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[Info] Description and some snippets of “Son of the Sun”.

태양의 아이들: ONEW, KEY, TAEMIN of SHINee

1. Currently popular idol group SHINee’s first tour guide.
    It encompasses accounts, expressive literary works. This guide is translated in chinese - worth to be a part of fan’s collection.

2.  Map + Barcelona tourist attraction description.
     Includes a map, description of tourist spots. Fans can follow the trails SHINee have experienced
     It also includes information regarding Spanish, Transportation, Accomodation, Shopping etc

3.  First press edition comes with an exclusive gift.
     First press edition will be entitled with 1 poster (4 editions in total. Chosen randomly.)


Children, where are you all going? Barcelona? Barcelona!

We have finally got our break, so where are we going? The first place we thought of is a faraway country  where we are unable to fly back and forth for a short break (S/N : I think they are referring to the constant flights they took back and forth from Korea and Japan?) and a place where we will spend more than half a day cruising in the skies. And the place that have attracted all 3 of our hearts is Barcelona. It feels that SHINee and Barcelona are extremely close. It is the highly anticipated SHINee and Barcelona story.

Slow walks, running, hovering, meeting, experiencing, a story about love.

SHINee, the most shining place has become a sun (S/N : SHINee shines so bright that they seem like a sun)
Onew, Key, Taemin 100% true Barcelona experience

No matter overseas or back at their home, the highly popular idol group SHINee have to to travel everywhere for activities

Onew, Key and Taemin have finally gained time to rest and have written around 10 exclusive accounts of their trip

Just like ordinary 20 years old children who eat, sleep and play - this is a real tour story.



Son, Mina Author of “Spain, You are free”.

Spain, a place that will excite you whenever you hear the name of it.Furthermore, the ones who are going are SHINee - their cheerful amiable personality matches the Spain culture.

This makes me even more curious about what is inside the book. Because of their innocence and cheerfulness, I feel like I've seen another side of Barcelona, especially in the tour guide contents.

There’s a feeling that they seem to observe the Barcelona culture more attentively than tour guide authors.

Lee Teuk, Super Junior

Upon hearing that Onew Key and Taemin are going to Barcelona, the first thing that came to my mind was: So envious! Barcelona will remind you of the warm sun, delicious cuisine and the Mediterranean sea..
One of the cities I would want to go to have fun. But for now I will let their photos and animated stories soothe my “urge” !

(S/N : The word use is “envy” but I feel that it has a more positive connotation to it)

ChangMin TVXQ

It’s a really happy thing to be travelling to other countries to sing & perform. But it is even better to be travelling to that city for leisure. Even though I cannot experience what they have written about the trip
But I was deeply moved by it. From their fleeting emotions expressed through their words to their brilliant smiles, I know that the memories they gain from this trip will always remain in their hearts. Even I feel blissful from experiencing their memories.

Seohyun SNSD

SHINee kept flaunting to me about their trip once they came back from Barcelona. Finally, SHINee has published a tour guide! Not only can they experience the charm of Barcelona, they can also happily enjoy the daily Barcelonian activities, away from their usual performance activities. Everything was included so it gives it (the book) a happier sense to it~ They smile brightly (S/N : get along well with) with the locals they meet. Just by looking at the photos, (I) can feel how happy they were at that time. It feel as if I was actually going with them to Barcelona in reality~! ^^

Minho SHINee

Barcelona! Hearing members talk about the “City of football/soccer” — stories of Barcelona,
I was really interested and felt really excited. Because of (my) schedules, I couldn't go, it was so so so…. Even though it is a pity, but if there is a chance (in the future) I will want to camp at the Soccer field/stadium with the members.

Seo, Hyungwook Soccer commentator

Barcelona - once the guys hear this name, they will all get excited. This is all because they will think of Barcelona FC. This is the story of Onew, Key and Taemin in the “City of Soccer” Barcelona. And what they have discovered regarding the charms of Barcelona, please look forward to it.



Our trip has begun. We are going for a tour. An escapade of our busy lives, our first “trip”. Is that the feeling of freedom of suddenly letting go of a routine-life? Our trip to Barcelona feels like that, we have neglected the feeling of following people’s orders to go for schedules in our hectic lives. We can spend our time experiencing and thinking. K, the one who took us around the unfamiliar Spain has helped us compiled, organised many tips and events (for us to experience). K has published many books on Spain, a really experienced tour guide author.  Ultimately, we are singers, rather than forcing us to come out with information, we have asked the experienced “K” to help us pinpoint the special points. We believe this is the basic courtesy for readers (S/N : For readers to be able to read rich and accurate contents that are written by professionals) So most of the information in this book is provided by K and it has coincided with our thoughts too. Even though it was a short stay, but thanks to K, we get to understand every bit of Barcelona better than anyone else. We hope those who bring this book to Barcelona will be able to experience the happy times and information provided by K.

Translation By: soundtracklove@soompi

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