Sunday, October 24, 2010

[Fan Account] 101023 SG KPOP Night Concert #2

Today went to Kpop Night Concert. Was a little confused of where to pass the gifts to SHINee but after a while, figured it out. So we had to queue to get inside Expo Hall 2 and there was a bag check. It’s wasn’t that strict as expected!

So they showed us some clips when we were inside. When DBSK’s YunHo appeared on the screen, screams were heard. Same for 2PM and Kim Bum. I screamed along! XD

Finally, the lights were off and everyone started screaming!! The MCs were out but damn, couldn’t really hear what they were saying due to the screams. Following that was a speech by two people..I forgot who they were! Surry! >.<

Guess who was the first band?? It was FT Island!! I don’t know what’s the title of the first song..but yeah!! It was freaking awesome! HongKi is a great singer<3 The second song was “I Hope” and people started singing along. Was really nice (: HongKi & MinHwan were freaking hot wearing black wifebeaters!!! *drools* Their lastest song, “Love love love” was up next and we sang along! The last song..I didn’t know the name..Surry! >.<

Next up was The Boss/DNA. I’m not familiar with them but there was this guy from DNA that looked like JaeJoong. This JaeJoong guy did the body wave so sexily I almost fainted!! Was so sexy, really! I really apologise for not knowing any of their songs! Really surry! >.<

ZEA was next followed by Infinite! DAMN, I tell you..when they do the body wave, it was so awesome!! KwangHee was definitely adorable XD

Actually before any group performs, the MCs would give us hint about who was next to perform! When I heard “Noona neomu yeppeo” from the MCs, I KNEW IT WAS SHINEE NEXT! The first thing I did was to scan for Jjong but there were 4 members so yeah..he was absent!! The rumours was a fake!! I do hope he have a good rest in Korea! I want to send some banana smoothie to him♥♥♥♥♥ I AM TELLING YOU THIS RIGHT NOW, WHEN SHINEE PERFORMED, EVERYONE WENT NUTS!! EVERYONE!!!!! PEOPLE STARTED STANDING ON THE CHAIR AND SO AS A SINGAPOREAN, I FOLLOWED. (LOL) There were much more lightsticks in the air compared to the previous 4 performance.

So the first song was “Noona neomu yeppeo”, they walked to the front of the “T-shaped” stage and they were tiny from my view but gosh, I went nuts too! Screams were everywhere to be honest! But hey, we did sing along too! It was great singing along STANDING ON THE CHAIR LOL! Was really looking forward to TaeMin’s swim dance but nah, he didn’t do it! At that part they walked back to the back of the stage and continued their dance!

As what I was expecting, it was Ring Ding Dong next! OMG Dubu sang Jjong’s lines (the Babe~ part) but he forgot the lyrics and sang a different one! He put his head down but I felt bad for him so I screamed for him!! I know I was rude screaming but the everyone was screaming too >.< I really felt bad for him okay!! Dubu, please don’t feel bad!! We understand you and your new lyrics are awesome too okay? ♥ Most of the people were singing along and we were kind of covering up Jjong’s part XD TaeMin was freakin’ awesome covering Jjong’s part okay? OnMinKey too alrighty?

The song ended and the MCs interviewed them! I couldn’t hear what they were talking cos everyone was screaming okay!!!!! I heard this from the MCs (translated by him I think). He asked SHINee was a 5 member group and why one member was missing (Jjong~ TT^TT) They replied Jjong was injured but he really wanted to come (Awwwww♥)

Lucifer was the third song! You know the part where Key sings after the chorus? Damn, he had this sexy pose that sent the entire place erupting into screams! To be honest, Key did the most fanservice♥ (as usual okay? ^^) MinHo’s rap was ♥ OnTae were great covering Jjong’s part here too yeah? (:

The last song was the latest, Hello! Was really looking forward to hearing Jjong sing but his health is the most important okay? ^^ I think I saw Onew doing a very cute Hello XD So sad it ended so quickly! I took fancams but they were some shit with all my screaming & sing-a-long XD I was sweating standing on the chair screaming like what seem a crazy fangirl<3

Okay, after this was SNSD okay! I guess the guys went nuts, they stood on the chair too! So I couldn’t see much but yeah, they’re pretty (:

The last group was Big Bang. I didn’t know most of their songs (Surry Big Bang fans! TT^TT) They had 7 songs in total which was a lot! G-Dragon was handsome and so was TOP! I think he looked better w/o the sunglass! Btw, G-Dragon & TaeYang wore sunglasses today! Big Bang looked great!

At the end, everyone was invited out one by one, could see them a teeny weeny clearer but they’re still so small D: I think I saw TaeMin smile OMG! IMO, Key wasn’t smiley at the end, probably tired ): But ALERT ALERT!! ONHO MOMENTS♥ I didn’t actually realised it until my best friend told me (she’s a big MinHo fan ^^) though she mistook Onew for TaeMin >.< MinHo kind of hugged Onew!!!!! I saw it with my own eyes! It’s something like MinHo was on the left of Onew and he put his right hand on Onew’s right shoulder + left hand on Onew’s left shoulder that kind of hug (Surry, really bad at explaining things >.<) Consoling Onew? Cos I heard there’s this rumour that Onew cried? I can’t confirm about this cos I not really sure about it but I kind of saw Onew wiping his face/tears(?) Was thinking whether he cried when I saw’ll need to rely on fancams okay and not me alright?~ ^^

So the event ended like that, wanted to go to the airport but I doubt I could see them! On the way home, I passed by the VIP route where the boys were going to arrive later! There were some people waiting outside the gate and it was already almost 11:30PM.

Was a big Onew biased during the concert, I kept screaming “JinKi!~” I was kind of sad Jjong hubby♥ wasn’t here but at least I heard SHINee live for the third time! Still can’t calm down though >.< Hope the boys arrive safely in Korea! May god bless these 5 beautiful guys I love so much and a speedy recovery for Jjong hubby♥♥♥♥♥

(P.S. Don’t feel bad Onew! We understand! You were great♥ )


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