Saturday, July 17, 2010

[News] SHINee 2nd Album Tracklist.

News has traveled fast in regards to the lyricists of SHINee’s second album; from the looks of it, the creators of the songs’ lyrics are no other than members Onew and Jonghyun! Onew, who will be showing the world what he can do in regards to writing lyrics for the first time ever, showcased his sensitive side in ‘Your Name,’ while Jonghyun took on the role of a man living a painful life after losing love in ‘Blame.’

Amongst the other tracks are songs such as ‘Electric Heart,’ which was composed by Jinu, who is also known for composing Brown Eyed Girls’ ‘Abracadabra.’ The song is said to have electro-hip hop rhythms and a guitar melody similar to that of Spanish music. ‘Life’ was composed by Kenzie, and will take on the role of the strong R&B ballad in the album. Meanwhile, ‘UP & DOWN’ has been described as a song that’s only slightly more contemporary than the melody of an old school hip-hop track, and ‘Arrow’ will be a rock ballad speaking of loneliness as one experiences solitude. ‘A-Yo’ was created with the purpose being to allow listeners to “shout out A-Yo! over and over again,” and ‘Love Still Goes On’ will be released as an epilogue to the boys’ first album.

Overall, ‘Lucifer’ will contain lyrics that speak of “selfishness, deluding oneself into thinking [that] obsession is love, and alternating between [threats] and reconciliations as if [one’s] lover has both the face of an angel and a devil.”

Source: osen, nate, shakizi
Translation: okdubu at tumblr

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