Monday, November 22, 2010

[News] SHINee to perform for 30,000 Fans in Korea and 24,000 in Japan!

SHINee’s first solo concerts in Korea and Japan have exceeded expectations with the enormous fan response.

In Japan, they added an additional date to their concert at the Yoyogi National Stadium and will now be performing for 24,000 fans after selling out 12,000 seats during their pre-sale.

In Korea, SM Entertainment completely changed the dates of their first concert from December 18 and 19th to January 1st and 2nd in order to move to the much larger Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium venue.

The venue can hold 15,000 people and over 2 days, SM expects that SHINee will perform to nearly 30,000 fans.

In comparison, their original venue (KBS 88 Stadium) only held 4,000 fans.

Credit: mtvk

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