Thursday, April 14, 2011

[Info] MTV K Poll: What Is SHINee’s Minho And Taemin Wearing?

SHINee could make trash bags look appealing but Taemin and Minho’s pants were just terrible at the April 12th Converse “Moving Custom Studio” event.

We’re always appreciative when their pants show off their…assets but Minho’s grey slacks just look like sweatpants from afar. Taemin’s wearing simple chinos that somehow manage to look like two cushions surrounding his skinny legs because of how big they are on him. Even the color and crinkling is similar to a paper bag.

SHINee’s name is synonymous with skinny jeans and the boys look the best in them. Why change what works? (I’m looking at you, SM stylists)

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Source: HERE
Credit: MTVK

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