Wednesday, July 28, 2010

[News] Hidden Meaning Behind Obsession’s Lyrics.

Jonghyun recently created a hot issue when he revealed that there is a hidden meaning behind his composed lyrics in the song Obsession.

On the 27th, Jonghyun left a hint for fans to decipher the hidden meaning behind Obsession through a phone call with star call. During the call this singer revealed, “There is a song in this album where I participated in composing. Called Obsession, I’m curious as to how fans are deciphering the lyrics for this song.”

Jonghyun then continued by giving two hints that is supposed to help in finding the hidden meaning. According to this idol, the first hint is, “The woman left towards a place that could never be seen again” while the second is, “The man has a dual personality and is suffering from a mental illness.”

The SHINee member also said, “The lyrics of Obsession were written after being inspired by a novel I read, and I think if everyone knew the true meaning behind these lyrics they would be greatly surprised,” emphasizing the fact that the lyrics of this song is not simply about love and break ups.

For those like myself who have no clue as to what the hidden meaning behind Obsession’s lyrics is, be sure to stay tuned until Jonghyun himself reveals it!

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