Monday, April 18, 2011

[News] Key’s Art was sent for an Art Exhibition.

SHINee’s Key (actual name Kim Ki Bum) is exhibiting 16 works of art at the Boutique Monaco Art Gallery. His exhibition is titled “Boo Gi Woo Gi Astronomy Exploration” and is a joint project with his uncle architect Kim Dong Hee.

Key has always been known for being artistic, and this exhibition was the perfect opportunity to display his creativity. Before he debuted as part of SHINee, he used to be a water skier. Key is obviously a multi-talented star who has been blessed with both creativity and athleticism

Below are some of his artwork that has been sent for the art exhibit:

^On the right you can see the one that key posted on his Me2day^

Credit: Dkpopnews

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