Wednesday, February 29, 2012

[News] Boyfriend Minwoo: “I aspired to our senior group SHINee”.

During the Press Conference held for fresh new idol group Boyfriend in Singapore, they were asked which sunbae group (or seniors) in the Korean music scene they look up to.

“I have always aspired to our senior group SHINee, they have always been very trendy and have a fantastic presence on stage,” answered the youngest member of the group, Minwoo.

Their high aspiration towards the 5-member group which debuted back in 2008 is notable. Seeing Boyfriend’s MVs reminds us of the works of SHINee, with the inclusion of colorful skinny jeans, black-red thematic outfits, and the use of splashing water effects in their dance moves.

Shared By: JoAnnwashere @ SFI
Credit: SHINeeAttack

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