Friday, December 31, 2010

[News] SHINee Voted As Star of the Year 2010.

In the category of male group, SHINee sprang up from 3rd to the top at the last moment with 24.4% (17,223 votes).

MBLAQ came 2nd with 21.44%(15,133 votes) and 2PM 3rd with 17.71% (12,500 votes).

SHINee’s leap to the top was made as comparatively fewer netizens participated in voting for the category.

The top three are followed by Beast 13.89% (9,805 votes), 2AM 11.61% (8,193 votes), CN Blue 10.96% (7,739 votes).

Source: Jaekyeong Ilbo

Credit: jujugal

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