Friday, July 30, 2010

[News] Filled with Love for Lucifer

On a recent interview with SHINee backstage, SHINee shared that: The current album is feels more completed and is also very outstanding, therefore we are very pleased. Especially when it is the first time members have taken part in the making of the album, which is why we love this album. From the lyrics to the stage costume, members have expressed their ideas and comments.

Currently a hot topic is the lyrics that Onew and Jonghyun wrote, Onew’s heartwarming ‘Your Name’ and Jonghyun’s ‘Obsession’ that tells a story of a man who missed his chance with his lover. When asked how did they feel when they have never experienced the feelings in the lyrics, Onew said: “The lyrics will be better if we have experienced it before..” while Jonghyun simply said that he has asked around for suggestions.

If SHINee’s previous image being noona’s boys, then this album has successfully changed them to men. Members are very pleased with the photoshoot of this album, “we had a lot of ideas for this album, how to be more outstanding, how to portray a better image etc, we were really troubled. Between members we also interacted a lot and exchanged ideas, the end product really showed our individual charm so we are very pleased”.

Not forgetting their fans that had waited for 9 long months, SHINee said “Actually, we were quite nervous after not performing on stage for a long time. On our comeback stage there was many fans so we are really thankful, it was good standing on the stage and feeling our fans’ love. We will do well in our activities to thank them for waiting for us”.

Source: Shakizi+SHINeebaidu
Credit: WRS

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