Friday, October 14, 2011

[News] Super Junior, MBLAQ, & SHINee to transform into top 90s idol stars

Hallyu stars Super Junior, MBLAQ & SHINee transform into 90′s KPOP stars for Moon Night 90!

‘Moon Night 90′ is a new fictional drama on Mnet, using old-school Kpop as it’s subject material. The episodes feature today’s hottest celebs acting out fictional episodes at the then-popular Itaewon club, Moon Night.

The show is sure to be a hit with those who are currently in their 20s~30s, as old-school Kpop names like Hyun Jin Young, Deux, Seo Taiji & Boys, Clon, DJ DOC, R.ef, & SOLID bring back nostalgic memories. These groups were the roots that sprouted the Kpop wave.

Today’s top idol stars sing and dance to the classic music that was once performed by their seniors of 10+ years, and the series aims to tell the stories of the greatest dance artists of the 90s and their rise to stardom.

In the preview episode, the story unfolds as Watanabe Susuke from a Japanese broadcasting company comes to Korea to cover a story on the ever-popular Kpop, further putting Korean music in the spotlight.

The first episode told the story of Hyun Jin Young’s first steps to fame. He is performing at Moon Night where he is approached by a representative from SM Entertainment. He auditions for founder Lee Soo Man and becomes the first artist to ever debut under their label. Super Junior’s Shindong played the part of Hyun Jin Young evoking much laughter from the audience, while MBLAQ‘s Thunder and Seungho played the role of CLON, and SHINee‘s Taemin & Key played the roles of Deux.

The series was produced by PD Park Junsu of ‘UV Syndrome‘ while the title soundtrack “Moon Night” was written, composed & sang by none other than UV. Lee Hyundo also makes a rap featuring in the track.

The song was revealed for the first time on set and UV stated, “I wanted to express my respect for Deux while praising the music of the 90s era… We introduce a lot of familiar names in the song.”

Taemin & Key will play the role of Deux:

Thunder & Seungho will play the role of Clon:

Shindong will play the role of Hyun Jin Young:

Source & Image : XSportsNews via Nate
Credit: Allkpop

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