About Us

Welcome To JjongFacts' Fansite!

This blog is dedicated to SHINee, we started this blog since 14th June 2010!
This site will provide you the latest updates of SHINee that we would like to share with everyone, even though our name is JjongFacts!

However we have some basic rules:
Bashing SHINee or SHINee World and other artists is not allowed.
Our posts are given credits, please take out everything with full credits if you want to post stuff somewhere else.
Since we are an international fansite. Languages other than English are discouraged. We really appreciate if you could comment in English, so that everyone will understand!
Please always leave comment(s) in our posts. Show your support to SHINee and us!

**These rules may change at anytime.**

If you wish to contact us, you can contact us through twitter - @JjongFacts ^^

Thanks for visiting and enjoy your stay! ^^
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