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[Interview] SHINee's Interview on Only☆Star Japanese Magazine (Eng Trans)

Extremely touched when visiting Japanese Supermarket?
Nervous performance on “M Step” being revealed

Welcome to our world.
This year, SHINee debuted in Japan and came out with 3 albums and clinched the record of having TOP 3 . Being the juniors of TVXQ, they finally released an official first full album. They frankly told us what they felt in Japan, the difference between Korea and Japan.

- Firstly, your first japanese album to your third “Lucifer”, have clinched the top 3 positions. Can you tell us how you feel being an overseas artist to create such new record?

SHINee : *claps*
Taemin : We are thankful for our fans who have given us much love and support. In addition, this finally marks our starting point. We are really happy that everybody have stood by us all these while and supported us!
Onew : Instead of saying that we have worked hard, I want to say that everyone (including fans) have equally worked hard to receive such results - not only our fans, but also our staff members.

- Being in Japan for half a year, what have your impression of Japan changed?

Key : Our first overseas activity is in Japan. Initally we were very worried but since the architecture and everything were quite similar to Korea so we were not as intimidated
Taemin : Also, in Korea, our supermarket do not sell Bento (lunch box set), unlike Korea, Japan’s supermarket has a lot and it taste better than anything. I ate a lot of it!
Key : True true, in Korea, we eat a lot of instant cup noodles

- Ah.. maybe it’s because of that. In Japan, our supermarket has a lot of famous bento. This have revealed our diverse culture.

Taemin : That is surprising, unbelievable!

- (Laughs) So, activities wise, are there any difference?

Key : There were not drastic changes In korea, after our Comeback, there would be a period for us to do promotional activities. In Japan, we will never forget the amount of enthusiasm showed by everyone! (do not quite understand the back part)

- In the previous interview, Key mentioned that he wanted to appear on Music Station, have your hopes been fulfilled?

Key : Usually we would not feel nervous, however we practiced really hard and so many times for our speech (for Music Station). Right now, I am so nervous that I feel that I have no idea what I am talking about. (laughs)
Onew : (In Japanese) Extremely nervous! One year of nervousness can be treated as an experience (laughs)
Minho : Because it was such a famous programme, it is inevitable to feel nervous.

How was SMTown in Tokyo? Were you all nervous standing in front of more than 50,000 audience?

Jonghyun : It was our first time standing on such a huge stage, it felt really refreshing. There were people who came to see us and other groups. It was an opportunity for other audiences to get to know SHINee too! We were actually more happy than feeling nervous
Key : Same for me, SMTown showcases to countries around the world, so it was a fun stage.
Taemin : Not only we were touched, but our thoughts have matured thanks to SMT.

- About the create a new record in the music industry, you are about to release [The First] right?

Onew : This is the first time we are releasing a full Japanese album, there are a lot of new Japanese songs inside. Please look forward to a different SHINee, we are also anticipating it. Just like what Taemin has just said, this is a real start!
Jonghyun : There are songs with lyrics regarding our aspirations, there are many good stuff inside. We took on a amateur attittude to embraced new challenges.

New style?

Jonghyun : We tried out new styles/genres we have never tried before, like J-pop style
Minho : This album gives off a very luxurius impression

- Did the recording go on smoothly?

Taemin : Since we have to record it within a short time frame, so we practiced really hard on our pronounciation.
Minho : Up till now, I still can’t really remember … (laughs)  the songs gives off a similar vibe to our previous Korean works.

- Did you discover any new talents?

Taemin : I think that my vocal range have widen. I am able to sing higher notes and feel more comfortable with singing.
Onew : I could not understand some parts of the lyrics for certain songs, so I tried using words I have learnt.
Key : I no longer feel that I am specifically singing a Japanese song, rather it has become a natural thing for me to sing in Japanese.

- Has everyone been more familiar with Japanese?

Minho : Yes, we have already came out with 3 albums, we felt less burdened (language wise) for our third album.

- Are you able to use your favourite lyrics in your daily lives?

Taemin : Instead of saying that a certain part is better, I feel that we should say that the entire song gives a good impression. (Japanese) Everything is good! (laughs) We can hear certain phrases like “how?” in Lucifer. “So Perfect” memorised from our first album for “..that perfect girl..” (Replay - you are my everything)  (laughs).

- (Laughs) You can use it in your daily conversation! Anything you have discovered about other members recently?

Taemin : Minho’s rap is really fast! Lucifer’s rap is really fast!
SHINee : (laughs)
Onew : In addition, he has to dance and rap so fast at the same time, it was really charming! (laughs)
Minho : I’ve discovered that everyone used to be very tired while filming an MV because it takes up a lot of time, however this is not the case anymore! (laughs)
Onew : Taemin should be able to understand “I am the oldest now” (laughs) *do not quite understand this part*

- All of you are still young! So, after completing “The First”, what are you planning to reward yourself? In Japan, the Japanese ladies will reward themselves after they have completed something to motivate themselves.

Minho : Korean ladies are the same too! But.. we have not thought about it.
Onew : Car! (laughs)… I’m joking. To go to the beach and travel, rest and relax well.
Taemin : Key did that before..
Key : Ah? I wish to be able to totally relax and rest!
Jonghyun : Up til now, we have not done that.
Taemin : We motivate ourselves by thinking what what we want to buy.. for example, I want to buy what I used to like
Onew : Like a piano?
Taemin : Yes, as an example.

- So that is the case. So can you tell me your future goals, your personal aspirations?

Key : To be able to get the first! Both albums and songs!
Taemin : To attend Japanese variety shows, to hang out with same-age friends. To go Karaoke too

- So you all have thought about your Christmas performances already right?
Minho : Yes, last year we came to Japan too during Christmas
Onew : Yes, we came here to do our concert rehearsel

What about Christmas party?
Jonghyun : We thought about it, but nobody bought a cake! (laughs)
Key : I bought my own Christmas present (laughs)

Different style from previous singles. Such strong rhythm and aggresive dance moves from the 5 of them. It is indeed really charismatic.

Japanese-Chinese Translation By: Gigi
Chinese-English Translation By: Soundtracklove @ Soompi

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