Saturday, September 4, 2010

[News] Taemin did NOT get bullied in school.

Regarding to the “Taemin being bullied” issues, everyone please need to understand that it’s not true and it’s only rumor made by certain people.

We actually had posted that photos long time ago and we NEVER said that taemin got bullied at school based on that pictures. We have no idea that people will conclude that pictures as the picture of Taemin getting bullied. The truth is, the pictures are about Taemin’s friends got excited with him at school and tried to take his photos.

Just ask your self, wouldn’t you be super excited if taemin go to the same school as you are? learn in the same building as you are? eat in the same cafeteria as you are? went trough the same school gate as you are? don’t be hypocrite and said that you wouldn’t try to take his picture or at least try to talk to him. Most of us will do the same but the matter is we all know the acceptable limit to our own behavior, after all Taemin needs his own time as a common person, but to said that those people are hurting him is actually NOT THE TRUTH.

The owner of the picture and the blog source of the picture told us what exactly happened in that picture. So please don’t judge anything too quickly.

Credit: WRS

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