Friday, December 30, 2011

[Me2day] 111225 Key's Me2day Update (Eng Trans)

[Original Message] [Key] 이때쯤이면 키투데이에 크리스마스 인사를 올릴법도한데…하시는 분들을위해 캬캬 오늘도 사진을 찍었죠 멤버들과 함께전해요 ,메리크리스마스!’-‘
[English Translation] [Key] It’s time to post Key2day Christmas you keke took a picture took a picture with the member together sending this greeting, Merry Christmas! ‘-‘
[Original Message] [Key] 메리크리스마스! ‘_’
[English Translation] [Key] Merry Christmas! ‘_’

Source: SHINee's Me2day
Translation By: Forever_SHINee

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