Wednesday, August 24, 2011

[Interview] Jonghyun’s Interview on ‘Ray’ Japanese Magazine.

1. If there is a chance to start a work…
A: When I was in Junior high school, I wanted a chance to form a band, but now I have much interests in what I am doing. After I graduated, I was attached to an eligible position in my current company(SME) and was able to debut.

2. What kind of character do you play in SHINee?
A: I think I am like the lubricant of the team. Regarding something which I have decided, I will pull the other members together because of my impatient (wanting things to advance quickly) character.

3. How do you spend your rest day?
A: I do a lot of practice on the songs and dance. Recently there are many practices, even on rest day, there is not much leisure. (laugh)

4. Now, what are you addicted to?
A: I feel intimate with Japanese language because I have been watching anime. I have watched [ONE PIECE], and next I will watch [Haré+Guu] and other animes.

5. So now, please tell us your failure story!
A: Hmmm… none!! I am the type that if I know I will fail (in doing something), I will not do it from the start. (laugh)

6. What kind of child are you when you are in junior high school and senior high school?
A: With the others, I am a pleasant nice child. Now also, for the sake of studying Japanese, during the interval of work, I will talk to the surrounding staff (in Japanese), we will chat non-stop.

7. What is your impression of the Japanese girls (fans)?
A: They are like pure young ladies. During live (shows), I feel that they are watching (us) attentively from the start till the end.

8. What is your favourite Japanese phrase?
A: [shouuganainaa] (If you insist on it…). No special reason for this….just thought that it sounded kind of interesting.

9. If you have a week of rest day, what would you want to do?
A: I want to go traveling. If I have time, I want to try to return(visit) to Europe.

10. 10 years later, do you have an ideal, type of guy whom you want to become?
A: I hope to become the most handsome, during that (period) in my life (laugh). Getting to the point of [Myself] and what I say, I want to become a guy who can make anyone think(agree) that I am cool.

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