Sunday, May 29, 2011

[Interview] SHINee Survey on Asian Place.

Survey Questions:

1. things you must do everyday
2. your biggest wish now
3. what are you anticipating from japanese activities?
4. when you fall in love, what kind of person will you become?
5. shyest member is..?
6. who walks the fastest? slowest?
7. when do you feel ‘love’ from fans?

- sleep..? because i like sleeping. and practice singing.
- I want a car. (laughs)
- be more fluent in japanese.
- the kind who wouldn’t be able to do anything else.
- taemin.
- everyone can be fast/slow at times. i have to think about it. (laughs)
- when we are performing on stage.

- practice singing and dancing, listening to music.
- a hat (or cap) i want
- how do j fans view shinee? what reactions will they have?
- the kind who wouldn’t be able to do anything else throughout the day.
- taemin?
- fastest jonghyun, slowest onew.
- i feel it every time we meet.

- listening to music, dance, practice our songs.
- i want to be better at playing the piano.
- appearing on japan’s TV programmes! i want people to see our stage.
- i.. don’t know.
- myself? when i’m shy i can’t conceal my expressions.
- fastest jonghyun hyung, minho hyung walks at the most relaxing pace.
- when fans notice the littlest things about us.

- practice songs.
- have a good sleep.
- new experiences and challenges, show people various kinds of performances.
- the kind who wouldn’t change much from who i am normally.
- taemin. he blushes easily no matter what happens.
- i walk the fastest.
- when we are standing on stage.

- listening to music. gym/exercise.
- nothing in particular right now.
- really want to participate in japanese programmes, i want to know how different it would be from Korea’s, and also take part in music shows?
- the faithful kind. the kind who would only have eyes for the person?
- taemin. (he gets nervous and shy when he’s being asked questions on shows)
- fastest jonghyun. slowest ME.
- when they warmly support us.

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Re-upload: TONGHYUN @Soompi SHINee thread

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