Thursday, February 24, 2011

[Video] 110222 SHINee Santafe Special Event @ OBS Artist News. (Eng Trans)

Recently SHINee had their Santa Fe fanmeet held at Children’s Grand Park in Seoul last February 20. Despite Jong Hyun’s absence, the SHINee members called him and he played the guitar for the fans causing them to scream loudly.

Read out the subs here about the video above:
[Fans] SHINee We Love You!
[Reporter] Recent, Quickly Became Korea’s Popular Idol Group SHINee Held A Fans Meeting. Let’s All Go To The Scene And Watch! At Children’s Grand Park In Seoul Scene Where SHINee Held The Fans Meeting. From Fans Who Gathered Since Early In The Morning, Can Really Feel SHINee’s Popularity. In The Midst Of Fan’s Welcoming Screams SHINee Appears. Other Than Jonghyun, Who Couldn’t Come Because Of Leg Injury, The Other Four Members Gave A Passionate Performance Capturing The Heart Of 2000 Fans.

[SHINee] Hello Everyone! We Are Shining SHINee!
[Reporter] Gag Woman Kim Shin Young Was The Host Of The Special Event.
[Kim Shin Young] I’m The Host Of SHINee’s Fan Meeting Kim Shin Young.
[Reporter] Also Prepared Question Time Where You Can Know SHINee’s Own Thoughts.
[Kim Shin Young&SHINee] First Round Was With SHINee, Toc! Toc! Toc!
[Reporter] The First Question Was Asked To SHINee’s Cute Youngest (Maknae) Taemin. [Onew] It’s Questions That Will Confuse Oneself.
[Kim Shin Young] Yes. Taemin-ah
[Taemin] Yes?
[Kim Shin Young] Are You Human Or Fairy?
[Taemin] Then I’ll Be Honest With Everyone. Often Tell Me That I Have To Look At The Sky, Said That I’ll Rise Up To The Sky..
[Minho] Sounds Like Dragon
[Taemin] But I Am Really Human
[Key] Ah~ What A Pity
[Taemin] Didn’t Fall From The Sky, Born From Mom’s Stomach.
[Reporter] Second Question Is Asked To The Universal Idol Minho.
[Kim Shin Young] What Time Started To Be So Handsome?
[Minho] Want Me To Say It Straight?
[Fans] Yes!
[Minho] I Started Since I Was In My Mom’s Stomach…
[Fans] Ah~~
[Kim Shin Young] Started In The Stomach
[Minho] It’s A Joke. Everyone Understand?
[Reporter] After Minho’s Cute Reply, Key Replied In A Way Beyond The Imagination Causing Members To Be “Angry”
[Kim Shin Young] What Did Key Brother (Oppa) Eat To Become So Handsome?
[Key] Ate What? I’ve Ate This Thing For Three Years Now. That Is..The Love Given From Everyone!
[Reporter] The Round Playing With Fans Got The Mood To Its Highest Point. Afterwards Members With Jonghyun, Who Because Of Leg Injury Couldn’t Attend The Fan Meeting, Started A Telephone Call To Comfort The Feelings Of Not Being Able To Attend The Fan Meeting.

[Jonghyun] Hello Everyone I’m SHINee’s Jonghyun.
[Kim Shin Young] Jonghyun Sir?
[Jonghyun] Yes Sister (Noona)
[Kim Shin Young] Do Some Cuteness (Aegyo). The “Ay~” One
[Jonghyun] Ay~
[Kim Shin Young] Fans Didn’t Hear It Clearly So Do It Once More.
[Jonghyun] Ay~!
[Kim Shin Young] Have To Recover Quickly. Lastly, Say Something To Fans.
[Jonghyun] Ending Like This?
[Kim Shin Young] Sorry~
[Minho] This Is The Scene Of The Fan Meeting…Have To Continue So Quickly Talk. [Jonghyun] I’m Really Sorry I Can’t Be At The Scene. After Recovery Will Meet Everyone With A Smile.
[Reporter] Later Had A Happy And Blunt Meeting With Fans. SHINee Hope After Your Korea Activities That You Will Be Able To Get More Supporters And Love From Overseas Activities.

Hope to see you again on stage Jonghyun!

Eng Trans By: ~ Music Cindy@Facebook
Chinese Trans By: 小妮@withtaeminVideo
Video Credit: vivianlou123@youtube
Shared By (Credit): ForverShiningSHINee.

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