Monday, October 25, 2010

[News] SHINee to have their first solo concert this December in front of 10,000 audience

SHINee will be having their first independent concerts in both Korea and Japan this December.

SHINee will be holding their first solo concert in Seoul on December 18th and 19th, after a week later, they will be heading to Japan to have their first solo concert in Japan on the 26th of December.

Their concert is a large scale promotions with their concert in Japan going to be held in National Yoyogi Stadium in Tokyo that is a large concert hall that can occupy up to 10,000 people. SHINee is going to perform a concert there also due to high demand showing their growing popularity oversea’s.

Meanwhile, SHINee is promoting their title track “Hello” from their 2nd repacked album.

Source: Newsen
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