Tuesday, October 18, 2011

[Info] SHINee Mentioned in Boyfriend’s Interview

(Interview Cuts - Parts are omitted)

Do you guys have a group you guys want to be like?
Ever since pre-debut, SHINee sunbae-nims have been my role models. I want to become like them. (Minwoo)
I want to be like DBSK sunbae-nims. (Kwangmin)
I want to be like Shinhwa sunbae-nims who are still together. (Donghyun)

You guys are going to be performing on the stage as SNSD soon, are you guys nervous?
Hmm, I think there will be a lot of things to learn so I’m looking forward to it. (Minwoo)

Do you guys have any close girl group friends?

We have no close groups in general. There wasn’t a chance for us to befriend anyone. I want to be able to get close to people during this promotion cycle. (Donghyun)
We have no way of contact. (Youngmin)

Who takes care of you guys the best out of same entertainment girl group SISTAR?
They are all very nice and friendly but if I had to pick it would be Bora noona. (Minwoo)
Bora noona is very kind. She’s like that to everybody so she’s the kind of person you just want to get close to. (Donghyun)

What girl group do you look forward to?
SISTAR recently won first so I think they are a group that you can definitely look forward to. (Donghyun)

Source: Boyfriend Facebook
Credit: dkpopnews

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