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[Fan Account] 100916 Key's Birthday Party

As the boys entered, the order was Minho-Jonghyun-Kibum. Minho wore the shiny
glasses Taemin wore on his birthday and Jonghyun was holding a cure card filled with
their activities agenda to cover his face. Kibum was holding his shiny contemporary
bag and wearing devil horns on his head. From the audience’s view, the order they
stood was Kibum-Jonghyun- Minho.

Jonghyun: As I didn’t apply makeup, so…
Minho: Is it because of that, you’re covering your face with the card?
Jonghyun: Kibum, why are you carrying your bag on stage?

It was only then did Kibum realize he was actually carrying his bag on stage so he
immediately placed the bag on the chair next to the side and ran back on stage. So

After taking a glance at the cure cards, Jonghyun said that they should start saying
their opening speech, but Onew wasn’t there so it wasn’t possible and asked him
to hurry and come~ Kibum said Taemin was dancing and Onew was playing Rock.
(Everyone started laughing)

When asked audiences if they’ve seen Onew’s performance? A couple of fans raised
their hands. Jonghyun said they haven’t seen his performance yet and asked everyone
if the musical was good? Everyone who have seen it said “Good!! So handsome!”

Jonghyun: Onew hyung cracks in his musical and dances wrongly~ is this also
considered handsome?
Kibum: And dance?
Jonghyun: Yes, Onew hyung has to follow people’s directions (cues) to perform
Kibum: It seems like no matter if we have group activities or musicals, he still needs
to be cued (T/N: meaning he always makes mistakes so he needs to follow directions)
Everyone started laughing.


Minho said Onew has to go to activities and practice, his schedule is packed and harsh, hope everyone can understand.

The topic goes back to the birthday party.
Jonghyun: So why are we here today?
Fans: Kibum’s birthday.
Jonghyun: Aren’t there still around 10 days left?
Kibum feels bad and said: Yeah, it’s a bit early, right?

Jonghyun understands everyone, and he speaks from the fans’ perspectives: Look~ there are still so many days until the birthday, and there’s already birthday party, but still got to go see the kids! (everyone agrees)
Minho: I prepare birthday presents according to the birthday, but didn’t know that the birthday party was this many days earlier, I haven’t prepared the present yet (everyone agrees again)
Kibum: People who haven’t given presents can send it to Apgujeong No.XXX.
Kibum: I guess Taemin will send a SMS at around 9:00 (everyone laughs), and that’s because it’s under the situation that Taemin’s mom has to remind him at 4:00 “Today is Kibum hyung’s birthday, did you congratulate him?” Taemin will say, “Oh, really?” Then forgets about it, and then suddenly remembers at 9:00, then say “Oh, really really wish hyung a happy birthday, really really really really” kekekeke
(imitates Taemin’s tone, moves and expressions, and it’s spot on)

At this point a person was bringing a cake to the stage, Jonghyun asks who this is, and said he’s never seen him kekekekeke

After the birthday song, Kibum made his wish (Fans yelled: Tell me your wish~ kk)
Jonghyun: We’re still singing this song after so many years?
Minho gave the fans a thumbs up: Artist sense is not bad, right? (everyone laughs)

Kibum just kept kneeling but not blowing the candles…
that’s because both Jonghyun and Minho were holding sprays
and were going to spray Kibum once he blows the candles.
Kibum said: You can’t spray! You can’t spray! If you spray, I’m going to quit Shinee! Do you know how hard I tried to avoid those water in SM Town?


Jonghyun and Minho blew the candles with him, and Jonghyun and Minho said: you blow the candles yourself.
Just when Kibum was going to blow, Jonghyun and Minho each sprayed him once, and Kibum was fixing his clothes right away.
At this time Jonghyun realized he got some on his clothes too
and was wondering: Huh? How come it got to me too?
After Kibum finished blowing candles, both people started going crazy spraying and Kibum was moving his shoulders and screaming and started to run for his life

Kibum started cutting the cake and asked: Is this cake edible?
Jonghyun and Minho touched the cake a little bit and looked at Kibum, Kibum knew something was not right and froze.

After a while,
Jonghyun: Cut it properly, make it nice
Then Jonghyun asked fans: Who wants to eat cake?
Some fans raised their hands, and some shook their heads.
Jonghyun: Then give it to those that shook their heads, you give these sort of to the people who don’t want to do it.

Jonghyun asked Kibum what kind of wish he made, Kibum said he can’t say because if he says, it won’t come true.
Jonghyun: It won’t come true anyway, just say it. It’s already good that everyone wants to listen to it, you should be grateful. You should just say it, maybe someone here can fulfill it for you, so you can fulfill your wish sooner.
Minho: Don’t ask him like that, or else he’s going to say he wants a Givenchy T-shirt!
At the end, Key said he wanted a Balmain wallet.
Jonghyun just said: That one costs 6,800,000 won = =
(so scary)

Kibum asked Jonghyun and Minho for presents
Jonghyun: Didn’t I buy sunglasses already?
Kibum: Ah~
Then asked Minho why there isn’t a present, Minho said there’s none kekekeke
Minho also said: Actually there is, afterwards I’ll go to a convenient store and buy you a Chuseok gift pack, so you can bring it back for your parents kekekeke
Kibum: You keep that for yourself!

Then the games started (The order is not accurate)
Before they got on stage, the staff prepared papers for each member to write
on “Key is….” And then the 3 members would choose either “O” or “X”. Whoever
chose different answers to Key would get punished (getting hit by an air hammer)

Q: Key’s height is 180?
Jonghyun: Now it might have reached 180 kekekekeke
Kibum: Will it be 180?
Minho (very seriously): No
Kibum (hitting Minho): How can you say that…
But Jonghyun raised the wrong card and chose “O”
Kibum and Minho chose “X”

Q: Everyday there only parcels for Key?
Jonghyun said there are his as well, Kibum has been controlling his internet shopping
lately and likes shopping outside
Jonghyun asked Kibum what was his most recent delivery?
Minho: I know, it’s an IPOD case
Jonghyun glanced at Minho & Kibum weirdly (those weird glances like they have
something going on)
Minho (immediately): Weird is you two, why were you guys wearing couple t-shirts?
Jonghyun: Own preference
Kibum: Isn’t it cute?
Kibum said he bought the white one first and when he got back Jonghyun thought it
looked good so he bought it.
Jonghyun: That day, I saw Kibum’s newly bought shirt, and thought it looked nice so
I went to the same shop the next day. The sales said that Key bought the white one so
I asked for the black one. After I got back home, I asked Key to wear the same shirt
the next day. Key said ok so we both wore the same shirt.
Kibum: Will also wear the shirt in the future.

Q: Key has a nickname called “Honeydew Genie”?
Everybody O
Kibum: That was during first grade in middle school. It’s just one pictures out of the hundreds of selca I took when I was really into it. Why does it have to be this picture, seriously…
(Helpless and bothered, hehe)
Kibum: What was I thinking then?
He explained, at that time that honeydew CF was really famous, and just that they were cutting the honeydew at home at that point, and he took that picture, so the background is the kitchen kekekeke
Jonghyun made Kibum do that expression again, and he did it kekekeke

Q: Key is hairy?
Everybody O
Kibum: While watching this TV Show, he feels grossed out looking at the hair on his legs kekeke
don’t understand either why it has that effect on TV but in fact there isn’t that much.
Jonghyun and Minho: Then show everyone.
Kibum had to make a real effort to roll up his skinnies, so he could show everyone his calves.
(His legs were really nice and pale!!!)
The front row of fans said there is a lot, so Kibum walked a bit closer and said: No way…
Kibum: Look, it’s not that hairy right?
Minho: You shaved it kekeke
Kibum: If you said that, everyone will think it’s true. (meaning he didn’t shave it, it’s originally like that)

Q: Recently Taemin doesn’t listen to the hyungs?
Everybody O
Jonghyun: Taemin doesn’t necessarily have to listen to us. He is a self-centered kid even from the start.
Minho: Self-centered…so you mean Taemin is selfish? So you mean Taemin is selfish, right? kekekekeke
Jonghyun: Taemin loves himself too much. kekekekeke


Q: Key spends too much money?
Jonghyun O Minho O Kibum X
Kibum: I only bought clothes when Jonghyun hyung bought a notebook, and I only bought clothes when Minho bought some sportswear.
Minho: Sportswear won’t cost more than 1,000,000 won kekekekeke
Jonghyun: I can use a notebook for more than 4 years, do you wear your clothes for more than a year?
Minho: Before he said he needs to alter a shirt that can’t be worn for more than a year, so he really cut it, no lies, and then made it look like ragged.
Kibum: I don’t wear the clothes I buy when I practice. That was the only one which I wore to practice. Everyone asked where that shirt went now, Kibum said it went into the garbage can kekekeke

Q: Key doesn’t have any friends?
Everybody X
and said Kibum has too many friends.
Jonghyun: Is there anyone that was born in 91 that you don’t know?
Kibum: Of course, I won’t know the new people~
Fans screamed: Minho! Minho!
Kibum and Minho played along,
Kibum: Minho? Who’s Minho?
Minho: We’re actually not that close.
Jonghyun: They are still awkward.
Minho: We’ll great each other at our apartment and say “Hi, good night.”
Kibum: Have you eaten?


Q: If we make phone calls now, will there be friends picking up?
Kibum: Yes but I didn’t bring my phone
Everyone asked if he had a phone who would he call?
Fans: Nicole! Nicole!
Jonghyun (not sure if he didn’t hear or pretended not to hear): What? Nickhun?
Kibum: There’s Nicole, Jinwoon, Seunghyun, Dongwoon, Mir, Joon (should be
Leejoon), NANA etc
Minho: MBLAQ members are quite interesting
Jonghyun: These days it seems like we are a group with MBLAQ members
Minho & Key: Don’t be so ridiculous
Jonghyun: FT Island members are interesting too. If you get close to one member
from the group, then you will gradually know everyone from the group too.
Minho: Friends include Dongwoon, Mir, Joon etc. Jonghyun said the same thing keke

In the middle, they mentioned about the 91 line
Asked whether the 91-line group leader was Key?
Key: We formed the 91-group after I introduced them to each other, of course it’s me

Jonghyun: One time when exercising alone, I saw someone with a cap and Kibum
walking past.
Minho: Was it a boy or girl?
Kibum: It was a girl
Jonghyun: Friend that was a girl? Girlfriend?
Everyone became silent…
Jonghyun: Friend, who was a girl only! Then asked everyone: Do you guys not have
friends that are guys?
Audience: No
Then Jonghyun asked each fan: You don’t? You really don’t? Then let me be
your ‘guy’ friend.
Minho (getting goosebumps): You really know how to say these things. Well done.


Q: Key scolds Minho in his diary the most?
Kibum: Everybody is pretty equal. I make some marks to avoid people peeking my diary, and I found that someone’s peeked into it.
Minho: I didn’t even go into your room and I don’t know what your diary looks like.
Jonghyun is very blurred about it, but says it’s not him either.
Finally Kibum said: Then it’s one of the two people (Onew and Taemin) left.

Q: If Key was a girl, will you date her?
Kibum O Jonghyun X Minho X
Asked the fans: It’s still this face?
Fans: Yes! and screamed: —- (His name when he cross-dressed as a girl)
Kibum pretends he didn’t hear anything.
Jonghyun didn’t know or didn’t hear clearly and said: Yoogeun? What Yoogeun?
Minho listened carefully, and got angry saying: No!!

Q: Key nags a lot?
Everybody O
Kibum: Recently even I feel I nag too much, and even I get annoyed from it, so I’m controlling myself.
Minho: To notice it now is already really great, very thankful kekekekeke
Jonghyun: How come I never got nagged by Kibum?
Minho: How’s that possible?
Jonghyun: Actually it’s just I listen from one ear, it gets out from another ear kekeke

Q: Key is a fasionista?
Kibum: Not yet for now.


Q: Key uses insoles?
Kibum: Sometimes, sometimes not. If the heel of the shoes are higher, then it’s not really necessary. If the heel is high plus I use insoles, will I then get to enjoy all the high ends of life? (Note: Meaning, even if I got that tall, my lifestyle wouldn’t really change, so not necessary to make it that high.)

Q: If Key was a kid, do you want to take care of him? (Like in Hello Baby)
Minho screamed: Him? How are we supposed to take care of him??
Kibum: That’s true, my parents are pretty skilled. But it was just when I was young (that he was disobedient) now I can take care of myself, so I live well.
Minho says no right now.

Q: Key knows he’s very handsome?
Kibum X Minho O Jonghyun O
Minho: Before debut, there was one time when our car stopped in front of our office, and the few of us just sat there. Kibum looked at the fans outside and said, “Ah~ Here to see me again~” “Didn’t I say my fans are increasing?” At first it was a joke, but afterwards, I start to suspect if it’s really his true words.
Jonghyun: There was one time in Music Bank backstage, I asked Kibum “Do you have a pen (sounds the same as “fan” in Korean)?”
Kibum pointed outside and said, “Aren’t they outside? Kekekeke”

The game was over, and started to give out presents. Because only 3 members of Shinee came, so only prepared 3 autographed albums for fans.
They used rock, paper, scissors to decide who the winner was.
Minho gave the CD and the glasses he was wearing at that time to fans (He didn’t want to give away his glasses at first).
When it was Kibum’s turn, Kibum said: Can I not give the horns on my head? (He loves those horns)


Jonghyun: You want to bring it back to the apartment?
Minho: Just give it to the fans.
Kibum touched the horns a few more times and said: Alright.
When he signed the CD, he wrote something else too and said he wants to give it to the fans altogether, I was touched by his care for details again.

After giving presents,
Jonghyun: You received so much birthday blessings, you got to thank everyone! The birthday boy should sing a song or dance, Taemin did it last time!
Then he started imitating the way Taemin sang kekekeke
Kibum: There’s not much I can do though.
Minho: Then choose between Rainbow, Hurricane Venus, and Madonna.
Kibum: Don’t really know Rainbow.
Minho: Then Hurricane Venus.
Kibum: Why Hurricane Venus?
Kibum picked Madonna at the end and danced to that song live.
He suddenly said: One time I was watching Inkigayo, it was a song by nine muses. Jonghyun hyung was imitating one part after that, it was so funny.
Then he made Jonghyun do it…Jonghyun was covering his face and really embarrassed kekekeke but at the end he showed it.
Kibum said one more time, so one more time kekekekeke
Minho said it’s embarrasing for him to learn girl group dances, so Jonghyun and Kibum made Minho dance to Orange Caramel, and Minho did it.
Jonghyun: There is a Chuseok special show. Me and Jang Yoon Jung noona danced together to this song, it was embarrassing to death, I didn’t have face to go home. On Chuseok if you see me in Apgujeong, remember to greet me ok?


Towards the ending
Jonghyun: Have already spent 3-4 birthdays with Kibum, when I look
at Kibum growing, I feel like growing too. Will forever remember our
times together…(everyone was sunk into the touching atmosphere)
Minho: Mm, you spoke well!
Jonghyun (immediately): It’s because I’m writer-Kim kekekekeke
Minho: Kibum is the only member in the group whom is the same age as me. When I
saw him turning 20, I greeted him from the bottom of my heart. I haven’t realized the
importance of birthdays in the past as last year I didn’t spend a memorable birthday. It
was only then did I realize the importance of birthdays
Kibum: Thank You everyone who came here today. Have said it last time, I really
don’t want birthday parties to be held too systematically, just want to spend it happily
with everyone.

Then 3 members together: Right now, it’s (we’re) shining SHINee! (T/N: It’s the line
they say everytime they do interviews). After greeting and when they were about to
go backstage…
Jonghyun: Why aren’t we doing that? Don’t we always do that before? We’re shining
SHINee World!
Everyone signaled that they didn’t wanna do kekekeke
Jonghyun: Alright, ok, then don’t do ^^;;;
At the end, everyone said do, so eventually they did it whilst laughing and said their
slogan but unfortunately, they failed doing it (kept laughing) kekeke

At last, the 3 boys said everyone must spend Chuseok (mid autumn’s festival)
nicely .. and walked inside..

As they walked, Kibum forgot about the bag he put at the side so everyone
shouted “Backback! Backpack!” Kibum ran back out to take his backpack and ran
back inside embarrassingly.

Credits: ForeverSHINee.

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