Monday, July 12, 2010

[News] What's in SHINee's bag?

- Adidas black shoulder bag (from fans)
- Cute Kipling pencil case

- Beanie to hide his bright-colored hair for ‘Juliette’ promotion (got a permission from his teacher)

- His sitcom scripts (to practice between schedules and got some helps from his manager and hyungs)

- Bon Jovi Live Concert DVD


- Simple and useful big bag

- Classic check pattern pouch as gift from the company

- Credit cards and some cash (he points out KTX card, Body Shop Points card, etc)

- Digital camera Sony DSC-T77 (bought by his father)
- Blue mirror Pookie Bear

- Book called ‘우리는 천사의 눈물을 보았다’ (We all saw the tears of angels??) about children who live a hard life

Onew :
- A bag he purchased from internet
- A mystery novel book <셜록 홈즈 대표 단편선>
– Sherlock Holmes

- Cream products bought by his mom

- Unique-designed red pen given Park Kyung-lim (host of MBC Starry Night, she gave it to him when he and Key appeared as guests)
- Polaroid photo of himself taken in the waiting room after the winning on KBS Music Bank

- iPod classic (songs from varied genres including pop and jazz)


- Nike backpack from his brother, been used since middle school

- A book to write down his ideas and lyrics

- iPod classic he got from Donghae who bought it with all the allowance he collected, he listens to SHINee’s album a lot, also DBSK and Super Junior


- A big black bag he bought in Dongdaemun (Great East Gate) (the largest shopping center in South Korea)

- Bean Pole wallet (Jonghyun said he was lost his wallet some time ago, many things gone including his ID card)

- A pouch contains things for exercise while in the waiting room

- Romeo CD (and he also mentioned about SNSD CD that he bought)

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