Thursday, June 30, 2011

[Interview] SHINee on Weekly Television Magazine Interview.

Q: Favorite woman type?

Taemin: A woman who is kind, tender-hearted, and can learn good points from each other

Minho: A woman who is pure and smiles pretty

Key: A stylish and smart woman

Jonghyun: A woman who knows what to do for herself and has a charm more shining than others whatever it is.

Onew: A woman who is active but not too talkative. Because I’m hesitant in making decisions ^^ (laugh)

Q: SHINee’s charms?

Key: Each of our albums has a different color, but we have maintained our own color and made new attempts in diverse aspects as well as music.

Jonghyun: Distinct individuality. We know each member’s individuality, and our different qualities mix well to form the color of SHINee. For example, Key has changed in a good sense (laugh). Unique and full of distinct indiviuality. Minho is competitive and does his best in anything.

Minho: Onew has a beautiful voice and is a gentle healing type.

Taemin: To say my charm in a word, being positive! (laugh)

Credit: Jujugal.

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