Sunday, August 28, 2011

[Fan Account] 110827 SHINee @ Idol Star Athletics Championships

1: Half way while Key is running he gave up and he became the last 2nd
2: After finishing the run the first thing Key does is arranging his hair
3: During the lunch break , Key dance to TeenTop’s no more perfume!
4: When Key is about to run, Jonghyun Stood up *swaying around* to boost Key’s energy
5: After lunch break Jonghyun didn’t come back
6: When Minho is getting ready for High Jump , Key was there rooting for him, but half way through he ran to Mir and grab a golden flag after that continue to root for Minho
7: They didn’t know where Key got Korean’s mini flag he pass to Onew & Taemin and they Root for Minho
8: Key was holding on to a packet of food, he was munching and dancing away
9: Key & Sunday noona imitate how people walk ><

Source: Weibo.
Translation: Forever_SHINee.

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