Saturday, June 8, 2013

[News] Onew and Infinite’s Sunggyu to partake in a battle of pride on JTBC High Society.


On the next episode of JTBC High Society, an exciting battle of pride will ensue between SHINee’s leader Onew and Infinite’s leader Sunggyu.

Fitting of the summer season, JTBC Kim Byungman and Lee Soogeun’s High Society will hold a ChamChamCham* water game involving Sunggyu and Onew.

Sunggyu and Onew are both leaders in Infinite and SHINee respectively. There has been recent progress in both Sunggyu and Onew’s careers, with both their groups’ prior comebacks scheduled for around the same time. The similarities don’t stop there; the opponents are both born in 1989 and are of the same age.

Sunggyu and Onew are finally competing against each other for the first time since their debut on the show, creating subtle tension between the both of them.

The episode will be broadcasted on the June 8th at 7.35 PM KST.

Source: TV Daily
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