Wednesday, April 27, 2011

[News] Japanese Debut Song “Replay” will start delivering tomorrow on April 28 at “Chaku Uta”.

SHINee’s Japanese debut song “replay” will start delivering on April 28 (Thursday) at “Chaku Uta(R) / RBT.

As a bonus download you can have SHINee’s limited member solo shots stand by screen until May 9 until noon for free (There are 5 kinds)

*TL Note: A ChakuUta is a ringtone. It may not seem like a big deal to foreign people, but it’s a booming industry here in Japan because Japanese phones don’t let you make your own ringtones. Rekochoku makes a killing every year off of ringtones sold.

Source: SHINee’s Japanese Official Website
English translation: winkme @ soompi shinee thread

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