Monday, July 25, 2011

[UFO Reply] 110725 Onew's UFO Replies. (Eng Trans)

[Fan]: “Robocop Jellu’s favorite chicken is? Boor~ chicken!!! Boor~ chicken!!!!!*”
[Onew]: “No, it’s not”

*Robocop jellu(jelly) is the nickname for a part of lucifer’s dance, and boor chicken is a whole fried chicken in cutlet

[Fan]: “Let’s do Maple! Maple is interesting”*
[Onew]: “An, i’m not into it much”

*Maple Story (online game)

[Fan]: “Jjamppong!!!!”*
[Onew]: “First delivery”

*Korean seafood noodle

[Fan]: “Japan’s air is quite different?”
[Onew]: “Look like it’s not five but seven”

Credit: yaoiraburu @ soompi :DD


[Fan] What are you doing today? You aren’t going to Japan, are you??
[Onew] No, I’m not going there. I’m already in Japan.

[Fan] I feel pain from getting a cut on the finger even from a scissor. T.T Be careful with it. T.T!!
[Onew] Paper is worse than that.

Credit: Aprilontokki + Vivz

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