Monday, September 26, 2011

[Fan Account] An Old Man (Aujussi) Buying Onew’s Autographed Shoes for Charity Auction.

Went out with my mom as we were busy with something. We were walking to the childrens park that was near our home whilst holding onto the kimbap we just bought as well as looking at the animals that were on the way too.

We felt tired and was about to head home on the train when we saw a crowd of people surrounding a charity auction event or maybe a charity auction selling celebrity worn goods…So we decided to take a look.

Suddenly, mom grabbed my hand and said there was Onew’s shoes ㅋㅋㅋㅋ eh? Took a look and saw really, Jinki’s signed shoes were there!! Then I turned my head and was about to say “Mom, me too…” but from mom’s expression I could see the “If-I-participate-in-the-auction-I-will-die” atmosphere so I could only shut-up and look.

At the end, Jinki’s shoes was auctioned off by an ahjussi (old man). Shoes, bye-bye!

Anyways, I always feel so happy to bump into anything related to the kids on a random basis.

Source: cherryzzi
Eng Translation: vivz @ soompi

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