Monday, July 1, 2013

[News] SHINee kick starts their second Japan Arena Tour from Saitama!

After a long year of waiting, SHINee is finally back for their second Japan Arena Tour, ‘SHINee World 2013 Boys Meet U’!  

The tour started off at Saitama Super Arena to the delight of 100,000 fans over the weekend. The Shawols in attendance not only came from Japan and Korea, but from Southeast Asia, New Zealand, and America too! Together, despite their cultural differences, they merged together as one as they lit up the arena, with lightsticks that were free for all attendees, to form a magnificent pearl aqua ocean.
In the early hours of June 28th, the first day of the tour was met with huge anticipation and excitement as Shawols flooded the area outside the stadium, all eager to purchase the official tour merchandise. Items like the towels, bags, and t-shirts were selling like hotcakes.  

After what seemed, to many, too long a wait, the heat and excitement was brought up to a whole new level as SHINee appeared on stage, with the dramatic lighting accentuating their tangible stage presence.
To the delight of many, the five-year-old idol group performed their greatest hits and their new Japanese songs, like Breaking News and Kiss Yo. The two-hour long concert was met with smiles and adoring screams, with the boys switching to and fro from ‘charismatic idols’ to ‘mischievous boys’ on stage.  

The outfits and props were one of the highlights of the three-day stop in Saitama. The dancers were seen wearing costumes shaped like mushroom cars, coffee cups, and apples. Fans were also left mesmerized by the variety of dashing blazers, vests and suits that SHINee donned for all three nights.    During the encore performance, each member took a walk around the arena as they waved and high-fived the fans, bringing the concert experience closer to everyone at the arena. As expected, SHINee continued their tradition of water fights, from their very first concert tour. Shawols were hugely entertained by their unpretentious goofiness and playful antics. There was not a moment to be missed, as they got torn between watching Jonghyun push a towel into Onew’s face, or Minho wiping dirty towels unto Key, or Taemin being teased for his last scene in the Breaking News music video.
Unbeknownst to SHINee, the Japanese fans also had something prepared from them. On the first night, towards the end of the concert, fans began to raise what looked like support banners. The Korean words on the banner read “We’re waiting for you, SHINee”. The members were awestruck, and they were unable to hide their surprise. Key, overwhelmed by gratitude, shed tears as he expressed his thanks. When it was finally time for them to say goodbye, Key was reluctant to leave and the members had to comfort him and persuade him to say goodnight.  

All in all, the three-day stop was an unforgettable experience for all Shawols who attended, and we wish SHINee the best of luck for the rest of the tour!
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