STAR = Gentlemen & Ladies

01. SeungRi [Big Bang]
02. Minhyuk [CN Blue]
03. SunHwa [SECRET]
04. Sulli [f(x)]
05. Jinwoon [2AM]
06. Kyuhyun [Super Junior]
07. Dasom [SISTAR]
08. HyunA [4minute]

This year Mnet guaranted revolutions after handled by new ownership United Asia Management will listen carefully public favors to provide best show ever on Mnet Media Awards, for Mnet Asian Music Awards the list nominees has been pending during many groups comeback late this year, estimation schedule on near December 2011 or January beginning 2012 to made very right deserved winner as Korea now is become World Entertainment attention.

Source: koreanentspy
Credit: dkpopnews

[Video] 110929 Key Cut @ Mnet Boom The K-POP

[Video] 110929 Jonghyun Argue With Minho @ Mnet Boom The K-POP (Eng Subs)

[Video] 110929 SHINee Rehearsal - SWC in SG @ Mnet Boom The K-POP

[Video] 110929 Jonghyun Says: He is the most popular member in SHINee @ Mnet Boom The K-POP (Eng Subs)

[Video] 110929 SHINee - The SHINee World @ Mnet Boom The K-POP

[Video] 110929 SHINee - Ring Ding Dong @ Mnet Boom The K-POP

[Video] 110929 SHINee - A.Mi.Go @ Mnet Boom The K-POP

[Video] 110929 SHINee - Hello @ Mnet Boom The K-POP

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[Video] 110928 Jonghyun Star Call (Eng Trans)

Jjong said its autumn, I love autumn & the winds are breezy. However there are autumn fat & one can put on weight easily. The weather is very cooling now, everyone must exercise more. The first exercise is cycling, you can feel the breeze & enjoy the workout ~ Actually I do not know how to cycle, so everyone please cycle more & exercise more.

English translation: Eimanjjong
Credit: SHINeeAttack

[Info] Recochoku’s Weekly Download Charts for 09/21~09/27.

Chaku-Uta (Ringtone) Weekly Ranking

“Chaku-Uta” are short versions (30~40 seconds long) of songs that can easily be used as ringtones (truetone). They are usually encoded in MP3, AAC, and other similar formats.

Ranking/Weeks (TITLE - Artist)

01/(00) “Step” – KARA
02/(02) “Ai wo Tomenaide” – Koda Kumi
03/(00) “LUCIFER (Japanese Ver.)” – SHINee
04/(06) “CRAZY FOR YOU” – Kylee
05/(05) “Zutto Kimi to…” – INFINITY 16 welcomez TEE & hiroko from mihimaru GT
06/(03) “Rising Sun” – EXILE
07/(00) “Darlin’” – BENI
08/(00) “i hate you” – ISSA × SoulJa + ROLA
09/(00) “Magic Power” – Hey! Say! JUMP
10/(11) “Flying Get” – AKB48

Congratulations SHINee ^^

Credit: Allkpop

[Video] SHINee - Lucifer (Japanese Version) Teaser Ver.2

[Video] 110927 SHINee on "MEZAMASHI" Japan TV Program.

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[News] SHINee’s Taemin to showoff a manly image on ‘K-STAR news’.

On an upcoming episode of SBS E!TV‘s ‘K-STAR news‘ hosted by Son Ho Young, SHINee‘sTaemin will reveal a whole new transformed look.

Well known for appealing to the older generation of women with his cute and fresh image, Taemin will reveal a more grown-up, sexy and manly look on ‘K-STAR news’. SHINee’s average age was 17 when they first debuted and Taemin held the most innocent and cute look because he was the youngest out of the group. Taemin attracted the ‘noonas’ with his slim, and young figure along with his adorable antics so noonas should be interested with his image change on this upcoming program.

Additionally, the show will discuss the frenzy of girl group comebacks for the second half of 2011 and MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon will also be featured on the show.

SBS E!TV’s ‘K-STAR news‘ airs every Friday at 10PM.

Source & Photo: SBS via Naver
Credit: Allkpop

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[Fan Account] An Old Man (Aujussi) Buying Onew’s Autographed Shoes for Charity Auction.

Went out with my mom as we were busy with something. We were walking to the childrens park that was near our home whilst holding onto the kimbap we just bought as well as looking at the animals that were on the way too.

We felt tired and was about to head home on the train when we saw a crowd of people surrounding a charity auction event or maybe a charity auction selling celebrity worn goods…So we decided to take a look.

Suddenly, mom grabbed my hand and said there was Onew’s shoes ㅋㅋㅋㅋ eh? Took a look and saw really, Jinki’s signed shoes were there!! Then I turned my head and was about to say “Mom, me too…” but from mom’s expression I could see the “If-I-participate-in-the-auction-I-will-die” atmosphere so I could only shut-up and look.

At the end, Jinki’s shoes was auctioned off by an ahjussi (old man). Shoes, bye-bye!

Anyways, I always feel so happy to bump into anything related to the kids on a random basis.

Source: cherryzzi
Eng Translation: vivz @ soompi

Please take out with full credits.

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[Video] 110923 SHINee - Russia 2011 Cover Dance Festival (Eng Subs) (Full)

[Interview] 110925 SHINee Interview on Japanese Monthly TV Guide Magazine. (Eng Trans)

Q: One good memory you have with the members?

Onew: Traveling the world and getting to try a lot of different food dishes.
Taemin: When I find out about their secrets.
Key: Getting to travel to different countries!
Jonghyun: Performing infront of alot of people with them!
Minho: When I’m spending time with them~

Q: If the world is ending, what’s the last food you’d like to eat?

Onew: Fried chicken! I want both Japan’s and Korea’s!
Taemin: if there’s time to eat, I’d rather spend that time with my friends!
Key: A hamburger meal! I want to not think about anything and just eat.
Jonghyun: An apple.
Minho: Mom’s cooking.

Q: Any mischievous incidents recently?

Onew: I used to take care of chicks. I would pretend to feed them but not let them eat the feed.
Taemin: I’m really forgetful. Once, hyungs hid my cellphone! I spent such a long time trying to find it.
Key: On my birthday, the members pretended to quarrel. I was really upset and cried!
Jonghyun: Key brought some ramen from Korea when we went to Japan. I ate it when he went shopping. Sorry~
Minho: Once, I stuck my foot at the back of the seat in the car. It was really satisfying hearing Key shout “I can’t push it down!”

Q: Something you’ve heard that has made a big impression?

Onew: I’m photogenic.
Taemin: When I’m onstage, ah~ The fans’ cheers.
Key: That I’m a very optimistic person.
Jonghyun: Thank you.
Minho: Good-looking.

Q: Something small that has made you feel happy recently?

Onew: Getting to eat yummy food!
Taemin: A good dream! The details are secret.
Key: Good food.
Jonghyun: Watching alot of good TV shows.
Minho: Sleeping in until the skies are dark.

Q: What is one thing that you’d like to do forever?

Onew: Lead a happy life with my family.
Taemin: Diving? I really like dolphins, so I’d like to be in the water.
Key: Work. I’m a workaholic (laughs).
Jonghyun: SHINee of course!
Minho: Try new and different food dishes.

Source: Japanese Monthly TV Guide Magazine
Translation By: ohatoms

[Picture] SHINee on Japan TV Guide Magazine (HQ) (Scans)

Credit: As Tagged.

[News] SHINee on Japan “MJ Present’s KPOP Special Edition” on 25th Sept.

[Original Message]

土曜深夜24时から「MJ presents K-POPスペシャル」を放送します。



[English Translation]

Saturday 0000h “MJ Present’s KPOP Special Edition” will be broadcasted.
There will be singing, dancing, talking, fun and laughter!
It include 43 min worth of the latest kpop news like 2NE1, Kara’s little sister - Rainbow, and the famous “Cat Dance” by Tiara.
Kara and 2pm videos will also be broadcasted.

In addition, SNSD, SHINee, BoA, BEAST latest concert videos and afterschool etc videos will be shared.

Source :…log/2011/09/22
Credit: Soundtracklove @ Soompi

[Lyrics] SHINee - Lucifer (Japanese Ver.) (Japanese + English Translation)


ねえ どうしたら良い?
ただひとつ愿うよ まだ爱してくれるのなら
もう终わりにして Her whisper is the Lucifer
だけど无理して どうにかつないで
一人で 対応してこれたら

ただその瞳は like 一切実际いちころ
すべてを受け止めたい 虏


直视さえもできない たたたた たじろいで
君が仆を{ }
だけど无理して どうにかつないで
一人で 対応してこれたら
Loverhollic Robotronic Loverhollic Robotronic
交わした约束 まだずっと仆を狂わす
诘まってしまう言叶 NoNoNoNo no want me
もうおかしくなる きききき 君が中心
もう目の前の君しか见えなくなって yeah
だけど无理して どうにかつないで
一人で 対応してこれたら
{  }
もどかしくても 相当じれったいよ

心も体も夺った その 待った
近づく{ }かける暇さえなかったんだ
目を背ける言叶を惑わしてそう あるいは
络まったこの手の{ }意味はtell me why
だけど无理して どうにかつないで
一人で 対応してこれたら

now Let’s goすべてをいっそ
{ }Let’s go自由にしてよ
now Let’s go { }
{ }Let’s go { }しないよ
だけど无理して どうにかつないで
Loverhollic Robotronic Loverhollic Robotronic

[English Translation]

I cant even hide
No matter where I go
So what should I do?

I only have one wish. If you do not love me
Stop it.. Her Whisper is the lucifer

This love is meaningless
But we still force it to work out, in the end pain is all we left with
Being alone compared to now
I will still only love you

Cannot escape from the Lucifer
Your forces are as powerful as the Lucifer
Once fallen in love with you, reality is crushed
I want to stop all this

First time having met you
Is only a brief encounter but it felt like our relationship will last forever

I cannot look into your eyes because retreat(?)
You will make me

Have decisions set, you kept making me go crazy
What you hope for is not perfection
Unable to speak out NONONONO no want me
It is getting weirder YOU YOU YOU YOU you are the focal point

Must have chosen the wrong path and yet have forgotten
Now I can only see you, what’s in front of me .. yeah
Miss you more and more

This love is meaningless
But we still force it to work out, in the end pain is all we left with
Being alone compared to now
I will still only love you

More and more annoyed more and more worried
Just because I cannot answer you

Other than worry
I am unable to carry out other tasks


Having my body and soul taken away, I can only wait
Near.. there’s no way to escape
Avoiding the stares Seemingly mystified by these words
Binding both hands Means tell me why

This love is meaningless
But we still force it to work out, in the end, pain is all we are left with
Being alone compared to now
I will still only love you

Just like a clown locked up in a glass castle
Now Let’s Go, let’s leave everything behind
~Let’s go, reach for freedom

Unable to draw the lines, everything ends up in pain only
Now Let’s Go~
~Let’s go, I dont want to do this anymore

This love is meaningless
But we still force it to work out, in the end pain is all we left with

Loverholic Robotronic
Loverholic Robotronic

Once our gaze have met, it is unable to escape from the clutches of Lucifer

Source: Baidu and
Chinese-English Translation By: Soundtracklove @ Soompi

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[Picture] 110923 Key's Birthday Gifts From “Sweet Spring”.

Source: Keysday @ Weibo
Shared By: JjongFacts

[Picture] 110923 Key's Birthday Gifts From “Keyandu”.

Source: Keyandu
Credit: ooSHINeSTARoo @ Soompi

[Picture] 110923 Key's Birthday Gifts From “Keysyou”.

Source: As Tagged
Credit: SHINee Soompi

[Fan Account] 110922 Key’s Surprise Birthday Party #02

  • Minho said he somehow thought that Kibum has a particular present he wants in mind so he didn't buy in advance. Key said he does have a present that he wants… so they said they’ll go buy together.
  • Jjong bought Kibum a blingbling bag and kibum was carrying the bag till the end of the party. key said he’ll show/prove it in the airport next time.
  • There was this helium balloon that supported audio recording so all the boys said a short message - ‘Saranghae’ - together but at the end of it, Kibum added ‘Good Night’ so Taemin was like ‘We said do a short one!!’, in the end everything got recorded into that balloon thing LOL. It was given to a fan.
  • Key said last time if you bully him he’ll get pissed off but recently he has forgotten how to get pissed off… Then the members were saying they like to see Kibum getting bullied. Then they really bullied kibum but kibum was just laughing
  • Key was wiping off the cream on his face and only left that one spot on his nose alone so Jjong was like “Did everyone see that?? Key’s so smart! He knows how to make himself look adorable!”
  • Minho offered to drive Kibum to a place in Daegu in his K7 (The car he won from Dream Team) then kibum was like “Lets go with the members!”
  • Kibum got rejected continuously by a club (or a few clubs?) in Spain. He got rejected cos he was wearing shorts. Then rejected again when he wore his Jeremy Scott dog bone shoes. and also when he wore flip flops.
  • Jjong said Key has been really really working on his singing.
  • Minho said that in singapore there was once when the manager called him to go over, saying that Taemin has stuff to tell him. At that time, TaeKey shared a room. Jjongho shared a room, Jinki had his own room. Minho said he was really tired that day so he asked the manager what is it about and cant it be done tomorrow? The manager then said it’s really urgent so hurry go… Before Minho got into the room, he heard lotsa hehehhehe sounds, wondering what’s going on. The moment he stepped in, he saw OnTae bullying Kibum. Taemin (to minho): “Oh hyung, you’re here? We’ve just started, come join us!” then the 3 of them started throwing Kibum around. They said k\Kibum just kept laughing and laughing even when he got thrown into a corner of the bed and got thrown/stuck in between the beds, he was laughing, when he knocked his head against the wall, HE WAS STILL LAUGHING HAPPILY. Kibum said it’s not that he likes being bullied. It’s just that he doesn't like getting angry that’s why he laughed. He forgot how to get angry. Jinki said they threw kibum 40 times but Kibum was still laughing. Then after saying all these, suddenly the members started gathering around kibum and re-enacted the scenario on the spot, even Kibum’s chair fell.
  • Minho wanted to light the candle but he just kept failing. So Jjong was like “Just use your eyes to light it!” (as in like, saying flaming charisma has fire in his eyes)
  • At the party, when anyone starts to interrupt Kibum’s talking, he will say “I like you” (or was it i love you?)”
  • Everything Minho did at the party will cause topics related to ‘dream team’ and ‘car owner’. Minho said Jjong should've gone to watch him record dream team, he told Jjong to go watch but in the end he didn't go… Jjong asked him “When did you ask me to go??” Minho said “In my dream”.

Source: byulbit
Credit: ForeverShiningSHINee

[Fan Account] 110922 Key’s Surprise Birthday Party

  • The day before Minho recorded Dream Team, there was a famous soccer team’s soccer match but Jonghyun went home so Minho was left alone in the dorm.
  • Apparently, Taemin’s clothes today, besides the jacket (or whatever was external), everything else didn't belong to him. The tee and pants were Key’s, even the socks were given by the part time domestic helper Aunty.
  • One of the fans’ question message to Key was “Let me see your abs, Jonghyun said “Kibum has no abs… though you want to see, there isn't any”and Key started mumbling at the side “I do have abs, but……”
  • Though Minho and Jonghyun didn’t sit together, they attacked each other verbally the most and often talked with each other. Then when they were talking about other members they also mentioned that they JongHo shared a room when they were in Singapore. At the end of the party when A-yo was playing, the 2 of them danced their way out.
  • Before the party started, the members were at backstage making noises into the mics, for example, saying “Who am I?” and “Hi everyone”. Someone then shouted goguma (sweet potato) and hobak (pumpkin) then Jonghyun was like “Pumpkin? Kekekkekeke” and started laughing.
  • Jonghyun said that he went to Dongdaemun yesterday (as in, 9/21) to buy a present for Key. He said that he’s a very honest/open person so the present was left unwrap. With that said, he really went to the back and brought out a bag. It really was the kind of bag that would only appear in Dongdaemun. Then Jjong also mentioned that his house is near Dongdaemun. He confidently handed over the present to kibum and said this is really key’s and when Kibum opened up the bag, he was crazily happy. That bag was REALLY REALLY SHINY. Jonghyun said “I prepared this for the shiny you. Must use this for airport fashion”. Key carried the bag till the end of the party. Jonghyun said there’s still a present inside and when Key searched it, he found a box. He opened it and saw that it was sort of sweets that people would sell in the streets… There were originally 10 sweets in that box. Jonghyun said “It’s your birthday so you have to eat sweets” but when Key opened it, there was only 2. So Jonghyun said “I ate 8 and left 2 for you”. Key ate one on the spot and gave the other one to Taemin.
  • When they were audio recording after sucking helium from balloons, Key told the other boys to “Just say saranghae together”. So everyone obeyed and said “Saranghae” but Key started to add on other stuff so Taemin was like “I thought you said to do something short!!”
  • Minho said when Key was sitting on the sofa last night, he went over to lift Key’s legs and helped him relief muscles but then Taemin came and suddenly grabbed Key’s arm while Minho held up Key’s legs. They re-enacted this action at the party. As a result, Key got a 3-sided attack till his chair fell.
  • Before cutting the cake, Key started to get worried about getting whipped cream and other spray stuff on him. In the end they still wiped whipped cream on him. on his cheeks and philtrum, the part that suju yesung likes to poke, the area between the tip of his nose and the centre of his upper lip. Then Taemin stuck some deco thing on Key’s nose… maybe raisin or something and Jonghyun said “Kibum’s very smart, he knows he’s cute, so he doesn't take it off, just leaves it there”, then Minho replied “If I were him, I’d take it off”, and key was like “Because you’re not that kind” saying Minho is not the kind of a cute person.
  • When in Spain, coincidentally came across a day when David Guetta was performing in a club. Key said that he really wanted to see him and since he’s already of legal age so he felt that he should be able to go to club that’s why he went.
  • In the end, he got blocked from entering by the staff because he was wearing flip flops and flip flops weren’t suitable. Key didn't give up and went back to change into his jeremy scott bone shoes. Again, he got rejected with a reason that it’s a classical performance and his shoes didn't suit. Jonghyun commented “You shouldn't at least worn a suit there”.
  • During the 5-words question talk, Onew picked a question and it was regarding skincare question… Key started talking about how he cleanses his face. Firstly, he uses makeup remover, then he’ll wash again and after he dries up with a towel, he’ll start applying skincare products in the bathroom. He said that maybe you can't feel it on the spot but on the next day, the skin will be really different.
  • The members started to tease Key telling him to give the bracelet he was wearing to the fans. Key said that the bracelet got rejected at the airport, he even separately mailed this back, expressing that he really likes it. Then the rest told him to give away his ring and Key said he really really likes this ring too, he wears it everyday. So Jonghyun was like “It’s because that’s expensive right?” then key said “Nono! It’s not expensive but I really really like it” so minho took off kibum’s glasses and said “give this away too” then Key said he bought that when they were in Spain. Then Jonghyun or Taemin said “Might as well just give away all the clothes he’s wearing”.
  • Someone who got picked to receive a present was wearing a tee with Primadonna name on it (not sure if it was FT’s fanclub name, but im not sure if this is referring to a brand name or really referring to some FT fanclub tee). So when Key went to give the present, he saw the name and said “ah, this… this… it’s primadonna!” then Jonghyun said “Primadonna is the name of the fanclub”.
Translate by: byulbit
Credit: weloveTaeKey | shineeworldindonesia
Via: ForeverShiningSHINee.

[Video] 110923 SHINee - Russia 2011 Cover Dance Festival (Full)

[Video] 110922 Jonghyun - Arirang @ Russia

[Video] 110922 SHINee Dancing To Russian Folk Song @ Russia.

[Official Website] 110923 Key's Birthday Message. (Eng Trans)

[From. Key] 만능열쇠 Key입니다~^^

안녕하세요! ‘-‘*
어제 생일 전야제를 즐겁게 마치고,
오늘 본격 생일을 맞이한 키입니다. 흐흐

어제 생일 전야제에서 우리 사랑하는 멤버들 그리고…
SHINee WORLD와 함께 즐거운 이야기 나눌 수 있어서 너무 좋았구요..
여러분도 즐거운 시간이 되었기를 바래요!

매년 즐겁고 행복한 생일을 맞이할 수 있는 건
늘 아낌없는 사랑 보내주시는 팬 여러분 덕분이라고 생각해요~
감사합니다! ‘ㅂ’

저희가 지금 일본에서 열심히 활동하는 중이라
한국 팬 여러분과 자주 만날 순 없지만!
그래도 샤이니랑 계속 함께 반짝반짝 하실 거죠?

생일 축하주신 모든 분들 감사 드리구요~
우리 다 함께 행복한 하루를 보내도록 합시다!


니손이 내손이고 내손이 니손인가? ㅋㅋ

[English Translation]

after have fun with birthday eve yesterday,
today is the real time to celebrate Key’s birthday heu heu

yesterday’s birthday eve party with my beloved member and…
with SHINee WORLD to share a good story together
i wish you have a great time!

Every year, i happy to celebrate a fun birthday
i keep thinking of you all, my fans who always sent love to me~
thank you!‘ㅂ’

now, we’re work hard to japan activities
we cant meet very often with korean fans frequently!
but, SHINee still countinue to shine brightly, right?

thank you for all who celebrate the birthday~
we are happy, let’s spend a day together!

i love you♡

my hand is yours and yours is mine, right? keke~

Source: shinee’s Official Page
Credit: Shinta @ weareshining

[UFO] 110923 Key’s UFO Message on his Birthday! (Eng Trans)

[Original Message] [Key] 안녕하세요! 샤이니의 만능열쇠 키입니다! 하하! 올해도 저의 생일을 많이 축하해주셔서 진심으로 감사 드립니다. 이제 점점 성숙해지는 만큼 더 열심히, 그리고 더 노력하는 키가 될게요. 지켜봐 주세요. 사랑해요~! ♥

[English Translation] [Key] Hello! This is SHINee’s Almighty Key! Haha! Sincerely thank you for all birthday messages in this year. Now I will more mature and will work even harder. Just look over at me. I love you! ♥

Source: Tonghyun
Credit: Weareshining

Friday, September 23, 2011

[Video] SHINee World in Nanjing Highlights.

[Facebook/Picture] 110923 Message on Key's Birthday @ SMTown's Facebook.

Key~! Happy Birthday!!! Today is SHINee's member, Key’s birthday and Key has sent us his pictures for fans! Let’s celebrate Key’s birthday together~ :)


Credit: SMTOWN's Facebook.

[Video] 110922 Key Speaks English @ Russia - Kpop Roadshow.

[Video] 110923 Key Star Call

[Me2day] 110923 Key’s Me2day Update (Eng Trans)

[Original Message] [Key] 생일입니다. 여러분 감사합니다. 흐흐. 태민아 내가 생일인게 그렇게 좋니?

[English Translation] [Key] It’s my birthday. Thank you everyone. Hehe. Taemin do you like the fact that it’s my birthday that much?

Source: SHINee's Me2day
Translation: Allkpop

[Me2day] 110923 Minho’s Me2day Update (Eng Trans)

[Original Message] [민호] 여기는 러시아 아르바트거리 ….. 러시아는 참 춥다^^ 오늘은 키생일!! 추카한다!!!! 선물은… ^^

[English Message] [Minho] This is Russia, a road in Irbit..... Russia is really cold ^^ Today is Key‘s birthday!!!! Congrats... ^^

Source: SHINee's Me2day
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[Video] 110921 #09 Onew: You are Pet (Winsomeness) @ Mnet Idol Chart Show

Thursday, September 22, 2011

[Video] 110922 SHINee @ RUSSIA - KPOP Cover Dance

[Official Photo] SHINee Lucifer Japanese Version Photo Preview. (HQ)

Source: SHINee Official Site (Japanese).
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[Official Photo] SHINee Maypole Photoshoot #05

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