Tuesday, September 14, 2010

[News] SHINee had lessons on Chinese language and even Wushu?

How popular is Hallyu in Shanghai? Just take a look at SM TOWN LIVE concert and you will know. Last Saturday, SM TOWN LIVE concert was held in Shanghai. On that day, DBSK members Yunho and Changmin, Super Junior, SHINee, F(X), SNSD and many top stars and idols made their appearance, making the crowds go wild. SM also took the chance and signed endorsements with various China brands for SHINee and F(X) during their visit.

SHINee is the second boy group introduced by SM Entertainment following Super Junior’s success, with Leader Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Taemin and Minho. Recently they came back with their new album ‘Lucifer’ and had achieved excellent results in Korea. Currently, they have set breaking into the Chinese market as their number 1 goal. In our short interview with them, they revealed that they once went to Beijing to study the Chinese language, and even had lessons on Wushu as well.

As entertainment agencies in Korea generally has strict management, hence other than spending all their time on practice and rest, all five members exclaimed that they have no dating experience at all. “We really haven’t dated anyone before. When we were trainees, we couldn’t date. After we debuted we were really busy all the more we can’t.” With busy personal schedules, they do not have much time for themselves. So whenever SHINee have time to rest, they will be hanging around and cracking jokes together. During the interview, the most common word we heard was ‘Rabbit’. Why Rabbit? In order to highlight each member’s outstanding and unique character, SM Entertainment has specially chosen 5 animals to portray their individual image. Leader Onew a rabbit, Jonghyun a dog, Key a fox, Minho a cow and Taemin portrays a cat. And because ‘Rabbit’ Onew has a good temper, hence he is always ‘bullied’ by the rest.

Source: Yangtse Daily
Reporter: Zhang Yi
Translated by: Kylene @ WRS
Credit: WRS

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