Monday, February 21, 2011

[News] SM Entertainment accepted Mnet’s apology.

February 21st onwards, a representative of SM Entertainment said on February 21st, “ which is operated by Mnet Media had conveyed their apology to SM Entertainment for distributing music without our approval and they have also promised to prevent the recurrence of such actions.’s determination and effort to restore trust among the two sides had led to a mutual agreement”.

The representative added, “We have decided to resume the supply of our music to in order to provide music consumers with more convenience and enjoyment and at the same time, enhancing the online music market. In the future, we plan to work closely with Mnet Media on various music business related matters”.

Songs from SM Entertainment’s artistes such as TVXQ, SNSD, etc will be available on again, starting from February 21st.

Credit: Today
Source: Fanwonder
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