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[Fancam] 110429 Minho spins his hat @ Seoul Women's University Recording

[Fancam] 110429 Key Cute Moment @ Seoul Women's University Recording

[Fancam] 110429 Taemin takes photo with a girl @ Seoul Women's University Recording.

[Fancam] 110429 2MIN talks with a girl @ Seoul Women's University Recording

[Fan Account] 110428 Jonghyun

How long didn’t we see Jonghyun ㅠ Jonghyun went up on stage and he’s still astonishing and because he rested, his condition seemed better. Of course, because he didn’t see his fans for a long time he was really shy ㅎㅎ(t/n: keke) It was short so it was really sweet ㅠㅠ Even if we haven’t met for a long time, I want to greet him like he’s a friend I saw yesterday like we’re familiar with each other and be really sincerely. Nice to meet you, Jonghyun-ah

Source: OIAM
Eng Translations: Emily @ HJIF
Shared by: Paprii @ HJIF

[Me2day] 110430 Jonghyun’s Me2day Update #02 (Eng Trans)

[Original Message] [종현] 아직 안ㅋ샀ㅋ엉ㅋ 내일 사러 가야지…팬싸추첨있는데로…아! 물론 뽑혀도 가진 않을겁니다 겨뤄보자구 에프엑스팬들 누가 더 많이 사나 투닥투닥(도발)ㅋ

[Chinese Translation] [钟铉] 还 没 买 哈哈哈 明天要去买。。。签名会是要抽签的。。啊!即使被抽中我都不去 一起来比比看吧 FX饭们 看谁买更多 噶吱噶吱(挑衅)哈

[English Translation] [Jonghyun] I haven’t bought it yet hahaha, I will buy it tomorrow… Autograph have to draw lots.. Ah! If I got choosen I wont go to, let’s have a challenge Aff(x)tion see who buy more ("ge zi ge zi" - Some voice to disturb the fans) Ha

Source: SHINee me2day
Chinese Translate: Karen @ Baidu
English Translate: Forever_shinee

[Me2day] 110430 Jonghyun’s Me2day Update. (Eng Trans)

[Original Message] [종현] 에프엑스!!!어제일등했죠!!!추카추카!!아자뵤 문제!!!누예삐오 앨범을 열장이나 샀던 샤이니의 종현군은 이번 정규앨범 피노키오를 몇장이나 구매했을까요!? 맞추면 셀카올리지롱>○<

[Chinese Translation] [钟铉] FX!!!昨天得第一了!!!祝贺祝贺!!呀呼 提问!!!买了10多张NUABO专辑的SHINee钟铉君这次的正规专辑匹诺曹会买几张呢!?猜对的话我会上传自拍照的>o<

[English Translation] [Jonghyun] f(x)!!! Won the 1st place yesterday!!! Congratulation!!! Woo hoo question !!! Bought 10 NU ABO Album’s SHINee Jonghyun this time round will buy how many Pinocchio album!? Guess it right and I will update with a selca >o<

Source: SHINee's Me2day
Chinese Translate: Karen
English Translate: Forever_shinee - 5th Admin.

[Fancam] 110429 Key waves to fans @ Seoul Women's University Recording.

[Fancam] 110429 Minho @ Seoul Women's University Recording

[Fancam] 110429 Taemin holding certificate @ Seoul Women's University Recording

[Fancam] 110429 Taemin @ Seoul Women's University Recording.

[Fancam] 110429 2MIN @ Seoul Women's University Recording

[Fancam] 110429 Taemin 'SHHH!' @ Seoul Women's University Recording.

[Fancam] 110429 Taemin 'LOL' @ Seoul Women's University Recording

[Fancam] 110428 Onew @ Severance Hospital Love Concert

[Fancam] 110429 Lovely Taemin @ Seoul Women's University Recording

[Fancam] 110428 Jonghyun @ Severance Hospital Love Concert

[Video] 110430 MC Onew & Minho @ Music Core. (Cut)

[News] SHINee to Perform at Miss Chunhyang Contest.

SHINee will appear as one of the guest singers invited for the 81st Miss Chunhyang Contest in Jeonju on May 9.

Source: @Jeonju_KBS
Credit: Jujugal.

Friday, April 29, 2011

[Random] One of the members of "M1" is Taemin's Friend.

One of the members of SM Entertainment's upcoming boy band, nicknamed "M1" is Taemin's Friend. His name is Kim Jongin. Born in the year, 1994. He appeared in TVXQ's "Ha Ha Ha" CF.

Source: Koreaboo
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[Fan Account] SHINee’s Replay PV Filming #2

This’s actually a Onew bias fan account haha~

- Dubu kept singing Japanese version of ‘Replay’ out loud. I was almost buckled at the knee listening to him singing..ㅋㅋ

- The mv director made a slip of the tongue, “Hello~” to SHINee. (it must be a funny situation.) Dubu was teasing him a lot for that, “Ai~~~~ Hello~~~~~”ㅋㅋ

- When DUBU entered the MV studio, he bowed to everyone, every single person. He even bowed again to everyone after having some break. So, it means he bowed to me right in my face. ㅎㅎㅎ

- You know his famous hand moves (spreading all fingers like a frog, moving like a (baby) gang. lol), right? He did that a lot while filming as expected. ㅋㅋ

- The director told a coordinator Dubu’s hair was too spiked up and side hair was sunken. She fixed his hair too much with a spray. So, his hair looked a bit unnatural, but it was sort of okay on screen. When I got in the studio, his hair was just too perfect like one of gorgeous RDD styles….. Anyway, his hair got fixed and Dubu started to film again. Holy! By the way, his black hair is just too damn gorgeous. I couldn’t help myself making animal sound unintended after looking at him…

- All members danced too much, enough to lose weight. So, Dubu, Jjong and Key had a nap in the dressing room. Dubu woke up and came out from the room with himself staggering. I was almost shouting out… how can he be like that…. ah…. I felt like hand-rubbing him… And, he washed his hair with his jacke taken off. Seriously….. He just looked like a high-school boy with his black hair all down… His shoulder was super awesome. Why does he look exactly like the time he debuted with ‘Replay’ in Korea…T.T

- Dubu used his laptop, putting on his lap, his legs crossed, his shoulder relaxed. Anyway, his legs were so thin ( I felt like hugging him. Dubuya, don’t sit crouched when using laptop. Not good for your waist and neck…

- Later, I saw a dancer using dubu’s laptop. Dubu rested his head on the dancer’s shoulder, one of his legs put under his thighs, the other leg placed on the floor shaking, looking just like AEGI. ㅋㅋㅋ Dubu seems he shake his legs a lot ㅋㅋㅋ It must be his habit. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

- After, he sat with his legs spread-ed like the one we saw one of ‘Idol Sports Competition’ pictures, like a freeman (hippie?) I was going crazy, not to mention I was almost forgetting I came here to work…ㅎㅎ

- A coordinator dropped the cap of water bottle. Dubu picked it up like an arrow and gave it to her…ㅎㅎ

- His black hair is just tooooooooo fabulous…

- I wanted to talk to him when he was alone but there was Choi Jin standing beside…

- Dubu was playing a game taught by Yoona. “Do I have to do it with my left hand? Is it okay doing it my left haaaaand?” (baby talking). Yoona and Dubu talked down to each other but didn’t seem close. ㅋㅋ I don’t know. ㅋㅋ

- “On-Actor-nim, ‘ALSO your back is awesome.” The director said Dubu answered “‘ONLY my back is awesome.” Dubu obsessed with his back. ㅋㅋ Anyway, it was OnewSangtae (word-gag) ㅋㅋ

- Dubu, Key and other members tried to laugh in a funny way. That was 3 times funnier than ‘Hello Baby’ laughing stuff we have seen. Dubu laughed like the devil “WoomHahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!” then, after, “I feel totally drained after laughing like this.” Taem lol-ed a lot for that. “Hyung, how do you do that? DaeBak~!”

- While Dubu was filming something, he had to pretend he was talking, the director ”Onew-ya, speak something.” Dubu “Speak.” then, laughing too hard all alone. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

- The director asked Dubu speak something again. Then, Dubu sang ‘We No Speak America’ in a very funny way. ㅋㅋㅋ LMAO ㅋㅋㅋ He even changed his voice. ㅋㅋㅋ “Bambarabarabarabam~”

- Dubu and Yoona talked about ‘Cinderella’, a drama Yoona did, the scene she smacked an actor’s face. Dubu and Jjong imitated it. Yoona said she didn’t do like that, laughing, she said she was supposed to hit the actor slightly but her hand was too spicy. Dubu, then, talked to himself ”My hands are salty.” >< ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Tooooooo cuuuuute ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

- Dubu and Jjong sang something together, but I forgot what it was.

- It was chaos to me staying there because I heard some members singing out loud on the left side and others studying Japanese out loud on the right side.

- When Dubu came out from the dressing room for group dance scene, the stage looked different from what he saw before. So, Dubu said “It’s so empty” His way of speaking was just Toooo Cuuuute. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

- When Jjong was singing ‘Wedding Dress by Taeyang’, Taemin and Onew joined in with him and sang harmony. Daebak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Source: DC
English translation: april_ontokki , winkme @ soompi

[Fan Account] SHINee’s Replay PV Filming.

One lucky k-shawol was there at the filming~

- Minho kept saying “JINKIBUM keep dancing wrong~”

- Atmosphere full of onew sangtae, word gags

- Right after Dubu entered the studio, he bowed to everyone (every single person). He even bowed to the fan right in her face “anneyonghasaeyo~”

- The director kept smiling when Dubu smiled while filming as if he was Dubu’s dad.

- The director called each member’s name for their screen time. When it was for Key, the director made a mistake and called Dubu instead. Key frowned and Dubu danced as if it was his part because he was called. The director said sorry to Key after that, but Dubu was like “I thought it was my part when you called me so I danced better~”
Key was frowning because it was his part and the director was supposed to focus on him but he didn’t.

- When Key heard a dog crying, he said “kkya~~~ too cute~~~” and petted a cat “naviya~(typical name for cats in kr) long time no see~”

- Key immitated Christina (an Italian girl who appeared on “Chit Chat with Beauties”) speaking in Korean and laughed himself. (PS: Onew used to imitate her as well)

- Minho sat on his coordinanor’s lap and looked very close to all coordinators.

- Key starred sharply at a camera for 5 seconds. Jjong asked what he was doing then key shook his head (came back to his mind?) and smiled like a puppy “haeee” and said “noooothing~~”

- A dancer asked Taemin, Dubu and Minho what they thought about their new clothes. Taemin - traffic lights, Dubu - rainbow, Minho - chicago(??). The dancer pointed at Dubu and thought it was ‘jamaica~’. Then, Dubu lol-ed too much and spoke out loud “jamaica~~~~~~~!!!!”

- Dubu’s infamous ‘hand pose’ (using his hands a lot with all five fingers spreaded like a frog covering his face) was seen again in the filming

- After SHINee danced too much they all got exhasted, so Dubu, Jjong and Key took a nap in the waiting room while Taemin was filming and Minho was playing with his coordinators

- When Dubu woke up and came out from the room with himself staggering later, the fan said she wanted to shout out loud because Dubu looked sooo baby-like that she wanted to cuddle him all over.
Dubu then, washed his hair and came out from the washroom. She said he looked exactly like a highschool student with his black hair all down. His shoulder was just perfect…

Bonus (LOL!!!)
- She said Dubu wore red diesel underwear

Source: dc
Eng translaiton: april_ontokki, vivz @ ssoompi

[Fancam] 110428 Jonghyun stares at camera! @ Severance Hospital Love Concert

[Fancam] 110428 Jonghyun - Replay @ Severance Hospital Love Concert

[News] SHINee Replay Tops Recochoku Chart.

The chaku-uta (cell phone ring tone) service for the Japanese version of SHINee’s Replay was open on April 28, and it is currently ranked 1st at the daily chaku-uta chart on Recochoku, Japan’s largest mobile site.

Source: OSEN &
Credit: Jujugal.

[News] SHINee's Jonghyun to Appear in Idol Singing Contest

KBS will launch a new entertainment program in which idol singers will have singing battles

KBS Entertainment Department Chief said on April 29, “We are preparing an idol singing contest program that will be launched at the end of next month as part of the Spring program change.”

Kwon Jaeyoung PD explained, “It is an idol version of “Immortal Masterpiece,” a corner of Happy Sunday, but it’s not a survival game that decides whom to drop.”

He continued, “We will focus on how the idol singers reinterpret masterpieces in their own styles rather than on simply showing their singing ability.”

6 idol singers, including Sistar's Hyorin, SHINee's Jonghyun, 2AM's Changmin, and BEAST's Yoseop, are said to appear as contestants in the program.

Picture: OIAM
Source: Yonhap News
Credit: jujugal

[Fancam] 110428 Key grabs hair & waves hand @ Severance Hospital Love Concert

[Fancam] 110428 Beautiful Taemin @ Severance Hospital Love Concert

[Fancam] 110428 Minho - Hello @ Severance Hospital Love Concert

[Fancam] 110428 Taemin - Replay Boom Track @ Severance Hospital Love Concert. (Full)

[Fancam] 110428 Minho's Sexy Wave @ Severance Hospital Love Concert

[Fancam] 110428 Smiling Onew @ Severance Hospital Love Concert

[Fancam] 110428 SHINee Talking @ Severance Hospital Love Concert

[Fancam] 110428 Key @ Severance Hospital Love Concert.

[Fancam] 110428 Jonghyun & Taemin - Replay @ Severance Hospital Love Concert

[Fancam] 110428 Key - Replay (Dance Part) @ Severance Hospital Love Concert

[Fancam] 110428 Taemin - Hello @ Severance Hospital Love Concert.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

[Fancam] 110428 Taemin @ Severance Hospital Love Concert

[Fancam] 110428 Jonghyun Cute Mistake @ Severance Hospital Love Concert

[News] SHINee to participate in Charity Hanmadan Osaka "Ganbarou! Nippon".

SHINee with 2 other KPOP artists and JPOP artists will be involved in CHARITY HANMADAN OSAKA ”GANBAROU! NIPPON”. It's free entrance.

Time & Venue: 10 AM ~ 4PM at Osaka Castle Park.

Source: kankoku sai hakken
Credit: winkme @ soompi shinee thread

[Schedule] SHINee's Schedule on April - September 2011.

April 28 - “Replay” Japanese version is available for downloads thrue ChakuUta

May 9 - London Evenet Invitation Plan Deadline (Reko Choku and MobaEmi)

May 14 - Tokyo Densetsu at Saitama Super Arena

May 15 - The 4th K-POP SUPER LIVE at Makuhari Hall Chiba

May 25 - SHINee Debut 3nd Anniversary

June 10 - SMTOWN in PARIS at Le Zenith de Paris

June 15 - MTV LIVEDAM Sing for Smile Tour VMAJ at Fukuoka

June 16 - MTV LIVEDAM Sing for Smile Tour VMAJ at Osaka


June 22 - SHINee 1st Japanese Debut Single “Replay” on sale

July - JAPAN DEBUT PREMIUM RECEPTION at Tokyo, Osaka,Nagoya, Fukuoka, Sapporo

July 18 - Taemin’s 19th Birthday!

September 3 - SMTOWN LIVE in TOKYO at Tokyo Dome

September 4 - SMTOWN LIVE in TOKYO at Tokyo Dome

September 23 - Key’s 20th Birthday!

Credit: winkme @ soompi

[Video] 110427 SHINee's Japan Debut News @ Mezamasi TV

[News] SM’s Stock Price Goes Up.

SM Entertainment finished strong in the stock market with the news of SHINee’s scheduled debut in Japan and SNSD’s third single released in Japan.

On April 27, SM’s stock price was 3.63% (700 Won) up to 20,000 Won from the previous day.

As their artists’ activities in Japan, which have been put on hold after the Fukushima earthquake, are now scheduled to restart, the news will act as a momentum for the price increase of SM’s shares.

SM announced on the same day SHINee will debut in Japan with the Japanese version of Replay, their Korean debut song. SHINee’s first single in Japan will be released on June 22.

SHINee are also set to perform live on June 19 in the Abbey Road Studios in London, a place called the world-renowned symbol of EMI music and dream studio, to celebrate their debut in Japan.

SM also announced that the SM Town Live Concert in Tokyo Dome has been confirmed to be on Sept. 3~4.

Source: Asia Economy
Credit: Jujugal

[Audio] 110427 Why f(x) Amber can't do unit with SHINee's Jonghyun @ Starry Night Radio Show. (Eng Subs)

[Audio] SHINee - Replay (Japanese Version)

[Twitter] SHINee will feature at next Ellegirl Japan Issue.

Source: ellegirlsumimin @ twitter
Credit: winkme @ soompi shinee thread

[Info] SHINee's Japan Debut Replay Single+DVD are already available for pre-order in YESASIA

- Replay (SINGLE+DVD)(Normal Edition)(Japan Version)

■ DVD with (“Replay Teaser” “Replay Music Video” “Replay JK Shooting Sketch” “Replay Music Video Shooting Sketch”)
■ PHOTO BOOKLET (JAPAN DEBUT PREMIUM PHOTO 44Pages ※ body panel is different from the content PHOTO BOOKLET)

01 Replay
02 Hello

01 Replay Music Video
02 Replay Teaser
03 Replay Jacket撮影Sketch
04 Replay Music Video撮影Sketch

- Replay Japan Debut Premium Edition (SINGLE+DVD)(First Press Limited Edition)(Japan Version)

■ Deluxe digipak sleeve case
■ DVD with (“Replay Teaser” “Replay Music Video” “Replay Dance Version Music Video”)
■ PHOTO BOOKLET (text and photo album 68Pages)
■ Trading Cards (one out of six total) will be filled randomly

01 Replay
02 Hello
03 Replay[Korean ver.]
04 Hello[Korean ver.]

01 Replay Music Video
02 Replay Teaser
03 Replay Dance Music Video

Additional Information may be added

Source: Yesasia
English Translation: HyunJoongie@soompi

[News] French Fans to Have Flash Mob at L’ouvre Museum.

Tickets for SM Town Live in Paris were sold out one day after the ticket sale started. Even fans from Italy and England purchased the tickets for the SM Town’s first live concert in Europe.

Members of Korean Connection, a Korean pop culture fan club, are now gathering signatures through facebook for a petition to request one more round of the SM Town Concert.

Thousands signed up for the petition even in less than 24 hours after the campaign started. Korean Connection members will have a flash mob as part of the campaign in front of Le musee de L’ouvre. KBS is going to report on the demonstration.

Credit: Jujugal

[News] SHINee to Perform at “Patient’s Day” Concert.

SHINee will participate in a “Patients’ Day” event at the Gangnam Severence Hospital. The listed guest singers were 4 Minute, CN Blue, K-Will, and Norazo, but for some reason K-will was switched to SHINee. The event starts at 7PM, April 28.

Credit: Jujugal.

[News] “SM Town Live in Paris” sold out within 15 minutes!

On April 28th, SM Entertainment revealed that tickets for their “SM Town Live in Paris” sold out completely within 15 minutes!

Representatives stated, “We opened tickets for sale on the morning of the 26th through Live Nation and Fnac. 15 minutes after the window opened, all seats were sold out, which definitely made us feel the popularity of our artists in Europe.”

They continued, “Our world tour has achieved much success in Seoul, L.A., Tokyo, and Shanghai, and we’re already receiving an explosive response from European music fans.”

“SM Town Live” will be held at the Le Zenith de Paris on June 10th.

Source: Star News via Nate
Credit: Allkpop

[Info] SHINee's Japan Debut Single Pre-sale Ranking @ HMV Stores.

Current ranking @ HMV Stores.

SHINee ranked 1st & 2nd in Tower Record.
SHINee ranked 11th & 27th in Amazon Japan.

* I heard AKB (Japan’s most popular idol girl group) member is releasing a single on the same day with SHINee. I’m afraid it’ll be hard for SHINee to top the chart…

Credit: Jujugal.

[Picture] SHINee Polaroid for High Cut.

Source: High Cut
Credit : mocmoc @ sommpi

[Lyrics] SHINee - Replay (Japanese Version) (Japanese + Romaji + English Translation)

皆が羨む完璧なspecial lady
Minna ga urayamu kanpeki na special lady
Perfect special lady that everyone envies
dare yori mo kitto shiawase to
is surely the happiest than anyone

sekai no doko ni mo kawari wa inai yo
It doesn’t have the change anywhere in this world.

君は僕にだけのeverything 〜
kimi wa boku ni dake no everything ~
you are my everything to me ~

yasashi sugita kara ka osanai kara ka
Is it because I’m too kind or too young

kimi no sono taidou ga subete kataru
you’re attitude talks about everything

and I think I’m gonna hate it girl

kitto nagakunai kizuiteru kedo muki aenai
though I noticed it cannot be opposite and surely long

何をしても (僕の心は)
nani wo shi te mo (boku no kokoro wa)
no matter what I do ( my heart )

もう (届かないのか)
mou (todokanai no ka)
already (does not reach it)

Replay Replay Replay

ずっと (僕の心を)
zutto (boku no kokoro wo)
for a long time (my heart is)

もっと (痛めつけるよ)
motto (itame tsukeruyo)
more (it beats up)

Replay Replay Replay

So you’re my MVP
mainichi ga mita sarete
everyday is filled

君といるとfeel so good
kimi to iru to feel so good
It feel so good when I’m with you

mou kono te wo hana sanai sou itta kedo
I told you to not separate your hand any longer

itsu kara darou
it might be from when

もう同じように (思わないんだ)
mou onaji you ni (omo wanainda)
I don’t think the same way

yasashi sugita kara ka osanai kara ka
Is it because I’m too kind or too young

sono kuuki kan de subete wakatta ~
I understand from what I felt from the air ~

and i think I’m gonna hate it girl

kitto nagaku nai
It is not surely long

demo mata kimi wo saga shi te ru ~
but I’m still searching for you ~

Replay Replay Replay

何をしても (この心は)
nani wo shi te mo (kono kokoro wa)
no matter what I do ( this heart )

todokanai no ka
does not reach it

Replay Replay Replay
I love you girl

ima mo zutto
for a long time


replay replay replay
I love you girl

nani wo shi te mo
no matter what I do

you let me girl….
keep thinking about you, you let me girl
you don’t know what is love

Credit: winkme @ Soompi

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

[News] SM confirms “SM TOWN LIVE in TOKYO” for September.

SM Entertainment’s “SM TOWN LIVE in TOKYO SPECIAL EDITION” has been confirmed for September 3rd and 4th!

The two-day concert was originally scheduled for April 9th and 10th at the Tokyo Dome concert hall, but due to the natural disasters affecting Japan, SM Entertainment had no option but to postpone the date.

As the Tokyo Dome can house a 50,000 member audience, representatives are expecting over a 100,000 member audience over the two days.

Aside from Tokyo, “SM TOWN LIVE” will be heading to Paris, France on June 10th as well and all tickets were snapped up almost immediately after going on sale on April 26th.

Source: Newsen via Nate
Credit: Allkpop

[News] SHINee to officially debut in Japan with “Replay” on 22nd June

SM Entertainment revealed today that SHINee will join the wave of K-pop artists promoting in Japan. A Japanese version of “Replay,” which was also their debut song in Korea, is the first single slated for release.

Though the single will be officially released in Japan on June 22nd, it won’t be the boys’ first time performing in the country. They had an extremely successful concert last December at the YoyogiGroup Stadium, performing to a sold-out show of 24,000 adoring fans.

Japanese fans will be able to download the new version of “Replay” as a ringtone for their mobile phones later this week on April 28th.

Source + Photo: Nate
Credit: Allkpop

[News] SHINee’s Replay Ring Tone Service to Start on April 28.

Idol group SHINee are set to debut in Japan with the Japanese version of Replay on June 22.

SHINee will perform live in the Abbey Road Studio, a place called the world-renowned symbol of EMI Music and dream studio, on June 19 to celebrate their debut in Japan. The large-scale extraordinary debut shows EMI’s high expectations on SHINee’s activities in Japan.

Only world-renowned musicians, including Stevie Wonder, Brian Adams, Cold Play, and Robbie Williams, have performed live in the Abbey Road Studio, which is known as a studio Beatles recorded their songs and for their masterpiece album Abbey Road jacket photo. SHINee are the first Asian artists to perform live in the studio.

SHINee will also meet Japanese fans through live events titled “SHINee Japan Debut Premium Reception” in 5 cities, Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, and Sapporo from early July.

Before releasing their first single Replay in Japan, SHINee will offer the cell phone ring tone service through mobile sites from April 28.

Source: Sports Today
Credit: Jujugal.

[Video] 110427 SHINee’s Official Comment for Japan Debut. (Eng Subs)

[News] Japanese Debut Song “Replay” will start delivering tomorrow on April 28 at “Chaku Uta”.

SHINee’s Japanese debut song “replay” will start delivering on April 28 (Thursday) at “Chaku Uta(R) / RBT.

As a bonus download you can have SHINee’s limited member solo shots stand by screen until May 9 until noon for free (There are 5 kinds)

*TL Note: A ChakuUta is a ringtone. It may not seem like a big deal to foreign people, but it’s a booming industry here in Japan because Japanese phones don’t let you make your own ringtones. Rekochoku makes a killing every year off of ringtones sold.

Source: SHINee’s Japanese Official Website
English translation: winkme @ soompi shinee thread

[News] SHINee to perform at Abbey Road Studios in London to celebrate their Japanese debut

SHINee to perform at Abbey Road Studios in London to celebrate their Japanese debut
Popular South Korean group SHINee is scheduled to make their major debut in Japan in on June 22nd with their single “Replay” and what is a better way to celebrate this achievement than performing at the famous Abbey Road Studios in London?

That’s exactly what their record label and owner of the studio, EMI Music thought and thus they invited the group to perform at the studios that once inspired legends such as The Beatles and Pink Floyd.

At first it might sound awkward to perform in London to celebrate your Japanese debut, but things become more clear once you understand that Japanese fans actually get the chance to win a ticket for that special performance, and SHINee already has a lot of Japanese fans. Back in December the group held two performances in Tokyo and mobilized a total of 24,000 fans, but more than 100,000 people actually tried to get their hands on the tickets.

Experiencing a performance of SHINee at the Abbey Road Studios is special because they will not only be the very first Asian artists to perform at the studios, it is also a much more intimate atmosphere with the biggest room only giving space to a total of 130 people.

Fans who want to be among those 130 people will have to keep an eye out for special projects on the mobile download sites Recochoku and MOBAEMI starting on April 28th. Not much details are known at the moment and so far this seems to be the only way to get an invitation for the special performance.

The group made a statement about the upcoming performance, “Since it is such a famous studio, we’re really going to anticipate the performance. I hope you will look forward to it as well, because no matter where we are, we will always work hard in order to give back your support through great songs and great performances in typical SHINee fashion.”

EMI also plans to film the performance and distribute the resulting DVD in many countries, not just Japan.

Source: Sanspo
Credit: Allkpop via Tokyohive.

[Info] SHINee's Japan Debut Single Album.

Japan debut single to be released on June 22 (Wed)!

◆JAPAN DEBUT PREMIUM CD (Only the first issue)◆

Luxury sleeve case, Digital Package, Photo booklet

CD+DVD+PHOTO BOOKLET 68P+ Special trading cards (6 kinds at random)
2,500yen [tax in]

3.Replay [Korean ver.]
4.Hello [Korean ver.]

●Replay Music Video
●Replay Teaser
●Replay Dance Music Video

◆Standard CD ◆

CD+DVD+PHOTO BOOKLET 44P+Special postcards [1 kind only in the first issue]
1,500yen [tax in]


●Replay Music Video
●Replay Teaser
●Replay Jacket Making Sketch
●Replay Music Video Making Sketch

SHINee’s Japan debut “Reception” event to be held in 5 cities!

A SHINee Japan Debut Premium Reception application ticket is included in their “Japan Debut Premium” and “Standard” CD.

In Sapporo, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Fukuoka.

[Picture] SHINee's Japan Debut Concept!

*SHINee’s Japan debut will be on June 22nd!~

Credit: Forever_SHINee.

[Info] SHINee will have a comment introduction for Japanese PV

SHINee will have a comment introduction for the Japanese fans and preview the teaser of their new PV at Mezamashi terebi tomorrow (27/04). Mezamashi Terebi (TV) is a Japanese news magazine show broadcast every weekday on Fuji TV from 4:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. The teaser will be release at 6:30 AM KST.

*Not sure if they are showing the teaser for their PV or something else.

Via/Source: winkme @ soompi
Credit: SFI

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

[Info] SHINee Japan Debut Single & Dream Concert.

SHINee will debut in June. The press kit will be out on Wednesday.

And…it’s Japanese version of Replay to our disappointment (not 100% certain, but someone on the filming site says so). But we’ll have a new pv and the member parts will be redistributed.

Maybe SM plans to do it the same way with SNSD: releasing Japanese versions of old songs, make a Korean comeback, and then put out a new Japanese song.

- SNSD’s regular album in Japan on June 1

- Super Junior’s single in Japan on June 8

- SHINee’s single in Japan on June ?

* And SHINee won’t perform at this year’s Dream Concert
*Someone who listened to the Japanese version of Replay says: the lyrics are better than those of SNSD’S Gee or Genie Japanese version in her opinion.

Credit: Jujugal.


There will be major adjustments to the members’ singing parts (ie. verse, bridge) in the Japanese version of “Replay”. Each member’s singing part will be different from the original Korean version.

Roles portrayed in MV/PV: Onew: Arts student; Jonghyun: singer; Key: fashion designer; Minho: sportsman; and Taemin: dancer.

The reason why this song was chosen for their debut in Japan is because this song is regarded as an irreplaceable classic by the Korean music industry professionals.

Source: woshiyuanzi
Translation: veyonce aka eimanjjong

Monday, April 25, 2011

[News] SHINee mentioned in F(x) "Thanks To" for Pinocchio Album.

Victoria: Ever shining SHINee sunbaenims~ Ex-’athlete’ Minho, Jonghyun-ah hope your leg gets healed soon~ Fashionista Key, Always funny Onew, Taemin who’s become a cool guy!

Sulli: Shining Minho oppa, Jonghyun oppa, Beomkey oppa, Taemnie oppa, Jingki oppa

Krystal: My blood brother Jjong

Amber: Fashionista Keybeom oppa, Jonghyun oppoa~, Beast Minho oppa, Prince Taemin ㅋ

Credit: Jujugal.

[Info] The Classic Idol – SHINee Ranked 5th.

There was a time when music critics considered idols’ CDs “untouchables.” They did not want to review the disposable and consumer-oriented music, and there was nothing much to talk about. However, there have been signs of change. Now we are in an age in which people should be “sorry not to be cool” if they are still prejudiced about idol music. The improved quality of idols’ music has contributed to the change. Songs made by young composers like Kushi, Kenzie, Brave Brothers, Shinsadong Tiger, Jinu (Hitchhiker) are no doubt well-made, and there is no turning away from such well-made music. What idol CDs do music critics think are the most valuable? We asked each of 10 music critics, who are working actively in the field, to select 5 CDs, and the following is the list of the top 5 CDs.

1. Brown Eyed Girls (2009)

2. 2NE1 1st Mini Album (2009)

3. BoA (2002)

4. Taeyang (2008)

5. SHINee (2009)

At the time of “Noona Is So Pretty” or “Love Like Oxygen,” SHINee just had the image of “idols tailored for noonas.” At least until they sang “Ring Ding Dong.” If their previous songs were in the line of Chris Brown, SHINee’s music since the end of 2009 has turned closer to Li’l John or Ludacris. With their music style change from gentle R&B pop to dirty South hiphop beat, SHINee have transformed from asexual boys to self-confident men. Especially Ring Ding Dong and Jojo are songs impressive enough to be counted as good examples of adapting African rhythm and 1980s house beat into a twenty-first style. It illustrates the range of references Yoo Youngjin and Kenzie used.

(By - Cha Woojin Writer – Kim Hakseon)
Credit: Jujugal

[Spoiler] Minho’s Concept for Japan Debut Single.

It was tweeted that Minho is currently filming his scenes in the pv for SHINee’s Japan debut single in the Publishers Block in Paju. The concept is… The set is a basketball court. Minho is playing basketball with other guys.

Credit: Jujugal.

[News] SHINee's Jonghyun & Key in F(x) Interview.

SHINee's Jonghyun: Krystal’s BBM (Blackberry Messenger) mate. A relationship like brother & sister. What’s interesting is they buy each other’s CDs. Krystal boasted, “Jonghyun oppa bought 10 Nu ABO CDs. So I told him to buy our new album too.” And she added shyly, “I also bought Lucifer CDs. That’s what’s proper.”

SHINee's Key: Amber’s bubble tea friend. Soon after Amber came to Korea, she went to have bubble tea with SM family people. Key, a trainee at that time, promised to buy bubble tea later. But he hasn’t yet. Amber said, “There was a chance, but oppa couldn’t because of a sudden schedule. We both are interested in fashion and paintings and our dance styles are similar, so we often practice together and talk about music.”

Source: Sports Chosun
Credit: Jujugal.

[News] SHINee’s Taemin had Gained Weight

Former member of legendary idol group g.o.d, Danny Ahn, and handsome idols SHINee recently took a picture together.

On the 22nd, at the KBS Cool FM “Danny’s Music Show” homepage, a photo with the caption “with SHINee” was left.

In the picture, you can see DJ Danny with the guest stars, SHINee’s Key, Minho, and Taemin. What caught netizens’ eyes was the fact that Taemin looks as if he had gained a bit of weight.

People commented, “It’s been long since I saw SHINee~”, “It looks like Danny and SHINee are friends.”, “Danny’s skin is really good.”, “Taemin gained some weight~” and more, showing different reactions [about Taemin].

Credit: ilysmtown @ SMTownJjang

Sunday, April 24, 2011

[News] “Next Entertainment Idol Onew” in KBS Journal.

Onew is not in any program yet after Yahaengsung ended. But Onew is rising as a next-generation MC or post-Lee Seungki because he can make subtle reaction comments and unexpected adlibs at will. When he guest-stars in a program, the program’s viewer board is filled with requests for casting Onew as a permanent MC, and the PD hints through captions his hope to have him in the program.

With his smart image, cute face, gentle but manly voice, and bellowing singing, Onew has grabbed noonas’ hearts. In the beginning, however, he was not a promising Entertainment Idol. In the first few episodes of Yahaengsung, Onew was just a well-mannered idol who didn’t do anything but smiling and had a “soon-to-be-dropped-out” tag. But Yahaengsung PD didn’t give up on him, saying “Lee Seungki was not who he is now from the beginning.”

Now Onew is reborn as a next Entertainment Idol with his walnut-breaking ttakbam skill and triple entertainment techniques (MC-ing+reaction+adlib). To Onew who replies “That’s your ability” to Park Myeongsoo who complains about Onew stealing his comments, noonas want to say this: “Please, show your ability.”

Picture: OnAir
Source: KBS Journal
Credit: Jujugal

Saturday, April 23, 2011

[UFO Reply] 110420 Jonghyun's UFO Replies (Eng Trans)

[Fan]: Oppa help me go to work. kekekekekekekekeke
[JongHyun]: kekekekekekekekekekeke sorry.

[Fan]: Oppa I’m having a headache!
[JongHyun]: Eat medicine.

[Fan]: Oppa my eyes hurts!
[JongHyun]: ㅠㅠ It hurts? Close your eyes~

[Fan]: Oppa please send me a reply, even if it’s just a dot!
[JongHyun]: .

[Fan]: Jonghyunnie Oopa please reply me too!
[JongHyun]: ㅇㅇ

[Fan]: Come with me to Kanttappia Planet? (It’s a planet in the cartoon Dooly the Dinosaur)
[JongHyun]: I don’t want.

[Fan]: Fine. Since I only received one reply from you, I’ll go dream of Kibum oppa.
[JongHyun]: ;;; Tsk! The one who replied is me, yet the one whom you’re dreaming of is Kibum ;;;

[Fan]: Hyung~~ You slept?
[JongHyun]: Hyung…? You..? You this.. guy? You.. bastard? Bastard?
(Note: Bastard in diff way of typing.)

[Fan]: Slept?
[JongHyun]: You called me hyung just now and now you’re using informal language to me? -Smacks-

[Fan]: Oppa what phone are you using? Blackberry?
[JongHyun]: Using 2 phones.

[Fan]: What’s after SamRangHae?
(Note: In dictionary, SarangHae comes after SamRangHae, which means I love you.)
[JongHyun]: ke You think I’ll reply?

[Fan]: Do you have iPod Touch 4th Generation?
[Jonghyun]: I have.

[Fan]: When you get your driving license, we’ll go on a car trip.
[JongHyun]: I already have driving license.

[Fan]: Really? Got it? When? Oh~ Oppa is a man who can drive~
[JongHyun]: Just now u said u’re nuna now you’re calling me oppa. Liar!

[Fan]: Sing for me ㅠㅠ
[JongHyun]: Do not want

[Fan]: When are you going to the dorm? Let’s go together.
[JongHyun]: ;;;

[Fan]: I dare you to only reply me! You dare? hehehe
[JongHyun]: I hate you let’s break up.

[Fan]: No way~ Me.. Really likes oppa~~~
[JongHyun]: Kid, how old are you

[Fan]: Oppa seems bored, so I’ll obviously play with you. hehe
[JongHyun]: ;;; You’re… a little irritating… ke

[Fan]: Irritating? You’re saying I’m irritating? Try saying that again ㅠㅠ
[JongHyun]: Irritating.

[Fan]: Tsk ㅠㅠ My heart hurts ㅠㅠ
[JongHyun]: What tsk?!!

[Fan]: It’ll be good if oppa have musical hehe
[JongHyun]: I don’t like to act in musicals. ke I only like watching.

[Fan]: It’s a lie ㅠㅠ How can Eunji be a guy’s name??!! Huh?
[JongHyun]: keke

[Fan]: Play with me ㅠㅠ You woke me up so now I can’t sleep!
[JongHyun]: Slept?

[Fan]: How old am I~~~~
[JongHyun]: 19

[Fan]: Can’t sleep?
[Jonghyun]: I don’t even sleep at this timing.
(Note: It’s 5AM Korean time when he replied this.)

[Fan]: I dreamt of oppa and then I woke up ㅠㅠ
[Jonghyun]: Got woken up by me (in her dreams) feels good right ke

[Fan]: Oppa did I send too many UFOs??
[JongHyun]: Huh? I don’t know.

[Fan]: Seems like oppa’s heart is beating in my chest.
[Jonghyun]: Nope.

[Fan]: What can I do? ㅠㅠ I really miss Oppa ㅠㅠ How?
[Jonghyun]: What can you do? Just bear with it.

[Fan]: Oppa went to Kibum’s art exhibition and left message on his guestbook right? If it’s true reply me.
[JongHyun]: Reply.

[Fan]: It’s dawn, you’re not sleeping, what are you doing?! Faster go to bed! Staying at home nowadays?
[Jonghyun]: Yeap

[Fan]: Oppa, from which page onwards do you view the UFOs? I’m curious! Tell me! ^^
[JongHyun]: Until page 10?

[Fan]: Keep on having good dreams? ~~~
[JongHyun]: Woh~ Woh~ Woh~ Kkyou~

[Fan]: What songs are you listening to nowadays?
[JongHyun]: Nowadays, Maroon 5!!

[Fan]: What are you wearing now?
[JongHyun]: You pervert?

[Fan]: Oppa what are you wearing now??
[JongHyun]: Little pervert why keep asking this?

[Fan]: Why sleeping already~ Why are you sleeping already~ Still much time left~~ (Jonghyun’s Muzit solo part)
[JongHyun]: Not sleeping yet ;; ke

[Fan]: Oppa you slept? I’m asking you~~
[JongHyun]: Not sleeping

[Fan]: 4885 is u right?
[JongHyun]: That’s not my number. I’ll bet all my assets plus Roo, that that’s not my number. If you’re tired, go sleep.

[Fan]: Buy me food from Kangnam! (Expensive district)
[JongHyun]: ㄴㄴ (Which also stands for 노노 = Nono)

[Fan]: I need to sleep ㅠㅠ Goodnight! -kiss-
[Jonghyun]: You this!! Going to sleep?!?

[Fan]: This?!! I’m nuna and you’re calling me this?! Huh?
[JongHyun]: kekeke How are you a nuna. Now you revealed your age.

[Fan]: Cute little JongHyun what are you doing? I wanna receive reply ㅠㅠ You won’t hate me for calling you cute right?
[Jonghyun]: kekekekeke what is this keke

[Fan]: Really good to receive reply ㅠㅠ On this monitor there’s Jonghyun chibis growing keke Cute right? hehe (Desktop buddies?)
[Jonghyun]: Woah! You can grow me? So I’ll grow bigger?

[Fan]: You won’t grow bigger, you’ll just multiply hehe Woa.. I received 3 replies! Like a dream. Really happy hehe
[JongHyun]: Multiply ;;; It’s Planaria!!!!! (A kind of worm.)

[Fan]: Going to sleep? Really want to see you playing guitar. The singer I’m always greatful to. Sleep well.
[Jonghyun]: Goodnight hee

[Fan]: I’m born in 1st half of 1992, it’s okay to use informal language towards Kibum right? Agree?
[JongHyun]: Why ask me.

Source: DCinside
Translation Credits: SHINeeWorldSG

[Random] SM Artists Birthday!

Credit: As Tagged.

[Video] 110419 Key, Minho & Taemin @ Danny's Music Show. (Eng Subs)

[Official Photo] 110419 Key, Minho & Taemin @ Danny’s Music Show

Credit: vinamalia@soompi

[UFO Reply] 110423 Onew's UFO Replies. (Eng Trans)

[FAN] Do you know you are coming to Seoul Woman’s University? My school is so pretty this time with flowers blossomed!
[ONEW] The flowers fall off next week then (?).. ㅜㅜ

[FAN] Do you know ‘nu-rung-gi? (T/N: 누룽지=crispy rice crust in English)
[ONEW] Nu-rung ‘G’ (누룽’쥐’)

[FAN] Answer me. Bbung-bbung~! (T/N: Bbung bbung is a cute sound)
[ONEW] What’s in your mind (ggung-ggung)? (T/N: Ggung ggung is his own word gag)

[FAN] Do you know why ‘gan-jja-jang’ is more delicious than ‘jja-jang’?
[ONEW] Because we mix the noodle later.

[FAN] Why don’t you dye your hair?
[ONEW] It’s up to me/ it’s my choice ㅜㅜ

[FAN] Let’s hang out~~~^^
[ONEW] With what?

[FAN] Jinki-ya? ㅠㅠ how have you been? ㅠㅠ
[ONEW] I’ve been good~ why do you cry~

[FAN] I miss you ㅠㅠㅠㅠ when are you going to do musical again? I want to see on-actor.
[ONEW] It isn’t something you just see anyone (do)~

[FAN] Wow! It’s my first time getting UFO. Don’t you sleep at this time? ♥
[ONEW] No~ I sleep when I need to sleep, not sleeping when I don’t need to sleep haha? ke

[FAN] Hul………… jinki-ya? wow………………
[ONEW] Wow super?

[FAN] I love you ♥
[ONEW] Thank you

[FAN] Oppa-ya~ what are you doing, not sleeping?
[ONEW] I’m doing UFO, baby~

[FAN] I’ve been on the internet for 10 hours. Please give me a scolding so I can study for my exams. ㅠㅅㅠ
[ONEW] 10 hours? wow, good job~

[FAN] Let’s have yakisoba.
[ONEW] I’m not sleeping I’m not sleeping
(T/N: seems like he replied the wrong UFO XD)

[FAN] Oppa
[ONEW] Yes

[FAN] Do you have any plan on doing musical?
[ONEW] Why so sudden

[FAN] I want to scan you head to toe zz
[ONEW] Jing-jing, wing-wing? (scanning sound)

[FAN] Why don’t you sleep, oppa? I’m studying now for my exam on Monday. Please smack (pang-pang) my butt!! ♡♡
[ONEW] It isn’t just ‘pang-pang’…it would be disappeared.
(T/N: Koreans use ‘gung-di-pang-pang (smacking butt)’ a lot for cheering up someone or treating someone like a cute baby.)

[FAN] Ah….. I’m happy
[ONEW] I’m happy

Source: ufo town/shakizi/dub.dothome
Eng Translation: iamaprila/ vivz@soompi

Friday, April 22, 2011

[Video] 110419 Key, Minho & Taemin @ Danny's Music Show. (Cuts)

[Picture] Key shows his friendship in his artwork at Art Exhibition.

Key wrote Infinite, MBLAQ, F.T Island, SHINee, BEAST and Kara.

Source: dcSHINee
Credit: ☆sunshine @

[Video] 110420 French K-pop Fans Meet SHINee. (Eng Subs)

[News/Link] Child Actress Kim Sae-ron is a Shawol?

Read the news HERE!

Picture: As Tagged.
Source: Forever_SHINee

Thursday, April 21, 2011

[News] 110421 Onew’s Message to Key at Art Exhibition’s Guestbook. (Eng Trans)

[English Translation]
To: Key~♥
Kibum-ah, I’ve looked at all your artwork thoroughly ㅋㅋㅋ
I’m really~! so difficult (to draw) ㅠㅠㅠ ah…
Kibum-ah, nothing else…you’ve worked hard ‘ㅂ’
Next time, you need to do it with hyung(s)!

- guess who -

Picture: Chocolatofu @tumblr
Translated by: vivz @ Soompi

[Twitter] 110421 SHINee mentioned in Cheon Hoon's Tweet. (Eng Trans)

[English Translation] “Mastering SHINee’s Japan debut single!”

Picture: JjongFacts
Translated By: jujugal

[Official Website] 110421 Minho's official SHINee Japan Mobile Fansite Update. (Eng Trans)

[Original Message]





[English Translation]

Hello~ This is Minho.

From now on I’m going to my Japanese Lesson.

Japanese is quite difficult but

I’m going to learn hard so that I can speak Japanese with you guys!

So ~ I’m going to my lesson now~!

Source: SHINee JP mobile fansite
English Translation: winkme@soompi/keycifer0923@tumblr

[Lyrics] f(x) Feat. SHINee - Lollipop. (Eng Trans)

[Krystal] Sweet lollipop oh, lollipop oh, lollipop oh
You’re my lollipop oh, lollipop oh, lollipop oh
Sweet lollipop oh, lollipop oh, lollipop oh
You’re my lollipop oh, lollipop oh, lolli

[Sulli] Hello, you’re the one I’ve searched for
My suprised eyes take a snapshot of you
[Taemin] I’ve already frozen, I’m attracted
We share the same secret

[Amber] Sweet lollipop oh, lollipop oh, lollipop oh
You’re my lollipop oh, lollipop oh, lollipop oh
Sweet lollipop oh, lollipop oh, lollipop oh
You’re my lollipop oh, lollipop oh, lolli

[Luna] When I’m busy, when I’m annoyed
When I’m tired, when I’m having a sweet dream
The one person I long for is you

[Krystal] You’re the cure that I want
The taste of happiness is explosive
[Onew] The medicine that made me laugh
Only I know about this

[Key] Sweet lollipop oh, lollipop oh, lollipop oh
You’re my lollipop oh, lollipop oh, lollipop oh
Sweet lollipop oh, lollipop oh, lollipop oh
You’re my lollipop oh, lollipop oh, lolli

[Jonghyun] When look at you while I’m irritated, I become nice
You’re the pretty magician who touches my feelings

[Minho] I’ll approach you and give it to you
I’ll sneak up on you like I’ve been waiting first
[Victoria] You are my vitamin
This tingly feeling is so nice

[Key] Sweet lollipop oh, lollipop oh, lollipop oh
You’re my lollipop oh, lollipop oh, lollipop oh
[Amber] Sweet lollipop oh, lollipop oh, lollipop oh
You’re my lollipop oh, lollipop oh, lolli

[Key] You live inside of my heart
Now you’re the only one I can see
[Luna] If I call, you have to come
You can’t go far away without me

[Amber/Key] Sweet lollipop oh, lollipop oh, lollipop oh
You’re my lollipop oh, lollipop oh, lollipop oh
Sweet lollipop oh, lollipop oh, lollipop oh
You’re my lollipop oh, lollipop oh, lolli

Credit: kimchi hana @
Shared by: vinamalia@soompi

[News] French Newspaper “Le Monde” Interviews SHINee.

SM Entertainment’s (SM) SHINee was recently interviewed by French newspaper Le Monde. Le Monde, along with 54 French fans, came to Korea to do a report on K-pop culture and the Hallyu Wave. They visited SM’s office on April 20th and was greeted with a performance by SM affiliated boy band SHINee.

The 54 French fans showed great enthusiasm by chanting the name of its members’ name (Onew, Jonghyun, Minho, Taemin, and Key) as they took the stage and sang along the lyrics. Le Monde reporters were interested in SHINee’s trainee days up to their debut.

Additionally, they asked about their activities in Asia, as well as why and how their popularity managed to reach to Europe. SHINee also surprised fans by stating, “The SMTown Live Concert will come to Le Zenith de Paris on June 10th” in French.

Source: Soompi
Credit: ForeverShiningSHINee.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

[Picture] 110419 Stalking Jonghyun.

Source: As Tagged.
Credit: winkme @ soompi

[Me2Day] 110420 Minho's Me2day Update. (Eng Trans)

[Original Message] [민호] 나의…유일한 예쁘고 착한 후배~! f(x)! 첫 번째 정규앨범 너무 축하해^^ 기분 좋은 소식도 들리고~ 피노키오! 진짜 화이팅! 여러분~~~ 거짓말 하면 안되죠? 나도 피노키오~!…^^

[Chinese Translation] [珉豪] 我…唯一漂亮并乖巧的后辈~!f(x)!超祝贺首张正规专辑^^听到好消息~pinokio!真的要加油!各位~~~不可以说谎对不对?我也是pinokio~!

[English Translation] [Minho] My… The one and only pretty and good hoobae~! f(x)! Congratulations on the 1st Full Album ^^ Heard a lot of good news on Pinocchio’s album?~ Must hwaiting! Everyone~~~ must not lie right? I am also a Pinocchio~!…^^

Source: SHINee me2day
Korean-Chinese Translation: 蕾蒂hyun @ Baidu
Chinese-English Translation: Forever_SHINee

[Picture] Key’s Art @ Art Exhibition.

Source: As Tagged
Credit: Soompi SHINee Thread.
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