Saturday, September 24, 2011

[Fan Account] 110922 Key’s Surprise Birthday Party #02

  • Minho said he somehow thought that Kibum has a particular present he wants in mind so he didn't buy in advance. Key said he does have a present that he wants… so they said they’ll go buy together.
  • Jjong bought Kibum a blingbling bag and kibum was carrying the bag till the end of the party. key said he’ll show/prove it in the airport next time.
  • There was this helium balloon that supported audio recording so all the boys said a short message - ‘Saranghae’ - together but at the end of it, Kibum added ‘Good Night’ so Taemin was like ‘We said do a short one!!’, in the end everything got recorded into that balloon thing LOL. It was given to a fan.
  • Key said last time if you bully him he’ll get pissed off but recently he has forgotten how to get pissed off… Then the members were saying they like to see Kibum getting bullied. Then they really bullied kibum but kibum was just laughing
  • Key was wiping off the cream on his face and only left that one spot on his nose alone so Jjong was like “Did everyone see that?? Key’s so smart! He knows how to make himself look adorable!”
  • Minho offered to drive Kibum to a place in Daegu in his K7 (The car he won from Dream Team) then kibum was like “Lets go with the members!”
  • Kibum got rejected continuously by a club (or a few clubs?) in Spain. He got rejected cos he was wearing shorts. Then rejected again when he wore his Jeremy Scott dog bone shoes. and also when he wore flip flops.
  • Jjong said Key has been really really working on his singing.
  • Minho said that in singapore there was once when the manager called him to go over, saying that Taemin has stuff to tell him. At that time, TaeKey shared a room. Jjongho shared a room, Jinki had his own room. Minho said he was really tired that day so he asked the manager what is it about and cant it be done tomorrow? The manager then said it’s really urgent so hurry go… Before Minho got into the room, he heard lotsa hehehhehe sounds, wondering what’s going on. The moment he stepped in, he saw OnTae bullying Kibum. Taemin (to minho): “Oh hyung, you’re here? We’ve just started, come join us!” then the 3 of them started throwing Kibum around. They said k\Kibum just kept laughing and laughing even when he got thrown into a corner of the bed and got thrown/stuck in between the beds, he was laughing, when he knocked his head against the wall, HE WAS STILL LAUGHING HAPPILY. Kibum said it’s not that he likes being bullied. It’s just that he doesn't like getting angry that’s why he laughed. He forgot how to get angry. Jinki said they threw kibum 40 times but Kibum was still laughing. Then after saying all these, suddenly the members started gathering around kibum and re-enacted the scenario on the spot, even Kibum’s chair fell.
  • Minho wanted to light the candle but he just kept failing. So Jjong was like “Just use your eyes to light it!” (as in like, saying flaming charisma has fire in his eyes)
  • At the party, when anyone starts to interrupt Kibum’s talking, he will say “I like you” (or was it i love you?)”
  • Everything Minho did at the party will cause topics related to ‘dream team’ and ‘car owner’. Minho said Jjong should've gone to watch him record dream team, he told Jjong to go watch but in the end he didn't go… Jjong asked him “When did you ask me to go??” Minho said “In my dream”.

Source: byulbit
Credit: ForeverShiningSHINee

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