Monday, October 31, 2011

[News] SHINee, the Icon of KPOP Wave in Europe, Proved Tremendous Popularity in London!

SHINee Shut Down the Britain’s Largest Theater Chain’s Server!

Britain’s Largest Theater Chain’s Reservation System Went Down Just 1 minute After the Ticket Sales Began!

Tickets for Opening Gala Concert of the 6th London Korean Film Festival, ‘SHINee in London,’ are all Sold out!

SHINee, the Icon of KPOP Wave in Europe, Proved Tremendous Popularity in London!

SHINee proved their tremendous popularity once again by crashing the Britain’s largest theater chain’s reservation system server.

SHINee will hold this gala concert after they are invited to ‘The 6th London Korean Film Festival’ and SHINee is the first Korean idol to hold a solo concert in London.

In fact, SHINee has already performed in AbbeyRoadStudios (famous for studio of Beatles) in June as the first Asian artist, but it was intended for media and music officials and held in private. However, since this performance is the first solo gala concert in London, which is open to fans, competition for tickets was expected.

Actually, as soon as ticket sales began for this concert on the 27th, Odeon’s reservation system, the Britain’s largest theater chain, went down for 5 hours because it was overwhelmed by the thousands of fans who were trying to buy tickets.

Therefore, not only the reservation for SHINee’s concert but also reservation for other movie tickets of hundreds of theaters in Britain was unavailable. Fans made reservation through phone calls or visited the theater to get the tickets after waiting for long lines. Local audiences, who wanted to buy other tickets, unusually reserved them by phone or purchased on site.

Odeon said “It’s our first time to make server down by ticket booking. We never expect this much of people coming in all at once,” and it is said that for SHINee fans’ safety, Odeon will develop measures to keep order at the theater.

SHINee will perform their hit songs including ‘Replay’ ‘Juliette’ ‘Ring Ding Dong’ ‘LUCIFER’ etc. and have an interview session at this gala concert.

Meanwhile, SHINee will leave for the opening gala concert ‘SHINee in London’ of ‘The London Korean Film Festival’ which will be held in London, Britain on November 3rd.

Credit: SMTown's Facebook

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Rage - Jum said...

I really wanted to go, but by the time I tried to buy the tickets they where all sold out :<. Oh well, maybe next time!

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