Friday, February 18, 2011

[Interview] Key - Elle Girl Magazine Interview. (Eng Trans)

Q: what is the first thing you do when you wake up?
A: first i check my cellphone. and then drink a nice cup of tea, turn on my ipod and take a shower while listening to music

Q: how would you like your egg cooked? pan fry, half-boiled, or fried?
A: it must be pan fried

Q: which part of your body are you most confident? which part do you feel bad about?
A: i like my eyes the most. although i don’t dislike my looks, but i think i feel bad in every part of it

Q: vaulting horse jumping, ……(some exercise idk) and sit ups, which one are you most confident in?
A: vaulting horse

Q: amerciano, latte, or frappucino?
A: americano, i need to drink it everyday

Q: laundry, cooking, dishes, cleaning, which do you hate doing the most?
A: laundry. i like to do the rest

Q: coffee, chocolate, hamburger, the internet; which one is the most difficult to quit?
A: coffee

Q: which spot do you like to sit in at the cinema? and on the plane?
A: in the middle towards the back in the cinema, by the windows on the plane

Q: how much time do you spend getting dressed every morning? how do you pick the clothes and shoes to wear each day?
A: i will prepare the night before, so i do not spend too much time in the morning. as to what to wear, i choose according to the place i am going, and the things i am doing in that day

Q: where do you spend the most amount of money on? (fashion items)
A: accessories, bags, teeshirts

Q: which stage outfit do you like the most?
A: the concept changes each time, it’s tough to decide on one

Q: backpack, cross bag, shoulder bag, or tote bag, which one do you like the most?
A: backpacks, and also cross bag

Q: how do you express yourself with the bag you carry?
A: match it with a nice outfit

Q: what do you usually have in your bag?
A: ipad, diary, ipod, batteries, charger, toothbrush, hand cream

Q: what are your most and least favorite subjects in school?
A: english is my favorite. i hate math

Q: when you have a girlfriend, what do you want to give to her the most? flowers, clothes, or ring?
A: i will personally pick out clothes for her

Q: a girl like a puppy, or a girl like a kitten, which one do you prefer?
A: a girl who is like a kitten

Q: when you can buy a car, would you get a sports car or a luxury car?
A: sports car

Q: which city left the deepest impression in you? and which is the next city you MUST visit
A: first impression.. Tokyo. i want to go to London

Q: a recent movie, book, or album, which one will you recommend to our readers?
A: Nicki Minaj’s Moment 4 Life

Q: what do you want to add in the name “SHINee” the most?
A: contemporary band

Q: at SHINee’s 1st concert, what was most memorable?
A: during encore when i cried

Q: which SHINee’s song do you find yourself humming to nowadays?
A: electric heart, quasimodo

Q: if the members have to switch bodies, who would you pick?
A: Minho! i am not good at sports, i wanna know how it feels like to be good at it

Q: do you feel excited or frustrated on your birthday? are you an adult, or going to be one, or do not wish to be one?
A: very excited! when it’s my birthday, i will approach my friends and say “it’s my birthday!!!” regarding coming of age, i neither like nor dislike it

Q: recently who do you say “i love you” to?
A: family and friends

Q: what are you most passionate about recently?
A: drawing, singing

Q: please choose 3 words to describe yourself
A: extraordinary, very “key”, and sharp

Korean-Chinese Translations: For SHINee World
Chinese-English Translations: hiyeom

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