Saturday, February 12, 2011

[Fan Account] 110211 MC Onew @ Go Ara’s Birthday Party

- GA’s fans didn’t expect onew was going to be there, so when they saw him walking toward them, all of them were panic.haha. even all male fans of GA.

- In the middle of the party, fans even asked onew to sing and dance, so he sang lucifer with dance. He kept smiling and he said “I work harder and smile more than I can because of my fans. That’s what I want to and should do for my fans.”

- I don’t know what exactly he wore today, but it was too big for him, so he had to hold his pants alot. (imagine him doing that. so cute!!!)

- There was time GA’s fans do sth like singing or dancing for her. There was a guy who sang so well. onew got so surprised and impressed, so onew asked him how he did it so well, then the guy said “i practiced this song a lot what you sang before cuz i like your voice.” Then, onew was “i’ve never sung this before.haha.” with so cute smile. He then sang the song back to everyone.

- When they had OX quiz about GA, onew kept talking with a male fan for a long time, so he felt kind of tired or sth, so he said “let’s rest a bit~!” but the fan said “no, i don’t want to stop. i want to keep going with you.“

- GA’s fans asked her “did you get many gifts from sm artists?” then she said, “no,……. i haven’t got yet…..” then onew said, “i’m the gift here~” ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

- There was a moment when onew was almost falling down, then all GA’s fans were like “oh… onew….oh… careful….onew….oh………..” For some reason, it seemed like onew’s bday party cuz everyone took care of him for all his moves.

- Before all of them took pictures, onew was standing far from everyone, but he felt it was awkward standing all alone, so he said “should i take a picture with you guys?” then, GA and her fans shouted out with big smiles “of course! we want you to join us. please~~~!!!!!”

- Then they took pictures together at the end of party. onew also had to stay with all of them. They wanted to shake hands with him so onew allowed what they wanted and he kept saying thanks thanks lots to all GA’s fans.

- onew asked GA (she did a tv drama with yunho) if yunho was good at acting and how many scores she would give him on his acting. Then, GA hesitated sometime cuz it was easy thing to say so onew said “ok. there are score 1 and score 2. you choose one of them.” of course, GA chose “2”. Onew then said, “ ok. so yunho is a very great actor who got 2 out of 2.“

- Her fans got so impressed about onew’s kindness and his gorgeous smile.

- Many GA’s fans visited onew’s sites saying thanks so much that onew did great job and they laughed so much cuz onew was too funny with his sangtaeness. ^^


BONUS Onew sangtae moments

- Oh, there were some ‘onew sangtae’ moments but GA’s fans were so new to his word-gag, so they were like ‘o’ . Then, he said “you’ll understand my humor 2 years later. don’t worry. you don’t have to laugh.haha.” But then, there were some guys suddenly who got his sangtaes and laughed so hard like dying. So, onew kept saying them how much he felt happy for their reactions.

- When they had a cake cutting, ppl didn’t eat it(obviously) and it had to be back of the stage, so onew said “mr cake ssi(it’s for elderly person) has to go another ceremony. he’s too busy now.” lol

Source & Credit: April

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