Wednesday, March 23, 2011

[News] SHINee's Key wants to go see blossoms with members and fans.

SHINee's Key recently made a new Star Call video. He revealed that a warm spring day is his favorite type of weather. He also confessed that he wants to go out with his fellow group members and fans when the flowers are blossoming.

Key began by greeting the camera cheerfully, "Everyone~ Hello! I'm SHINee's Almighty Key. Yeah, everyone, the weather is now changing every day!"

He continued to comment on the weather saying, "Now it is getting warmer, like today's weather. It's my favorite weather. I can go hanging out and wear many beautiful clothing. I think you like this weather too. Between summer and winter, it's not too hot or too cold."

"I want to go out with members when flowers are blossomed. And also with you! Please go out to play before the blossoms end. Go together? Yes, let's go together! Although I don't know when." He laughed and concluded his call, "When seasons change, it will be dry so be careful, everyone! I hope you have many interesting plans to welcome the coming of spring. So I'll stop here. Bye~

What do you think of Key's Star Call?

Be sure to watch the video!

Credit: Koreaboo

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