Thursday, April 28, 2011

[News] SM’s Stock Price Goes Up.

SM Entertainment finished strong in the stock market with the news of SHINee’s scheduled debut in Japan and SNSD’s third single released in Japan.

On April 27, SM’s stock price was 3.63% (700 Won) up to 20,000 Won from the previous day.

As their artists’ activities in Japan, which have been put on hold after the Fukushima earthquake, are now scheduled to restart, the news will act as a momentum for the price increase of SM’s shares.

SM announced on the same day SHINee will debut in Japan with the Japanese version of Replay, their Korean debut song. SHINee’s first single in Japan will be released on June 22.

SHINee are also set to perform live on June 19 in the Abbey Road Studios in London, a place called the world-renowned symbol of EMI music and dream studio, to celebrate their debut in Japan.

SM also announced that the SM Town Live Concert in Tokyo Dome has been confirmed to be on Sept. 3~4.

Source: Asia Economy
Credit: Jujugal

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