Monday, January 16, 2012

[News] Minho talks about his acting experience in his new situational comedy

SHINee member Minho has been cast in the new SBS sitcom ‘The Salamander Expert and the Shadow Operation‘, and he recently shared his thoughts on being an actor for the very first time.

On January 12th, the singer worked hard to film on set and met with reporters from SBS in a studio and humbly remarked, “I am receiving a lot of good advice from my senior actors,” as he began his interview.


-It’s been a week since you began filming. What, if anything, has changed since then?
“It was really awkward in the beginning. I have participated in shorter one-act plays in the past, but its been so long since I’ve even done that, which didn’t help my case. But now, I’m comfortable seeing the staff members every day and I think I have better chemistry with my sunbae actors.”

- What are your senior co-stars like?
“I used to watch movies featuring Oh Dalsoo sunbaenim, and remember thinking that I wanted to be just like him. It’s amazing to be standing in front of him, and working with him. Like a veteran, he always gives me ideas and suggestions as to how I should approach a particular scene. With his help, we are able to enrich the scenes that we originally planned.

Lim Wonhee sunbaenim always says, “Because I’m simple and ignorant”, when I see him. That’s how absorbed in her work he is. He even says that to the director. Lee Byung Junsunbaenim and I have a lot of scenes together, and he really gets into character so much to the point that I really do think he has Alzheimer’s.

And actress Ryu Hyun Kyung who is the only female on set definitely shows that she is a powerful woman.”

- How did you decide on your concept for your character, Minhyuk?
“A chic hacker who also has social phobia. He’s kind of a dark character, so I started wearing darker clothes, too. I’m like a shadow. I usually wear bright and colorful ensembles for stage performances, but here it’s completely different.

And to look more chic than ever, I grew out my hair and toned it down a bit. I cover my eyes with my hair, and try not to make any facial expressions. I work so that, even if I don’t do anything, I’m still communicating something to the viewers.”

- What kinds of things did you feel and realize as you took on this character?
“Minhyuk is a character that’s completely different from me. It’s so weird and interesting how I come back to being myself after being Minhyuk all day. But that’s what makes it fun.”

- Anything you want to say to your viewers?
“Although it’s a situational comedy, I ended up taking on more of a serious role. But still, I hope that I can help the viewers laugh as they watch the program. I saw a copy of Oh Dalsoo sunbaenim’s script before and he on it, he had written, “I hope everyone in the nation is able to relieve the stress from the week by seeing my act.” I would like to develop that mindset and work hard to deliver laughs to the viewers.”

The first episode of ‘The Salamander Expert and the Shadow Operation‘ airs on January 27th.

Source & Image: HK KyungJae via Nate
Credit: allkpop

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