Sunday, September 5, 2010

[News] SHINee’s Comedic Acting Challenge in ‘Honey Pot’

SHINee made an appearance in the MBC comic variety “Honey Pot-’Music Diary’ I Became a Friend” that will air on the 5th.

Appearing as Kim Na-Young’s younger guy [interest], SHINee’s Minho reenacted a good scene from a drama romance, and appearing as Ahn Youngmi’s counterpart Jonghyun perfectly played his cute younger guy role.

SHINee, who displayed a cute younger guy image, skillfully showed off their comedic acting, receiving laughs from those witnessing the recording.

Also because of their busy schedule, SHINee was only able to record at night, however it was said that their fun attitude at the recording captured the hearts of the engaged noonas and of course the production crew.

The comic teacher-student love relationship played by Minho and Na-young, Jonghyun, as a fun date from a friend’s younger brother, and Youngmi’s tragic love life are gathering lots of anticipation.

Airs the 5th at 9:25 AM.

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