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[Video] 120224 Minho @ Salamander Guru and The Shadows (Cuts)

[Twitter] 120227 Jonghyun's Twitter Update (Eng Trans)

이번주는 개위터입니다. 쒜낏쒜낏 쒜낏쒜낏쒜낏
This week is Dogwitter. Shake it shake it shake it shake it shake it

Translations of the Roo video: "Roo, stay! Stay! Roo, lay down. Shake it shake it! Do shake it shake it! Shake it shake it shake it shake it! Why is your tail doing that? Shake it shake it shake it shake it! Shake it shake it more! Are you not gonna play with me? You’re so cute."

Source: Realjonghyun90
Translation By: shiningtweets

[Video] 120225 Taemin @ Immortal Song 2 Next Week's Preview

[Info] Minho #7 in Top 9 Fashionable K-Pop Artists/Actors.

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[Video] 120225 91Line - #03 Key @ Weekly Chart MBC Every Idol.

[News] Boyfriend Minwoo: “I aspired to our senior group SHINee”.

During the Press Conference held for fresh new idol group Boyfriend in Singapore, they were asked which sunbae group (or seniors) in the Korean music scene they look up to.

“I have always aspired to our senior group SHINee, they have always been very trendy and have a fantastic presence on stage,” answered the youngest member of the group, Minwoo.

Their high aspiration towards the 5-member group which debuted back in 2008 is notable. Seeing Boyfriend’s MVs reminds us of the works of SHINee, with the inclusion of colorful skinny jeans, black-red thematic outfits, and the use of splashing water effects in their dance moves.

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Credit: SHINeeAttack

[Info] Taemin To Participate in Immortal Song 2 Patty Kim Special.

PD Ko Mingu said, “Singers lined up for the Patty Kim Special are Kim Taewoo, K-Will, John Park, Ailee, Im Taekyung, Sunghoon, Jay Park, Lin, Kang Minkyung, Taemin, Sonia, and Lee Jinsung (Monday Kids).”

The Special recording is scheduled to be on March 12 and will be broadcast in two rounds at the end of March.

Credit: Jujugal.

[Info] Description and some snippets of “Son of the Sun”.

태양의 아이들: ONEW, KEY, TAEMIN of SHINee

1. Currently popular idol group SHINee’s first tour guide.
    It encompasses accounts, expressive literary works. This guide is translated in chinese - worth to be a part of fan’s collection.

2.  Map + Barcelona tourist attraction description.
     Includes a map, description of tourist spots. Fans can follow the trails SHINee have experienced
     It also includes information regarding Spanish, Transportation, Accomodation, Shopping etc

3.  First press edition comes with an exclusive gift.
     First press edition will be entitled with 1 poster (4 editions in total. Chosen randomly.)


Children, where are you all going? Barcelona? Barcelona!

We have finally got our break, so where are we going? The first place we thought of is a faraway country  where we are unable to fly back and forth for a short break (S/N : I think they are referring to the constant flights they took back and forth from Korea and Japan?) and a place where we will spend more than half a day cruising in the skies. And the place that have attracted all 3 of our hearts is Barcelona. It feels that SHINee and Barcelona are extremely close. It is the highly anticipated SHINee and Barcelona story.

Slow walks, running, hovering, meeting, experiencing, a story about love.

SHINee, the most shining place has become a sun (S/N : SHINee shines so bright that they seem like a sun)
Onew, Key, Taemin 100% true Barcelona experience

No matter overseas or back at their home, the highly popular idol group SHINee have to to travel everywhere for activities

Onew, Key and Taemin have finally gained time to rest and have written around 10 exclusive accounts of their trip

Just like ordinary 20 years old children who eat, sleep and play - this is a real tour story.



Son, Mina Author of “Spain, You are free”.

Spain, a place that will excite you whenever you hear the name of it.Furthermore, the ones who are going are SHINee - their cheerful amiable personality matches the Spain culture.

This makes me even more curious about what is inside the book. Because of their innocence and cheerfulness, I feel like I've seen another side of Barcelona, especially in the tour guide contents.

There’s a feeling that they seem to observe the Barcelona culture more attentively than tour guide authors.

Lee Teuk, Super Junior

Upon hearing that Onew Key and Taemin are going to Barcelona, the first thing that came to my mind was: So envious! Barcelona will remind you of the warm sun, delicious cuisine and the Mediterranean sea..
One of the cities I would want to go to have fun. But for now I will let their photos and animated stories soothe my “urge” !

(S/N : The word use is “envy” but I feel that it has a more positive connotation to it)

ChangMin TVXQ

It’s a really happy thing to be travelling to other countries to sing & perform. But it is even better to be travelling to that city for leisure. Even though I cannot experience what they have written about the trip
But I was deeply moved by it. From their fleeting emotions expressed through their words to their brilliant smiles, I know that the memories they gain from this trip will always remain in their hearts. Even I feel blissful from experiencing their memories.

Seohyun SNSD

SHINee kept flaunting to me about their trip once they came back from Barcelona. Finally, SHINee has published a tour guide! Not only can they experience the charm of Barcelona, they can also happily enjoy the daily Barcelonian activities, away from their usual performance activities. Everything was included so it gives it (the book) a happier sense to it~ They smile brightly (S/N : get along well with) with the locals they meet. Just by looking at the photos, (I) can feel how happy they were at that time. It feel as if I was actually going with them to Barcelona in reality~! ^^

Minho SHINee

Barcelona! Hearing members talk about the “City of football/soccer” — stories of Barcelona,
I was really interested and felt really excited. Because of (my) schedules, I couldn't go, it was so so so…. Even though it is a pity, but if there is a chance (in the future) I will want to camp at the Soccer field/stadium with the members.

Seo, Hyungwook Soccer commentator

Barcelona - once the guys hear this name, they will all get excited. This is all because they will think of Barcelona FC. This is the story of Onew, Key and Taemin in the “City of Soccer” Barcelona. And what they have discovered regarding the charms of Barcelona, please look forward to it.



Our trip has begun. We are going for a tour. An escapade of our busy lives, our first “trip”. Is that the feeling of freedom of suddenly letting go of a routine-life? Our trip to Barcelona feels like that, we have neglected the feeling of following people’s orders to go for schedules in our hectic lives. We can spend our time experiencing and thinking. K, the one who took us around the unfamiliar Spain has helped us compiled, organised many tips and events (for us to experience). K has published many books on Spain, a really experienced tour guide author.  Ultimately, we are singers, rather than forcing us to come out with information, we have asked the experienced “K” to help us pinpoint the special points. We believe this is the basic courtesy for readers (S/N : For readers to be able to read rich and accurate contents that are written by professionals) So most of the information in this book is provided by K and it has coincided with our thoughts too. Even though it was a short stay, but thanks to K, we get to understand every bit of Barcelona better than anyone else. We hope those who bring this book to Barcelona will be able to experience the happy times and information provided by K.

Translation By: soundtracklove@soompi

[Info] SHINee “The First” Album Taiwan Ver. Top Taiwan Music Charts.

SHINee “The First” Taiwan version has been released recently:

1st Image : SHINee “The First” rank #1 in sales for J/K-Music

2nd Image : SHINee “The First” rank #4 overall Music Sales for G-Music this week
Note : SHINee is the only Korean artiste in the this billboard chart.


S/N : G-Music is one of the major music distributor company in Taiwan
S/N : FYI - Taiwan “The First” Version has an additional 7 cards - printed back and front as a Calendar

Source:  via 52starshinee
Credits + Screencap: soundtracklove@soompi

[Info] SM Town Travel Launched Its Website.

Source : SMTOWN Travel, @李泰民爱一古
Credit: ForeverShiningSHINee.

[Info] 120228 SHINee is making custom-made earphones.

For those who are interested, you can check out how it looks like (Video - SNSD Custom Earphones)

Source: thesewon
Translation By: SFINEE
Additional Info + Image: Soundtracklove @ Soompi

[Twitter/Picture] 120228 Minho was mentioned in Drunken Tiger's Tweet.

도룡뇽 도사..... 금요일! 꼭 봐주쎄용 ^* This Friday. Peep Sala....somethin GuRu !

Source: @drunkentigerjk
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[News] SM Entertainment to start a travel agency business #2

SM Entertainment, the agency that houses to top artists like TVXQ, Super Junior and Girls’ Generation, will launch a travel and tourism business.

On February 27, SM Entertainment announced, “We decided to take over ‘Happy Hawaii’, travel agency that specialize in Hawaii, under the name of ‘SM Town Travel’. We will launch new business that regards travel and tourism.”

“SM Town Travel will combine SM Entertainment’s renowned brand with the global popularity of K-pop and Hallyu in order to invent various travel packages. It will also strive to become a cultural exchange business through education and culture exchange,” the agency added.

President of SM Town Travel Kang Jung Hyun stated, “SM Town Travel will provide customers unique services which are combined with entertainment, travel, and tourism. We will also combine global entertainment and lifestyle with entertainment business to create the maximum synergy effect with SM Entertainment.”

Credit: Dkpopnews

[News] SM Entertainment to start a travel agency busines

Korea’s leading entertainment agency SM Entertainment will start a travel and tourism business.

On February 27th, SM Entertainment released a statement saying, “SM Entertainment has acquired a travel agency specializing in Hawaii called, “Happy Hawaii” through a capital increase. We have changed the name to “SM Town Travel” through which we will be running a travel and tourism business.”

Furthermore, they stated, “SM Town Travel will combine SM Entertainment’s renowned brand with the global popularity of K-pop and Hallyu in order to invent various travel packages. It will also strive to become a cultural exchange business through education and culture exchange.”

President of SM Town Travel Kim Jung Hyun said, “We will present services and products that differ from the standard travel agencies and will continue to work to create a synergy so that SM can become a global entertainment and lifestyle agency.”

Source & Image: OSEN via Naver
Credit: Allkpop

[News] Jonghyun exhibits a fashionista style in trendsetting jeans!

There is an article entitled ‘Male stars’ jeans coordination’, discussing the individuality of male stars’ jeans style.

The categories are divided into three which are:
1) They look cool even when they just wear it as it is - untouched denim (t/n ie.: just normal plain jeans).
2) Pleasant fashion display just by folding leg hems
3) Dislike ordinary jeans.

SHINee’s Jonghyun came in the 3rd category (Dislike ordinary jeans) with actor Yoo Ah In.

SHINee’s member Jonghyun stylishly wore a pair of jeans with differently colored fabric patches at the knees. Furthermore, he folded the leg hems up to the ankles and wore walker shoes showing the trendsetting side.

What do you think about this style?

Source: Money Today
Translation By: byulbit @ Twitter
Credit: dkpopnews

[Twitter/Picture] 120223 Minho was mentioned in Jung Ryeowon's Tweet. (Eng Trans)

[Original Message] SBS Set 촬영하다 만난 민호님. ㅎㅎ 신난당~
[English Translation] Filming on the SBS set and met Minho-nim. Haha, how exciting~

Source: @Yoana81
Translations & reup: kimchi hana @

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[Picture] SHINee in Barcelona Postcard (HQ) (Scans)

*Picture not in order. 

Source: ForveverShiningSHINee
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[Video] SHINee & Dara Etude House Interview (Eng Subs)

[Video] SHINee Maypole Making Film

[News] Jonghyun and Dara acting for Etude, Teacher - Student Love Story.

2NE1′s Sandara Park and SHINee’s Jonghyun‘s CF picture stills for Etude CF is becoming hot topic.

On the 20th, Sandara Park updated her me2day with, “Darong’s SNS Drama is coming soon! This advertisement is in a very special SNS drama format; also, it was taken earlier, some time ago, and I’ve already acted quite a bit before, however, this time, it was a bit hard for me!” she said, revealing pictures with her text. She also added “Bad acting Darong” in the end, inciting laughter from the fans.
In the photo, it seems that Sandara Park and Jonghyun are acting out parts as a student and professor. Sandara Park is wearing pink-rimmed eyeglasses and reading a book, while seemingly thinking about Jonghyun longingly.
On the other hand, Jonghyun looks suitable as the young professor who is lecturing at the front of the room, looking like a mature, smart, intellectual person in his beige suit outfit and glasses.

Netizens who saw the picture commented with, “I’m really excited! I’ll watch out for the drama,” “I secretly think they look good together,” “If that’s my student and I’m the teacher, I won’t be able to control myself,” “He falls in love with his student, Darong?!” “Now I am really curious about this CF,” “Jonghyun-oppa looks older than Dara-unnie,” “Cute, cute, cute!” “Jonghyun has completely transformed into a intelligent, handsome professor,” “I want to see them act right now,” “Sandara Park is the student? I want to have the same class with her,” “Sandara looks so so so young,” “I want someone who looks like Jonghyun as an assistant professor,” “I like both their outfits,” “I can’t wait for Professor Jonghyun!” “I want their eye glasses,” “What was it like filming with Professor Jjong? You two look surprisingly good together!” “Your cute appearance, even after a year with Etude, has never changed. Beautiful,” “I hope you get to act in a real drama soon,” “A student and a teacher? If it’s you two, it’s cute and romantic,” “A college student? And Darong fell in love?” “I can’t wait for this! I hope it’s a real drama,” “I want to see you act more,” showing the variety of their hot reaction and anticipation.

Meanwhile, Sandara Park‘s charm, vibrant energy, and youthful appearance for Etude commercials have been receiving positive responses and praise from netizens.

Source: Nate
Translated by: Blackjackbelle@OhDara/ SlaveTrnslator@WeLoveDara
Credit: Dkpopnews

[Video] 120220 W Live with SM Fashionistas.

[Info] Top 30 Idols with “Best Fashion Off Stage” by Netizens.

#21 - Jonghyun (SHINee)
#24 - Key (SHINee)

Source: dcnews | infinite7soul | dkpopnews
Credit: smtownengsub

[Video] 120114 Prettiest Crossdresser - #01 Taemin @ Weekly Idol (Eng Subs)

[News] Maypole renews SHINee’s contract for the third year!

Maypole must be very satisfied with boy group SHINee as their face. SHINee’s contract has been renewed for the third time.

“Auction was ranked 1st in the category of Open Market at the Internet Shopping Mall Customer Satisfaction Evaluation conducted by Seoul Online Trade Center in January.” Asia Today revealed.

Fans jokingly call SHINee a “resuscitator in the commercial world” because the brands, whose face they become, make good sales records and get out of financial trouble

Source: Jujugal
Credit: Dkpopnews

[News] Key’s Concept Photo as a Pilot in ‘Catch Me If You Can’ Musical.

SHINee’s Key, who debuts as a musical actor with Catch Me If You Can, will make noona fans’ hearts thump with pure and lovely charms.

Source: via Shakizi
Credit: Jujugal

[Official Photo] SHINee for Etude House 2012 Spring Special Edition.

Credit: Etude House's Facebook. 

[Video] 120206 Idol Love Scandal 14th - SHINee's Key & Kara's Nicole.

[Video] 120222 SHINee's Support Message For Gil Sunghoon - Minho's Cousin.

[Info] Chinese version of “Sons of the Sun” to be released through Kadokawa Taiwan!

Pre-orders will be held by the Taiwanese branch of Kadokawa Group, a Japanese publishing enterprise.
The book will be published on March 16th, and pre-orders will go on from today (February 22nd) to March 15th.

The new book cover is like so:

“Barcelona’s dazzling beaches, surging waves, and feelings of freedom will be portrayed through photos and words.
Experience the feeling of actually being in Barcelona [by looking through this photobook].”

The pre-order will come with extra gifts (postcards/posters).
Source: Kadokawa Official Bulletins (1, 2), Shakizi
Credit: Dkpopnews

[Video] 120220 W Korea ft SM Fashionista.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

[News] SHINee keeps calm despite technical difficulties during Music Bank in Paris!

Boy group SHINee had a technical difficulties during Music Bank in Paris but managed to show a fantastic performance.

“Music Bank in Paris” was aired on the 18th of February. SHINEE was in charge of the closing performance on Music Bank in Paris and they performed three of their popular songs included ‘Hello’, ‘Ring Ding Dong’, ‘and ‘Lucifer’.
SHINEE showed an amazing performance for the fans but unfortunately, they had some technical difficulties during their performance for ‘Lucifer’ as the sound system suddenly stopped operating. But the boys didn’t stop and kept calm as they performed in front of the fans.

Many KPOP idols attended the show such as T-ara, SNSD, SHINEE, B2ST, 2PM and many more.

Source: KPOPstarz
Written by: angeclowie18 @

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

[Me2day] 120222 Key's Me2day Update (Eng Trans)


[Original Message] 파리에서 사진찍다가…자기너무 어둡다고 밝혀줬더니 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
[English Translation] At Paris while taking photo… Found out that I’m too dark ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[Original Message] 둘다 어이없어서 웃음 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
[English Translation] Both of us can’t help but laughed ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Source: SHINee's Me2day
Chinese Translation By: Korean Me2day
English Translation By: ForeverShiningSHINee

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[Twitter/Picture] 120219 SHINee's Key & After School's Nana Feature in Kara’s Nicole Tweet (Eng Trans)

[Original Message] 응원하러온친구들 넘 고마워! 다른분들도 ! 친구언니오빡동생들! 넘고마워요 ^^

[English Translation] Really thankful to friend’s who came and support ! Thankful to other’s to! eonni oppa dongsaengs friends! Thank you so much ^^

Source: Kara Nicole’s Twitter.
Credit: ForeverShiningSHINee.

[Video] 120218 MC Minho @ Music Bank in Paris

[Video] 120218 Various Artists - Les Champs Elysees @ Music Bank in Paris

[Video] 120217 Key, Minho & Taemin @ Salamander Guru (Cuts)

[Video] 120217 Jonghyun & Taemin Interview @ Opera Star (Eng Subs)

[Video] Greeting from SHINee for Korean Music Wave in Bangkok 2012

[Video] 120218 All Artists - Ending @ Music Bank in Paris

[Video] 120218 Junsu, Taemin, Hyunseung, Kevin - Special Stage 3 @ Music Bank in Paris

[Video] 120218 SHINee - Lucifer @ Music Bank in Paris

[Video] 120218 SHINee - Replay / Love like Oxygen / Hello / Ring Ding Dong @ Music Bank in Paris

[Video] 120218 Tae Min - I Don't Know @ Immortal Song 2 (Eng Subs)

[Video] Minho and Taemin @ Salamander Guru Episode 4 Preview

[Video] 120218 Best FanService Idol - Jonghyun #04

[Info] W Korea March 2012 Issue to feature SM Family.

W Korea March 2012 Issue will feature:
- SNSD: YoonA and SeoHyun
- SHINee: Jonghyun and Taemin
- f(x): Sulli and Krystal
- EXO: Luhan, Sehun and Kai

Credit: Caootleena & AlmightyKeyBloom

[Video] 120217 Jonghyun & Taemin @ Opera Star (Cut)

[Info] 2nd SHINee World Fanclub Membership Coming Soon.

*A notice for SHINee’s First Japan Arena Tour, which was posted last night, says, “The tour is available only for those who will sign up for the 2nd SHINee World membership.

Source: SHINee Official Web
Credit: Jujugal

[Info] 120217 SHINee’s Ranking on DC Gallery.

The 1st one is for SHINee’s DC Gallery. While the 2nd one is for DC website as a whole (Real time ranking).

Source: SHINee≈
Shared By: Soundtracklove @ Soompi

[Video] 120218 Tae Min - I Don't Know @ Immortal Song 2.

[News] Taemin’s High School Graduation Message.

[Lee Taemin] Thank you all. I hope you like SHINee and will exceed me.

Credit: Jujugal.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

[News] SHINee’s Taemin to cameo in ‘Salamander Guru’ as an old man.

SHINee‘s Taemin is set to make a cameo as an old man in the upcoming episode of SBS‘s ’Salamander Guru‘.

On the February 17th episode of ‘Salamander Guru’, Won Sam (Lim Won Hie) and Sun Dal (Oh Dal Su) are visited by an old man in his 70′s who asks them when his grandchild will be able to get a cornea donation.

As a fortune telling fee, they charge him $500, and the old man gives them a fake $1,000 bill. When he gets his change, the old man takes off his mask as he leaves the fortune-telling house to reveal his true identity.

Reportedly, Taemin had to sit for three hours in the makeup room in order to transform into an old man. His unlikely transformation and unexpected acting ability drew the praise of staff on set.

Catch the episode on February 17th at 11:00 p.m. KST!

Source & Image: Newsen via Nate
Credit: Allkpop

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

[Me2day] 120213 Key's Me2day Update (Eng Trans)

[Original Message] [Key] 친구 응원하러 다녀왔다요!!! 우리도 얼른 좋은무대 합시당 ‘-‘
[English Translation] [Key] I came to cheer on a friend!!! We should put on a good performance soon ’-‘

Source: SHINee's Me2day
Credit: Sfinee

[News] 120213 KARA’s Nicole welcomes SHINee’s Jonghyun to Twitter

Earlier today, we announced the ongoing rumors about SHINee‘s Jonghyun creating his very first Twitter account. The account was created under the ID, ‘realjonghyun90′ which brought some doubt if the account belonged to Jonghyun as there are quite a few accounts named ‘REALjonghyun’ floating out there.

Well it turns out the account does indeed belong to him, unless Nicole is mistaken.

An hour ago, KARA‘s Nicole congratulated the idol for opening up his new account in an unusual way by tweeting, “Opppaaa!!! Welcome, woohoo ham hocks” to which puzzled Jonghyun replied back, “Eh what? Ham hocks?”

Furthermore, Jonghyun finally revealed a 4-set selca upon the request of numerous fans.  Along with the photos, he wrote, “Is this pretty or is this pretty?”.

Jonghyun seems to be really enjoying the Twitter life.  He has been posting non-stop for the past hour.  Go and welcome him here!

Source + Photos: SHINee Jonghyun’s Twitter
Credit: Allkpop

[Video] 120212 Taemin @ Immortal Song 2 Next Week's Preview.

[Me2day] 120212 Minho's Me2day Update (Eng Trans)

[Original Message] [Minho] 공항에서 프랑스 꼬마와 한판 ! 역시 아이들이 게임을 잘하는구나 …
[English Translation] [Minho] One round with a French kid at the airport ! As expected, kids are good at games…

Source: SHINee's Me2day
Credit: kimchi hana @ SFI

[News] SHINee’s Taemin surprises with an unexpected dance routine on ‘Immortal Song 2′.

SHINee‘s Taemin has put on yet another impressive performance on KBS 2TV‘s ‘Immortal Song 2‘.
On the February 11th broadcast of ‘Immortal Song 2′, the honorary legend of the day was singer Cho Young Nam, who’s just celebrated his 45 years in the business.

Lim Tae Kyung sang “Now“, Lee Jung sang “My Hometown Chungcheong Province“, Brown Eyed Soul‘s Sung Hoon sang “Delilah“, Davichi‘s Kang Min Kyung sang “Rolling Down the River“, ALi sang “Hwageh Marketplace“, 4men‘s Shin Yong Jae sang “I Can’t Live Without Love” and SHINee’s Taemin sang “Goodbye City“.

Although Taemin focused solely on his vocal performance last week, this week he showed off his dancing skills as well. At first, Taemin sang the song as a ballad. Then he quickly transitioned into a dance break, shocking both the audience and his fellow singers.

Meanwhile, a new rule was put into play for this episode. The 500 audience members will now place a vote right after each performance. Therefore, rather than voting for one of two singers after both performances, the total number of votes would follow each singer until the end and the two singers’ number of votes would determine the winner of each round.

If two singers receive the same number of votes, they are able to win as a tie. This new change will now make the competition fairer for the singers who sing at the beginning and end of the show.

Check out Taemin’s performance below:

Source: TV Report via Naver
Video: Youtube
Credit: Allkpop
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