Wednesday, July 7, 2010

[Me2Day] 100707 Jonghyun's Me2Day Update. [Eng Trans]

Original message:

[종현] 급처합니다. 산지 두 시간도 안됐고요, 생활 기스도 없는 상태입니다. 한 번 밖에 착용 안했어요. 원하시면 영수증 케이스 다 보내드려요. 기범이가 하두 사달래서 선물로 산건데 갑자기 ‘이유없이’ 주기 싫어져서 급처합니다. 애눌없습니다.ㅋ – 중고나라 코스프레

In English:

[Jong Hyun]
For immediate sale. It hasn’t been more than two hours since I bought it, and has no scratches. It hasn’t been worn once. I’ll even show you the receipt and case if you want. Kibum (Key) wanted it so I bought it but I didn’t want to give it to him for ‘no reason’ so I’m selling it immediately. There are no discounts. keke – Second-hand Land* Cosplay

*‘Second-hand Land’ is similar to a Korean eBay

Source: SHINee me2day
Credit: weareshining
Translation: Joodit@WRS

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