Q1: What is UFO Replies?

A1: Basically, UFO replies are the replies that the (korean celebrities) send to their fans. On the UFO site, you can send your idols any message that you want, and if you're lucky, they might reply to your message! However, you need to be a Korean citizen or have a Korean ID number to sign up at the site.
http://ufotown.com/index.html is the site
http://circle.ufotown.com/shinee is SHINee's UFO site

Q2: What is EverySing?

A2: It’s basically a noraebang (karaoke) by SM Entertainment. But this is no ordinary noraebang, EverySing will also hold training sessions and eventually auditions for would-be SM Entertainment artists.

Q3: Do Jonghyun have Cyworld?

A3: Jonghyun do not have a Cyworld account. He used to have a account but he closed his cyworld because there are some who don't believe that it's his homepage. (081004)

080918 Jonghyun's Cyworld Entry
Hello SHINee World
The 1st place glory belongs to SHINee world too
Thank you so much.
Its been a long time since i visited my mini hompy.
I'm sorry for not coming often.
Today i'm just going to check the guestbook & friend requests.

I am happy because we have SHINee World who are like oxygen.
I am happy because we have SHINee World who are like oxygen.

SHINee World makes SHINee breathe.
Then up to here.

081004 Jonghyun's Cyworld Entry

I'm here.
Even though I don't take care of the mini hompy since a lot of you visit it seems lively.
When I saw the guestbook I saw a lot of messages that said enjoying the private hompy?
Also I don't know where you guys heard it from but our company SM does let us have mini hompys.
Sunbaenims and trainees all do it.
Asia Song Festival!
I'm happy we got the Asia Newcomer Award.
I don't think many people believes in this mini hompy.
So I'm going to close this mini hompy soon
and visit you on the official homepage only!
So please wait for Jonghyun on the official homepage from now on!
Thank you for visiting my mini hompy.
Then up to here.

Translation: Sambi
Credit: Soompi.
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